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Parade of Homes- House #11

Welcome to Decor and the Dog, House #11 on the Parade of Homes Tour hosted by A Bowl Full of Lemons!


If you are new, let me catch you up! My husband (Nate) and I are living in our second home.  We built both.  We did a lot of the work ourselves which has allowed us to build our dream home without breaking the bank!  We are now working on decorating our home…on a budget.  Pharmacy school left me with a hefty student loan payment and we are working hard to pay that off while still creating a beautiful home! Unlike many other blogs, we show you the finished and unfinished!

Come on in!

When you open our front door, you will first see our circular staircase and the two story living room.

On your left is our dining room…

We used Photoshop Elements to make create a professional looking photo of our dog (read about the process here)…and yes, we are THOSE people who use their dog as art. :)  I purchased the hutch from the Salvation Army and refinished it.  We plan to add crown molding soon!

Straight ahead is the living room…

We spend most of our time in this room.  We wanted something that looked like grown-ups lived in the house but was also super comfortable and inviting.  You can read more about the living room and our plans for it here.

Looking left from the living room is our kitchen and breakfast area…


I’d like to tell you that I spend a lot of time in our kitchen cooking…but in reality…I spend a lot of time sitting on one of those bar stools watching Nate cook.  He cooks.  I clean. We’re a good pair.  Our favorite things in our kitchen include the island (you can read how we added the bead board here), the microwave/oven combo, and the stainless steel hood.




On the other side of our living room is our office….

April 2011 114

April 2011 116

April 2011 110

You can read more about our office here.  You can read about how we installed crown molding here.

Other rooms on the first floor include our powder room and mudroom…both are obviously still in progress…

011 004

Heading up the stairs you will find our master suite (on the right of the walk way), laundry room (top of the stairs), and Jack-and-Jill bedrooms/bath (on the left).

Let’s head on into our master suite.  Here’s our master bedroom…



You can read about how we made our West Elm inspired Window Headboard here….as seen on Apartment Therapy…typing that is funny.  We do plan to build a bed frame soon (to replace the lovely bed skirt).  Stop back for that!


Off of our master bedroom is our master bathroom…

You can read more about the master bath/tub here and here!

The second floor also includes our laundry room…

February11 004

And Jack & Jill bedrooms and a bath.  We currently use one of the rooms as a guest room and one as a “craft” room.  We haven’t done much with them and I asked Nate to take a picture of them before we left for the week-end…I wasn’t home to spruce them up…so you get them as is.  It’s nice to see a few messyish rooms though, right? my ironing board that doesn’t fold up but I’m too cheap to buy a new one…




018 019

Now we’ll head to the basement where we still have quite a bit of work to do.

Here is our family room area.  It needs help.  If only time and money grew on trees…

March2011 005

March2011 006

Next we have a guest bathroom.  We plan to paint this room grey, add a white shower curtain, and maybe add some board and batten.

February11 161

Last we have our guest bedroom…

March2011 001

March2011 023

You can read more about the guest bedroom here.  You can read about how we reupholstered the headboard here.

That concludes our house tour.  We’re glad you stopped by and we encourage you to stop back for updates!  Check out our Projects tab above for some DIY ideas!  Paint colors are listed on the House Tour tab above.  Let me know if you have any other questions!

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  1. Your house is beautiful. I would love to know the colors of your dining room, living room, eating area, and master bedroom.

    Wow, those wood floors are great!

  2. What a great space! I LOVE the color in your dining room.


  3. So here is how all the pictures I've seen before come together. You've got a lovely home.

  4. Dining room- Smoky Blue by Sherwin Williams
    Living room- Macademia by Sherwin Williams
    Eating area- Svelte Sage by Sherwin Williams
    Master bedroom- Poolhouse Blue by Sherwin Williams

    Most of the paint colors can be found on the "House Tour" tab above!
    Let me know if you have any other questions!!

  5. Wow...your house is HUGE! It's just beautifully decorated, too! You've got so much room! Well, add a few kids in there someday and it will probably not feel as huge ;) Very pretty!

    Becky B.
    Organzing Made Fun

  6. What an amazing home! You have incredible style.

  7. Oh my goodness, I love your whole house! Your kitchen is just gorgeous. Seeing this made me really excited to stop renting and get my own house (soon, hopefully!). You have such beautiful taste!

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  8. I am get so much inspiration from all the houses on the home parade. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I know I have said this before--but your home is just lovely! I really enjoy all of your style choice, its just beautiful!

  10. Gorgeous home! I love all your colors and that staircase is to die for!

  11. Love your home colors! great job! coming through on the parade of homes.

  12. Hi, it's my first visit to your blog via The Design Pages. I'm so glad I chose today to visit so I could take a tour of your lovely home.

  13. oh WOW!! what an amazing kitchen and bathroom!!! Beautiful home!

  14. YAY! Everything looks faboosh! Love the high ceilings. Your house is beautiful!

  15. i loved seeing all the rooms i haven't yet seen pictured on the blog! and i am so glad we are not the only one who have some empty rooms :)

  16. Thanks for the tour! You guys did a great job on creating a home that can grow as you need it to and can afford it. Lovely, roomy spaces. Loved the kitchen! I'm a new follower.

  17. Love your gorgeous bathroom, you have such a lovely home!

  18. I'm so jealous of your kitchen! And your jack and jill bath and your master bath...I could go on and on...

  19. LOVE your place, Michelle. It's got such great lines and it's so clean looking. Lovely :)

  20. you know i love your home!!! i want to come over just to take a bath. really i do.

  21. What type of stone do you and Nate have on the front step? One of my goals for the summer is to get rid of the green outdoor carpet on our front step, and I rather like the stone you have.

    Maybe you need to house crash me and give me some decorating tips.

  22. Great space and I love your master bedroom. I really want that headboard. I've been wanting one since it came out in the WE catalog. Thanks for the DIY plans maybe hubby will build it for me.

  23. Love your house! and love the two of you are doing it yourself and as you can. :) We are too. Where did you get the pillow in the guest room with the yellow flowers? I am so in love with yellow right now! :) Thanks!

  24. You have a gorgeous home!! I love those floors!

  25. Hello, stopping by from the tour. I am house #29! What beautiful colors you have in your home. Simply beautiful, I love your style.

  26. Love all the colors you've chosen for your home but most of all I love The Dog! I had a wire haired fox terrier that lived to be 15. You don't see them around very much so when I see that sweet face I just fall in love all over again. Thanks for sharing your home with us. Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

  27. You have such fantastic taste. Your home is beautiful!!

  28. Absolutely beautiful home! Would you tell me what kind of flooring you used and the color?

  29. Your house is beautiful and large. We're kind of in the same situation. We moved to a larger house and now I have SO MANY spaces to decorate. This is gonna be a long process!

  30. Your home is lovely and I like the gentle leaning toward minimalism. The only things that bother me the decorative filigree on the mantels in the office and living room and over the French doors in the breakfast area. They just seem out of place to me, as though they belonged to a previous owner. However, that meagre violation does not lower your A++ grade in decorating. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Bruce 'n Beagles - Pigeon & Degui (dewi)

  31. Do you have the paint code for the Smokey Blue? I love the look of your dining room, but I do not find Smokey Blue as a current color with Sherwin Williams. A lot of times paint companies will change a paint name, but the code stays the same. If you had it that would be great!


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