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Hello.  I’m Michelle.  The fuzzy dude in the bandana is the love of my life.  His name is Ike.  The cute guy standing next to us is my husband, Nate. 

I started this little internet home in 2011 to share with you our real life home and our crazy adventures living in Eastern Iowa.  We aren't experts.  We're just sharing what happens in our home each week.

I am the writer of the blog/dreamer of the crazy ideas.  I am a pharmacist by day.  I work in a medical clinic for those in need.  I’m a jack of all trades.  Master of none.  I enjoy old lady crafts, home decorating, baking, and wasting time on Pinterest.  (Who doesn't?)

Nate is the the blog photographer/completer of the crazy ideas.  He is a certified public accountant at a small firm.  He enjoys photography, cooking, technology, Discovery channel television shows, and wearing tacky t-shirts.

Ike is our Wire Fox Terrier.  He's our source of joy, root canals, stolen blankets, and smiles.  Ike enjoys long walks, chewing bones, and barking at the poodle across the street.

We were married in 2006. We are living in our 2nd home. We built both. And by "built both", I don’t mean that we picked out finishes while we watched others build our house. I mean that we hammered, pulled wire, painted, nailed, installed, etc. We are currently transitioning our style from JCPenney catalog to something a little more gathered over time.

Decor and the Dog

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