Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Top 10 of 2012

Did you make it to midnight on New Year’s Eve?  I made it to midnight…eastern standard time.  Totally counts, right?

It’s time to jump on the blogging bandwagon and post the top 10 posts of 2012 from Decor and the Dog! 

2012 was actually kind of a slow year for us on the home front.  I think we were a little burnt out on house projects.  I think that shall change in 2012.  Get. Excited.

The posts are listed in order of page views. 

1. Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformation Review


We helped my brother transform his fiesta kitchen into a fresh and airy one.  You can read about the whole transformation here.  Nate also helped little brother add some moldings to the cabinets which you can read about here.  And surprisingly, his kitchen was pretty spotless when we stopped by last week.  Did I mention he’s single? 

2. West Elm Inspired Bedframe Tutorial


Our window headboard was ready to break up with the not so becoming bed skirt.  We gave it a mate with this simple bedframe.  Nate designed and built the bedframe.  I painted it and tested it out with several naps. I like to be useful.

3. Organization Baby Steps


This one surprised me a little. I think Pinterest and link parties may have contributed to its number 3 position.  The pantry is still fairly organized but I haven’t touched the chalk writing since I initially wrote on it.  #bloggerfail  We still love our grocery list on the door though!

4. Burlap Wallpaper How To


Who knew cornstarch could be used to stick fabric to a bookshelf?  It does.  The burlap is still held firmly in place almost a year later.  I still love the texture and color the burlap brings to the space.

5. Under Cabinet Lighting


What do you do when you forget to account for under cabinet lighting when designing your kitchen?  You use some battery operated lights purchased at Sam’s.  We accidently left them on one night and had to take them down and replace all of the batteries.  Oops.  We rehung them using Velcro strips for easier battery changes in the future.

6. Kitchen Backsplash: Subway Tile Edition


The backsplash was probably my favorite project of the year.  The backsplash was that little something that our kitchen was missing.  It’s so shiny and perfect.

7. Easy Sew Flannel Infinity Scarf


I need to start Scarf Wearers Anonymous.  Who will join with me?  All of you after reading this post on how easy these things are to make!

8. DIY Console Table


This table also tops the list of my favorite projects of 2012.  The table is such a great fit for our home.  I will always have fond memories of beating the heck out of that wood.

9. Parmesan Crusted Steak


Typing about this steak has me longing for grilling season…and cheesy hashbrowns.

10. Double Shower Curtain


After trying approximately 987 shower curtains, I settled on the use of two window panels hung on a double curtain rod.  I have since stolen that rug and moved it to my kitchen.  Must purchase new rug for awesome double curtains.

Looking back was pretty fun.  2012 wasn’t too shabby but I’m pretty sure 2013 will be super awesome.

What was your favorite post of 2012?


  1. Very successful year, my friend! I always enjoy seeing what you do with your home and look forward to see what you have in store for 2013!

  2. Fun review of the year! I still love the backsplash!

  3. All great projects but my fave is the backsplash. I want to get working on ours but first we need new counters. The console table is pretty cool too though. All around you did a fantab job! Looking forward to your 2013 projects!

  4. It doesn't appear that 2012 was a slow year. My favorite project was the back splash. If it was mine I'd pet it everyday. I'm excited to see what you guys do in 2013!

  5. Is.... is that a picture of you with blond hair?

  6. That is a killer backsplash.. we are years away from getting to our kitchen. I'm living my new kitchen vicariously through yours.

  7. Of course I think the Cottage Headboard, end tables and coral dresser was my favorite post! It totally should have won. :)

  8. I have those curtains in teal hanging in our living room. Ryan hates them but I don't care! :) So excited to see what you'll come up with this year.

  9. My favorite post was the backsplash post! Specifically because I'm planning on adding a backsplash to my kitchen and I like that you left the granite (?) backsplash up instead of removing it to run the tile down to the countertops since that's what I'm planning on doing as well :)

  10. I'm new to following your blog, but I am drooling over everything so far. And don't you dare expect me to be quiet about it either.

  11. what a year!!! i think the bed is my favorite, but the hairpin table is a close second!
    and i forgot to reply about bangs... i say do it! it's hair and it grows so what is the harm in trying. your hair is relatively short, too, so growing back out is not an issue. i also had them as a child til i was like 15... so i was scared.... but then i thought, eh, it's just hair. if i look bad i will just wear a hat, and i like hats. :) you could also pin yours back and it would look cute with your cut.

  12. Love this recap! I missed some of these posts being a newer follower so I loved seeing some of your other projects! The burlap bookcase is amazing- I pinned it for later. I've been wanting to do that to our tv cabinet for a long time but didn't know how! It's a great use for left over wedding burlap...

    I'm loving that console table and the bed frame too!

  13. I can't pick a favorite...I love the bed, and the console table, and the backsplash...hmmmm.

  14. That's a solid year, my friend. Blog-wise and home-wise.

  15. We (Rick) are in the process of building a bed frame!

    I want steak now.

  16. I think my favorite project is the entry table, because i keep trying to force adam to make it for me.

  17. My favorite post was when you announced that your powder room was featured on YHL! I still have major blogger envy :P I was so psyched for you!!!

  18. You had a majorly productive year. Impressed over here. There were even a few projects that I somehow missed the first time around. I don't know how, because I stalk your blog.

    First up, that steak. I need it in my belly.

  19. I loved your powder room makeover and can't believe that didn't rank top 10. Wow, you 2 were busy bees in 2012. Congrats on all the great projects. I can't wait to see what the new year has in store for you.

  20. Definitely some great projects! I think the console table is my favorite as well! I also love the cabinet makeover that you did at your brother's house. I'm definitely going to have to try the Rustoleum kit when we do our kitchen cabinets.

  21. I think my favorite posts were the ones with Ike in them. Yep, those were the best.

    Beyond that item, I'd say my favorite for the year was actually your backsplash. It was timely for us, since we were doing our backsplash too. Though we didn't use the same approach, it was interesting to read how you accomplished a very similar install to our backsplash in very different ways. I've actually referred several friends to that post when they've said "how hard was it to do your backsplash?" I say, "Check out our blog post and then check out Decor and the Dog's, that'll give you an idea."

  22. Great projects! The West Elm inspired headboard is beautiful!

  23. I've had fun checking out all your projects in 2012. Looking forward to seeing more, more, more in 2013 (no pressure!). Happy New Year.

  24. What a great year. Everything was just beautiful, but I do love that console table.

  25. Wow girl! You were busy in 2012. I loved all your projects, but I think my favorite is the backsplash. Your kitchen beats my kitchen's arse.


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