Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Double Shower Curtain

If you’ve been reading awhile, you know that I’ve struggled finding the right shower curtain for our guest bathroom.  The room is long and narrow with high ceilings.  There is also a shortage of cute shower curtains in the world.

I think I solved my design dilemma. I went with a double shower curtain and I like it.  If you don’t, please keep your opinions to yourself or I will virtually slap you.


Wait, let’s start over.  Good morning/afternoon/evening.  Welcome to Décor and the Dog!  I just updated my guest bathroom!


(Also don’t tell me to rip up my cheap linoleum floor (previous comment).  It’s tile.  It was installed 3 years ago.  It photographs more tan than it appears in person.  It wouldn’t be my first choice today but life goes on.)

Wait, what.  Again…good morning/afternoon/evening…

The rug is the Olin runner from Crate and Barrel. The shower curtains are actually just plain ol’ curtains.  They are the Target Home Farrah Fretwork Window Panels in black.  The curtain rod is the Zenith Double Tension Shower Rod from Bed Bath and Beyond. 

The curtain rod was not easy to install.  You were supposed to be able to twist and install.  We’re still unsure how you twist with two rods.  The rods kept moving and lacked tension.  Luckily the curtain rod had the option to screw it into the wall.  And that’s what Nate did…while I Instagrammed (a verb) him.

When I originally saw the double shower curtain idea on Pinterest, I was confused as to how you showered without getting water all over the floor.  There’s a gap in your shower curtain.


Where does the liner go?   A double rod!  That’s genius!  Sometimes it’s hard having a doctorate…


Ike thinks the double shower curtain is for easy dog access.

Ike and the Shower Curtain

Guess he’s right!

This room is by no means done.  We need to figure something out with that giant mirror.  Overall I’m happy with the decisions we made when building our house.  I’m not so happy with our builder grade mirror decision.  I’d love to rip it down but that’s not exactly an inexpensive/easy fix.  We’ll see.  I think we have some plans for some moldings in here as well.  Maybe new light fixtures?  And of course art…and some color!  But we’re making progress!


Was anyone else previously confused by the double shower curtain? Who feels virtually threatened by this post?  Who thinks I have a problem with black and white bathrooms?  Yeah, me too.  It’s a sickness.


  1. Looks good Michelle... I love the idea of the double shower curtain and those cabinets WHOA!

  2. I love this! I never would have thought to double the shower curtain. It looks SO much better than one. Really great (and I also have a thing for black and white!)

  3. looks nice! I've thought about double shower curtains for my own home. Sadly I've put a halt on any home changes because I'm moving.

    Can't wait to see the bathroom when it's done, I can imagine it will look great with some fun art up on the wall or something, looks like you have plenty of space for it opposite the mirror :) Can't tell if the wide angle is making that wall look longer than it is, though.

  4. Looks great! I love the real curtains / double curtain rod.
    Oh and your threats just cracked me up and made me love your blog even more!

  5. I really love this! The curtains are great looking and having 2 of them somehow makes the room look wider to me. The rug is also quite nice :)

  6. I was definitely confused on the whole double shower curtain thing, it just looked un-natural to me. But they actually make your bathroom look wider, and the double road is genius. Way to go, Michelle!

  7. I like it!!
    You could frame out your builder mirror- we did that with ours and it was cheap and pretty easy- check it out here (and you could always do a white or black frame instead of stained, of course): http://davenportdiy.blogspot.com/2011/08/mirror-makeover.html

  8. OK- i LOVE IT!!!! seriously, love the mix of patterns from the striped rug to the shower curtain. and some people need to learn to keep their negative comments to themselves :).

  9. I like it! Is it weird that I would want to close both sides and whip them open when getting out of the shower and say something like "Hello, world!"?

    Someone told you to rip up your cheap linoleum tile? That person better not say anything about the cheap vinyl tile in our bathrooms and laundry room. Don't some people know that others live on what is called "a budget"? Psh.

  10. Sounds like you are as cranky today as I was yesterday! You should frame the mirror like they have all over pinterest! I love double shower curtain look. It dresses it up a little.

  11. Looks great! I didn't even know they made double curtain rods!
    I'm unable to successfully hang a regular tension rod, so I can only imagine the trouble I'd have with a double one that required twisting.... Haha

    And I love Chelsea's dramatic suggestion above! Hahahaha

  12. I like the double curtain - it's so different and fun!

  13. I feel threatened, not gonna lie...you scare me :). I like the double curtain and I have the same rug!

  14. love the new curtain! drama! the rug is perfect with it.
    the only thing i would change now is that cheap linoleum flooring. he he. ;)

  15. My dog loves going into the tub too! no idea why. I'll hear his claws clacking on the tub and find him in there.

  16. I love it! I love the look of double shower curtains. It looks so luxe. Love the pattern you have too. I think the shower curtain was the hardest thing to agree on with my husband and find something nice. They're getting much cuter with shower curtains now than when I was shopping a couple of years ago.

  17. I feel virtually threatened. I'm crying in the corner.

    Just kidding. Love the new shower curtains! I couldn't figure out the double rod either. I was all, why do you need two rods?? Thanks for filling us in. Love the new look! Can't wait to see the mirror work.

    (You should really tear out that cheap linoleum, though. Seriously. What kind of house blogger are you if you put in linoleum??)

  18. Hi Michelle!!!!!

    The bathroom looks great!!!!! I love the contrast, so dramatic!! Love it!!!

  19. Love the curtain and I love the double rod. Very cool. I've been thinking of doing a double curtain in our guest bathroom. Oh and for the mirror you could do a mirror mate frame?

  20. Weird. I cleaned my house top to bottom yesterday and stood in my bathroom staring at my shower curtain debating on doing the same thing. It really looks great Michelle!

  21. A double curtain! I've never heard of it. And I love it. Really I do. (please don't slap me!) :)

  22. Loved your post. I think this is a brilliant idea! Great job! And I LOVE black and white!

  23. Framing out your mirror with door trim (or adhesive tile) would be an inexpensive update to your builder mirror. We did this in our guest bathroom and loved the results. Mirrors aren't cheap, and it certainly was a good upgrade. Love the double shower curtains, and your non-linoleum tile. It's realyl coming together!

  24. I am really starting to love black and white decor. Maybe your sickness is catchy?? The double shower curtain idea is awesome. I think our current shower curtain might want to go live in the kids bathroom so I can try this look out it ours. Great progress in your bathroom! :)

  25. I think it looks great! And what is it with dogs and bathtubs?

  26. Looks fantastic! And it definitely makes the room look wider! You're a genius! :)

    Also I've had my eye on those Target curtains!!

  27. I love it! The double curtains and the black & white combo looks awesome!
    I am actually thinking about trying double shower curtains. We've been having trouble with the curtain pulling away from the edge of the shower and getting water every where and this was one solution I am going try.

  28. Haha! Sassy today! I kind of want to insult your (too gorgeous to insult) shower curtains just to see what a virtual slap feels like ;) But seriously they look great. If you come up with an amazing solution to the inexpensive fixing of a builder-basic mirror, by all means, share away! We have the same ones in our guest bath, only they have medicine cabinets behind them, Suh-weet! (not!)

  29. I love it! I want one now! Oh and I think your tile is beautiful!

  30. Michelle, this turned out wonderful!!! See what happens when you wait to get things done, when done, they turned out beautiful, and I love the contrast between the rug stripes and the the patter on the shower curtains. Now I feel like using that shower curtain, problem is, both my bathrooms are already done! I so understand about those dreaded builder mirrors, it must be a pain to remove, I ended up framing the ones I have, because I was afraid of the damage it would cause (to the wall and to myself).

  31. **Applause!!**

    I love the shower curtain, and the double curtain look is my fave. Please don't take down that curtain, and please don't replace that rug.

  32. I LOVE the print off your shower curtain! Help me though (notice I said "help" and not "hurt") - do you leave the curtains partially open all the time? I'm such a decorating idiot.

  33. I have the same issue with the mirrors in our new home, we are going the moulding route. Class on a beer budget. I like the double curtain - never seen it but if it works great!

  34. Sometimes it doesn't happen overnight, but you got it 100%. I like it! Design dilemma solved.

  35. I love the curtains - the idea of using a pair, the pattern of the ones you chose, and the execution! It's looking great.
    I didn't know dogs liked bathtubs

  36. Yeah, persistence pays off...I LOVE the look of the new curtains & rug! Please, please, please don't return this one! lol.
    I can't wait to see what you do with the rest of the room to pull everything together.

  37. Looks great! I almost always use double regular curtains as they are longer... and yep, I do a double rod. I have issues with tension rods. They don't like me...

  38. Love the double shower curtain idea. It never would have occurred to me to use two!

  39. Dig. It. So do you just shove a regular liner to the side? Also, why is Ike getting in the bathtub?! Doesn't he know that's where the evil water snake lives? Weird dog, that Ike.

  40. WOW, you get a lot of comments. Everbody loooove Michelle! I'm not willing to read through the previous 41-thousand comments to see if someone already asked this, so forgive me if this one is a repeat: did you do something to the regular curtains to make them "shower-proof"? Or is it not really an issue since there is a separate liner to keep them dry? It looks so great, and now I want to copy you and do this in my bathroom, but I wonder if I have to waterproof the curtains somehow . . . enlighten me, o wise one!

  41. Love it. I would have never thought of it. But now I have an idea for my bathroom. :)

  42. Love the double shower curtain! And I don't care if you have a sickness with black and white bathrooms, because it looks totally gorgeous!

    And I'm pretty sure that someone already suggested it but I'll go ahead and second their suggestion. You should frame out that mirror!

  43. Unsolicited advice=my most despised thing. The double curtain looks great with the rug!

  44. I like the double shower curtain idea. Great job.

  45. What color of tile would you pick if you were going to redo it? We are ready to tile our bathrooms and I am looking for suggestions. Love your blog and your dog!

  46. How did I miss this the first time around? Oh, that's right, I was trying (somewhat successfully) to keep a baby alive.

    I love this solution. SO MUCH. I wish I had thought of this for our bathroom, because I love the look. But, God knows I'm not doing it over.

  47. I think it looks great! I have been searching for the perfect shower curtain, too and there are few out there. I am going to look for curtains now. Great idea!

  48. Does it work well? How about its maintenance

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