Monday, January 16, 2012

Do You Collect?

Do you collect things?  I had a stamp collection and a music box collection as a kid.  (I was one of the cool kids.  Can you tell?)  As an adult, I didn’t really have the desire to collect anything.  Until I saw a collection of globes in an issue of Better Homes and Gardens.  I NEEDED a globe collection.  (Still one of the cool kids.  Can you tell?)

I started looking.  Globes slowly started popping up in thrift stores.  I refused to pay more than $10 for a globe.  Slowly but surely, I have completed my globe collection in our office.

I found my final globe this week-end while thrifting with the lovely Kim.


The globe on the left was the last globe in my quest.  I found the one on the right a couple of months back.  I just hadn’t added added it to it’s home.  Lazy much?

I’m a little sad that the globe hunting adventure is over but I do like how the completed grouping looks…


And for those of you that e-mail wanting to know how I balance working, blogging, and having a tidy home….I don’t.  This is the cleanest our office has been in months.  It is the dumping ground for all things that we don’t feel like putting in their proper homes.  I cleaned it right before snapping these photos.  It previously looked like this…


Feel better?

This room is my next decorating victim.  New curtains, new couch, new wall hangings, styled shelves.  Now if only the vision would come to me! 

At least it’s cleaner now.  And full of globes.  And cleaner.

Do you collect anything?  How do you organize all of those important papers, papers, etc that pile up in the office?  How do you feel about this wall color?  (I’m torn on the whole painting thing.)


  1. I'm not sure I collect anything at this point...unless stacks of unfiled papers count??!
    Love the wall color you's warm but not too dark. Looks great!

  2. Hey, stamps are cool I'll have you know! I had a fantastic stamp collection as a kid. I still have them now (somewhere in my loft). I should check them out - I amy have a rare valuable one up there! I love your globe collection, I've always wanted a globe. I think it's because all the brainy people on TV always have them and I want to pretend that I am brainy!!
    I think the only thing I collect at the moment are lots of DIY tools and piles of rubbish. Although I guess I could class my jewellery as a collection, as I intend to collect at least one of every gem stone!! :)

  3. i love your globes! i want to collect more for our expedit in the playroom..... by more i mean more than the one i have up there now. ;)

  4. I don't collect anything besides junk it seems. haha. Now I want a globe collection! I love the wall colour. I wouldn't change it!

  5. I would collect something, if I didn't hate dusting so much. I swear that is the FIRST thing I thought of when I saw those globes. What is wrong with me?! Looks good, though. :)

  6. I have this thing about the office. It gets completely buried in crap (and super dusty) and then I'll clean the entire thing and's buried in crap again. Dumb.

    I'm not much of a collector, but I do love the Starbucks city mugs. It was getting kinda out of control, though, so now I only get them in cities that I adore (Boston, Seattle, you know.) and I only like the original version (blue and white cityscape). Yes, I'm high maintenance. I love the globes!

  7. I'm liking your globe collection, I also think they are cool, but unfortunately, my kids think they are balls for playing with, so , after the last one broke in half, I have not bought another one. Love the wall color, what is the name? I have found myself collecting wooden tool boxes lately, they are very unique, and I want them EVERYWHERE! Your office looks neat to me in all the pictures, I don't know what you are talking about.

  8. I have a collection of Chevron toy cars (stored in the garage somewhere). As we're completing our "Garage Organization Project", I eventually want to display them somewhere.

    As far as paperwork collecting, I cured that by giving up our office/deskspace. I now just use my laptop in the house, and we have a file cabinet in the garage for important documents (ie. insurance docs, receipts for taxes, rental stuff, etc.) with our wireless printer sitting on top. I keep a box of "office supplies" on top. That area is now our "office". With minimal surface space to collect junk, I now deal with mail right away, etc. I keep a paper shredder in the garage as well, and shred all junk mail, and bills I've paid via bill-pay (for the ones that aren't on auto-pay). I try to go paperless as much as possible.

  9. I'm not a collector. I'm not sure why...I just never found anything I wanted more than one of. Unfortunately, I"m no help on the paper nemesis either. I have a small storage box w/ three drawers that I try to use. I labeled the drawers "sort," "shredd," and "file". It works when I use it but if David gets home before I do the papers somehow never make it to the drawer and I'm constantly on a hunt for rogue pieces. I've also been known to forget to sort it (sometimes I don't want to) and I get back-logged quite a bit. If we didn't have auto-withdrawal for the important stuff I'm sure we'd be in trouble by now.

  10. I love the idea of having a globe collection! My favorite is the one that's second from the right (the brownish one).

  11. I love the globe collection! I double love that you collected them over time. And I triple love you were able to finish it out with a shopping trip with Kim. I wish I had a cool collection like that but unfortunately I have never thought of something cool enough.

    And I feel you on the office dumping ground. We have a desk in our kitchen which is always piled high full of crap. And then some of that crap migrates to the office as well.

  12. No collections here unless you consider my obsession with buying fabric a collection!! Love the globes.

  13. The globes are awesome. Great colors & shape. Plus it is like that little niche about the cabinets was made to display them. Perfect!
    No big collections here. Every once in a while I'll get excited about collecting one thing or another but then I forget about it, so I'm left with a bunch of useless clutter.

  14. I love your globe collection! It makes me want to start a collection of my own, but I'm not sure what I'd collect...

  15. Hmmmm...what do i collect? recipes?

    So jealous of your thrifting adventure.

  16. I collect shot glasses, because they are easy to find and cheap anywhere (I started collecting on a trip with my Grandma to Italy).

    Since I work in the legal field, paper organization is a hobby of mine. I tend to use a combo of nifty paper organizers from target, totes and filing cabinets. Papers still get overwhelming at times, though.

    Your wall color is probably my favorite go-to wall color, so I don't think I'm much help there. Love your office, by the way!

  17. Love your globe collection. I wish I had a globe (or a few). Kicking myself because I saw one at a yard sale and we just drove right by it.. and I should have stopped and snatched that globe right up!

  18. I collect dust bunnies, and store them all over my house. But I really REALLY wish I collected globes, because those look AMAZING in your office! I love all the subtly different colors. I'm pretty sure subtly is a word?

  19. We had one of those globes when I was growing up. I imagined it would show me where I would travel one day if I spun it, closed my eyes and put my finger on it. I like the collection you got going. If you have kids they'll love to play with those (if you can part with them).

  20. I love your little globe collection, they never go out of style.

  21. I love all your globes. They are just too cute. And starting now, I think I need a globe of my own. So, you can keep looking. I defintiely want one that still has the Soviet Union, mmkay?

    As for my collections, I tell myself that I collect vintage scales. But, really I only have two. Two is a collection, right?


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