Sunday, January 15, 2012

Embarrassed Dog

Ike is a little embarrassed…


He’s still decorated for Christmas…




How will anyone take his highly impressive guard dog skills seriously?  Especially those pesky neighbor kids?

Anyone else forget to put away some Christmas items?

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  1. Love that you can just see Nate's feet lounging on the couch in the first picture

  2. Sorry, second picture!

  3. We haven't even started putting away Christmas, I'm married to Buddy the Elf. Help me. I will do it this week, no matter what!

  4. Time to pull out the Valentine's collars!

  5. Aww, but Ike makes it work!

    I just yesterday put Christmas stuff away; I feel (with all the warm weather) that somehow Christmas hasn't arrived yet we are SO far past it.

    *sigh*, maybe I need to buy V-Day decorations just so I have something to decorate with.

  6. :)))

    Poor guy... He won't be taken seriously by the gang in the hood! He'll have to come up with some serious excuses!

    I think I will be finding xmas decorations all year long.

  7. He can totally pull it off. He's big and bad. The fact that you even have a Christmas collar for your dog makes you a better pet mom than me. ;)

  8. He's just so cute! I actually forgot to put away a Christmas word printout in the shape of a Christmas tree that I have hanging in a frame in my bathroom. I need to just replace it with a different picture. I think that is the only thing I have lingering around...although I am sure there are needles from the tree embedded in the carpet somewhere!

  9. He is so fashionable! Is a Cupid collar in his future?

  10. Ummmmm, my tree may or may not still be assembled in my living room. *shame!* But I wanted to go skiing more than take down the tree. This week though - don't worry, Ike, you're in good company!

  11. No matter how hard I try and look around the house I always, always miss something. I love your dog, he is so precious.

  12. I can't believe I'm saying this, but Ike might be cuter than my two pups. Don't tell them I said that!

  13. oh my gosh. I want an Ike! He is adorable!!!

  14. We always seem to find Christmas cards lurking under things after all the rest of the Christmas stuff has been put away!

    Your dog is absolutely adorable. He can totally pull off the Christmas duds in January!

  15. Ike looks EXTRA soft and cuddly in that top photo. Are you sure he's real and not a little plush dog toy? I think he looks quite dapper in his Christmas attire.

  16. Awww! Ike misses xmas as much as my son does. He could keep the collar on year round like some people do with their xmas lights. Very cute!


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