Friday, August 30, 2013

August Recap + Michelle’s Random Thoughts

1. I’m so on top of this monthly recap that it’s not even funny.

2. I am transferring the blog to a new site this weekend.  If things get weird, that’s why.  Also, if you can’t find me next week.  Come look for me.  I’ll update this site with direction to the new one when I get that all figured out.

3. I have no clue how to transfer a blog.  Most people hire that done.  I’m cheap and am good with the Google.  Plus I like to make things hard.  I’m sure it’s just typing my new blog address into blogger and bam!, new website. 

4. I’m sometimes delusional.

5. I think I’ll have a craft room reveal next week.  And maybe a stencil giveaway.  And then a bathroom reveal the following week.  High five!

Blog Pic-1-2

Happy recap day!

Catch up on the rest of 2013 here:  January February March April May June July

Big weekend plans?  Who’s pumped for the new site?


  1. oooh i can't wait to see the craft room! high fives all around!

  2. Good luck with the blog move! Just remember, there's no shame in crying when your upgrading blogs. None.

  3. Good luck with the blog move! I think you're currently a blogger blog, so if you go under "settings" there's a section called "publishing" You can enter your new blog address there and have it redirect your old blog address to the new one.

  4. Ooo please tell us how it goes - I purchased a new site, oh 5 months ago and I'm too scared to move it. Also - I suddenly really want to stencil our hallway (I had your chevron wall on the brain and found a herringbone one that the hubs approved of literally 2 days ago) so if you could totally sway the giveaway to be in my favor I'd love you forever!

    (I realize I'm speaking to you like I know you IRL - sorry for the awkwardness)

  5. Can't wait for all these room reveals! Also I love this picture of you and Ike! It's adorable!

  6. I moved my blog by myself too. Not the easiest thing, but worth it.

    I am psyched for room reveals!!! Seriously need to see what you've been up to around that house.

    That pic of you & Ike needs to be included somewhere on your blog's page as a permanent fixture. It is full blown awesomeness.

  7. you guys are cute! wooohoo cant wait for all these big reveals!!

  8. Just reading this is giving me hives, LOL! I've been wanting to transfer but am way too chicken. Good luck and hope it works out amazing so we can all high five you too. Have a great weekend.

  9. I'm excited to see your reveals and tour new site. Ike is a fabulous high fiver. Happy weekend and may the transition go smoothly!

  10. Good luck!!! And if you aren't here when I look, I will definitely stalk you until I find you. :)

    Nicole @ Rolled Into One

  11. Good luck with your new platform. I moved my blog from blogger to wordpress. It's been a steep learning curve, but I've done it myself. I'm liking the look of your blog lately. It's clean and easy on the eyes. Have a great three day!

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