Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Color Run- Tips

I made a New Year’s Resolution way back in the beginning of this ol’ year of 2012…If you are invited to do something.  Do it.  Unless you have a legitimate excuse.  New Girl premiere.  Not legit.  Work. Legit.

Why this resolution?  Because I am 110% an introvert.  And good at math.  People suck energy out of me.  I don’t want it to be this way.  But it is.  I needed an extra push to get me out of the house.  Luckily most of my friends are extroverts so this resolution works out nicely.

When one of my favorite people in life called me in May and told me that I needed to sign up for The Color Run in Des Moines in October, I did it.  After some hesitation.  Maybe I’ll have something important going on in October.  What if it’s cold?  What is I don’t train enough?  It is a 5K.  I can totally just sign up later if needed.  My friend swore to me that it would sell out fast and I needed to do it.  She was right.

Color Run (158)

So. Much. Fun.

We started the day in our nice and clean white shirts.  We being Nate’s sister (Lisa), one of my favorite people in the world (Melissa) and myself.

Color Run (1)

It was 44 degrees at 1:00PM.  There were 27,000 people racing.  You know, the entire state of Iowa.  I don’t do cold or crowds and yet I still had fun.  I think the massive amount of people helped raise the air temperature a bit.

Color Run (20)

We were released in waves of 1000.  So many people.  Obviously cool things need to keep coming to Iowa because we come out of the woodwork for this stuff.

At each kilometer were splashed with powder.  The powder is colored corn starch.  Completely safe.  This is what the first kilometer color site looked like.  Ooo, orangey.

Color Run (64)

Oh hey, Nate! Thanks for being our personal photographer.

Color Run (112)

Color Run (116)

The blue was really pretty.  As was the race course.

Color Run (76)

As were we after a couple of kilometers of The Color Run.

Color Run (137)

We ran jogged most of the 5K.  There were so many people that it would have been extremely hard to run the entire race.  I’d say about 70% of people walked the whole thing.  If you want a serious 5K, The Color Run probably isn’t your best bet.  We walked through each color station.  The people that ran through the stations had very little color on them at the end.  What fun is that?

Color Run (131)

At the end there is a big ol’ explosion of color.  At the beginning of the race you are given a packet of color to save until the end and then there is a countdown to throw the color in the air.  Very cool.


Color Run (159)

At the end we took a bunch of nerdy photos…

Color Run (175)

Color Run (202)

Color Run (181)

Color Run (186)

Moral of this story…introverts, get out of your house!!

I do have some tips for those planning on running The Color Run or pondering it.

  • If The Color Run is coming to your city…or state…do it!!
  • Sign up for the first wave if possible.  There is so much anticipation of what is to come. If you’re in the second wave you already see how the first runners look, what the end color explosion looks like, etc.
  • If you live in Iowa, have many different white shirts options.  I am still freezing.  I will not be warm again until June 2013.
  • You many notice bandanas in the pictures.  There were quite helpful on reducing the amount of corn starch inhaled.
  • Have your husband photograph. 
  • Wear sunglasses.  I can only imagine how much fun corn starch to the eye is.
  • I mentioned before that most people walked.  Anyone can do this.  There were even kids in strollers….most were screaming sad screams though…so there’s that.

Have you ran The Color Run?  Do you plan to?  Any fellow introverts trying to make it amongst the energy sucking extroverts?


  1. I ran the color run this past Saturday too! We had one here in downtown Cincinnati. I ran with out sunglasses or a bandana and surprisingly didn't end up with blue teeth or itchy eyes. I did however freeze my buns off and didn't thaw out until the following day. Yikes! Our run was SUPER relaxed...I don't know if it was just less organized than your city or what...but we didn't have a specific "wave" that we were assigned to. It was basically just a big cluster of people and they let big herds go at a time. Total chaos but very fun still! Glad you had fun...I am completely the same as you when it comes to being an introvert. I feel like I always have fun when I do things with friends, but by the end of whatever we're doing I always feel ready to be at home with just me and the hubs for a while.

  2. SO awesome--yay for you! I wanted to do the Nashville color run but it sold out:( I will be first in line next year, looks like such a fun experience!!

  3. yay introverts! now I just need to find some people in my new town to invite me places...suggestions on how to make friends as an introvert?

  4. That's a really good goal idea. I think I'll adopt it, too. I'm the same way . . . I rarely go to/do ANYTHING I'm invited to, because no matter what the event is, I'd almost always rather just stay home and read or crochet like a big stupid nerd. Perhaps this is why I have no friends . . . ? Looks like fun. I signed up for my first 5K for next month . . . already regretting that choice. It's going to be freezing and I hate running. Yay?

  5. Hahaha! "Most were screaming sad screams though..." I've read about the Color Run on another blog, and I must say, this write up was far more entertaining. Someday, when I'm no longer a pregnant elephant, I'd love to scope one out in NY! :)

  6. How fun! I've heard of this before, but haven't heard about it in my area yet. All we seem to have are mud runs (and I find out about them after they sell out). I love all the colors (and that special gif picture, so cool!)

  7. I don't think the color run comes to Canada otherwise I'd totally sign up. I am an introvert though so I'd probably talk myself out of it before the time came anyways.

  8. brrr it looks cold! but also so fun!!!! great pictures!

  9. That's a great resolution! I think I might adopt that next year. I am an introvert as well but trying to work on that. Thanks for the inspiration!

    The run looked super fun! I haven't heard of any of these in Canada yet though.

  10. Like you I am a total introvert and unless someone goes out of their way to drag me out of the house I am staying home with my dogs and books. :P The Colour Run looks super super fun, very cool pictures.

  11. The photographs of the colors being thrown at the end are so cool! Go you for going against what you'd normally do! Woohoooo!

  12. I skipped out on this when it was in Richmond this summer, something about being messy and sweaty just wasn't appealing to me. I kind of regret it now, but only because Young House Love was there and I missed meeting them haha.

  13. So fun! I need to look up one of these locally and DO IT. Even if it means actual running, which allegedly, it may.

  14. Looks like fun! I am also an introvert. I'm the one with non-legit reasons for saying no, like wanting to sleep. BUT I am learning to get better because I figure, most of the time I end up having fun, and don't even miss the sleep a week later.

  15. ummmmmmmmmmmmmm -- that first one looked like Cheetos powder...

    I'm glad you survived the chill in the air. 44° is frosty-morning dead-of-winter here! I would've worn my goose-down floor-length coat...

  16. Introverts unite! It's a miracle I have any friends at all, since I never actually want to do anything with them.

    The third picture in this post - is that a moustache on that girl?!

  17. Looks awesome! We have one coming in Nov, but thought it might be a bit negligent to drown my 6 week old in colored cornstarch. Next year!

  18. This looks like a lot of fun and something I would love to do - especially now that I know that there were a lot of walkers :)

  19. I bet if you wore a wet shirt the color would have stuck better. OMG. I just thought of a new 5K run theme: wet t-shirt contest 5K. I won't be participating, buuuut I'm sure it will make me millions. Have Nate crunch the numbers for me.

  20. I can just imagine Hrnry in the color run. Screaming his head off. But this does look seriously fun. Way to get out of your house!

  21. I have heard about this run; it looks like a lot of fun! I hope you warm up!!

  22. Um, this looks awesome! I'm totally signing up to do one in the spring. I can't believe 27,000 people ran. Crazy.

    Also, you have an addition to changing your blog header :)

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  24. I am so signing up for this when/if it comes to my area. Great pictures, Nate!

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