Friday, September 21, 2012

Diggin’ It

Holy Cow. I’m keeping up with a series.  Amazing.  The world may be ending.  You heard it here first. 

Hopefully you can squeeze in a look at our favorites from the week.




  • I should retitle this “Michelle’s Favorite Kitchen Make-over of the Week.”  Maury (Life on Mars) wowed me with her addition of butcher block counters.  Seriously doesn’t even look like the same room.
  • Chelsea (Two Twenty One) is offering up her photo editing skills.  Have a photo that isn’t quite stellar but you don’t want to invest the money and time into learning photo editing?  Chelsea is here to help!  She edited up one of our cow pictures.  Be sure to check it out!
  • I’m madly in love with these Target cardigans.  I’m one of those elderly ladies that always has a cardigan no matter what time of year.  I really like the length of these..especially paired with skinny jeans.  My other new love.



  • Nate is lame.  I asked him what he was digging this week and he said “Your Mom.”  He doesn’t know I’m putting this on the blog.  This will teach him to play along with my blog games.  The only thing he could come up with is two albums that he has been listening to a lot while editing our vacation photos… Barenaked Ladies and Fun.  Let’s encourage Nate to try harder next week.  Mkay?



  • Ike and I think this Good Dog Gift Bucket from Harry Barker would be fun gift for new dog owners.  Or for storing treats and bones. Ike thinks lots of bones would be good. 

Should I kick the dude out of the weekly round up or give him another chance?  What are your favorites from the week?  Big week-end plans?  We are sleeping.  Just sleeping.  Okay, maybe hanging out with family too.  But lots and lots of beautiful sleep is in our very near future.



  1. Love the sweater.....and Nate great choice of music!

  2. Awesome sweater. How is it washing? I always have trouble with Target stuff after a wash ...
    Um, Nate has the best taste in music. You can't kick him out, although maybe you should start a link up!

  3. I like those longer cardigans-- very librarian chic. Thanks for digging me. It was a pleasure to edit your cow photo. Things are going to be a little awkward for Nate when he sees your mom next... assuming she reads this post.

  4. Thank you so much Michelle! You are awesome!!!! Oh and I love cardigans too. My husband thinks I have two in every color. And honestly, he's probably right. Unfortunately, the majority do not fit right now :( I think I might need to stock up on some more, don't ya think?

  5. I agree with you about cardigans all year round. In fact, I have to stop myself from buying more because it's getting out of control. I have the same one as you, but in Navy, and wore it on my wedding day. Good thing it snowed!

  6. Love Nate's "Your Mom" reference! Amazing. I'm loving your cardigan!

  7. Skinny jeans and Target cardigans are my go-to also! Toss on a printed scarf and a lot of mascara & I'm out the door

  8. I definitely need some new cardigans and skinny jeans are my clothing staple!

    Jesse definitely would stop participating after about 3 or 4 posts haha.

  9. Love your sweater and I agree that nothing beats a pair of skinnies and a sweater. Nate, try harder next week, unless you truly are digging Michele's mom this week.

  10. I really want a mustard colored cardigan (as opposed to one with mustard smeared on it).

    I'm still digging my Next Issue app on the iPad. Unlimited magazines is addicting. And useful while walking on the treadmill.

  11. I'm quite proud of you For keeping up with this. I Also am cracking up at him saying your mom. Hilarious.

  12. Michelle Kay! And, I get into trouble for being inappropriate! I'm sure Nate will be so proud of you for posting this. I do enjoy your post series though!

  13. bahaha your mom. Haven't heard that since around the 7th grade. Such a fab insult. ;)

  14. Your mom -- totally something andy would say. You should've put up a picture of your actual mom. :)

  15. I am a big cardigan person too since I am always cold. I will have to check out the Target ones! Maybe Nate will play along next week after he sees your post - ha ha...Have a great week and thanks for stopping to comment on Rosie.

  16. I saw that picture on Instagram and wondered if you got it at Target! They're my favorite too.

  17. I'm such a cardigan person too! I always have a sweater with me because I am always freezing...andddd I just bought two of those at Target this past week! :)


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