Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Outdoor Living

Most of our house attention has turned outdoors the past two weeks.  The weather has been fantastic so it was time to do some planting.  Nate and I both enjoy yard work.

We planted three hydrangea bushes and two Little Henry bushes along our garage.


We’re pretty scientific when it comes to landscape planning. We measure the length of the area that needs covered.  We head to Lowe’s and find plants that fit the sun requirements on the area (shade in this case).  We like a little variety so we chose two different kinds of plants.  We then check out how large the plants will be at maturity and buy enough to cover the length needed.  This landscaping stuff is tough.

I’m pumped about the hydrangeas.  They were in my wedding bouquet.  I’m usually not sentimental about that girl junk but the wedding bouquet and hydrangeas still get me.



The backyard is greening up nicely.


I planted some impatiens in the back.  These things have gone crazy back here the past two years.  The back patio, however, could use still use some love.


The trees are filling in.  I love our secluded backyard.


Nate freshened up the mulch around the house and in the island.


I planted some petunias up front and some geraniums on the front steps.



I love the view from our front door.  Iowa summers for the win.


Ike also loves the view from the front of the house but he wasn’t happy about being left inside during picture time.



Now it’s time for some sun and a little rain now and then!

Have you been busy outside?  Do you have a green thumb or a black thumb?


  1. Eeek, I have such a black a thumb. I've killed every indoor plant I've owned.
    Who mows the grass? Maybe you can offer to do a few weeks in exchange for some new vintage-looking stools ;)

  2. Looking good! My hydrangeas are popping open now too, so pretty. I have planted a ton of geraniums, and have a few more things to plant this afternoon. I have been stalking some gardenia bushes at Lowes, but cannot stomach the sticker price!

  3. i love your hydrangeas and your orange shorts!

  4. So pretty! Your house is beautiful. I love the blue grey color of the outside. I'm a sucker for hydrangeas too... definitely my favorite color.

  5. I have house envy! It looks so nice outside - I wish we had hydrangeas!

  6. looking good!
    I guess I need to snoop around your blog more because I didn't realize how gorgeous your house was! wow. That blue color is incredible!

  7. Hydrangeas are pretty! They are going to look lovely when fully grown.

  8. I have a black thumb. A very very black thumb.

    I'm with you on the hydrangeas, though! I absolutely love them. We planted one last year, and it's coming back this year....but I think I trimmed it too much. See? Black thumb. Dang it.

    I'm really excited for the hydrangea to grow a lot so I can cut off the blossoms from the back and put them in vases in the house. Pretty!

  9. Ike looks peeeeeesed. The yard is looking great (of course). Can't wait to see how your hydrangeas do. I have tried planting them, but haven't had luck. I wonder if it's my soil?

  10. Your yard is gorgeous! I love the hydrangeas, I have some too! Read up on the content of your soil, you can change the ph of the soil to change the color of the flowers.

  11. I am in love with your yard. Seriously.

    Hydrangeas were also in my wedding bouquet, and like you, I don't have a whole lot of sentimentality for "girl junk" (as you so eloquently put it haha!) but I do love hydrangeas. I'd love to try and plant some...if they like shade I might just have the perfect spot for them too. Now I'm inspired!

  12. Gah, everything looks so green! Your backyard looks so private- awesome ! Can't wait til my front/back yard isn't a huge dirtpile.

  13. I love hydrangeas too! They will look great when they fill out. And my but do you have a lovely lot. Cheers!

  14. Your landscaping is looking great! I have been dying to plant hydrangeas in our yard somewhere, but we get too much sun. I can't believe how green and lush everything looks. We're trying to keep our yard green, but it's tough in NM.

  15. Looking good, Decor and the Dog family. I like your new hydrangeas and your pretty green grass. I think I have a green thumb. I've successfully brought all the Lowe's clearance section plants and flowers I've purchased back to life.

  16. My thumb seems to be greening up! Your hydrangeas look great! I love hydrangeas too! They're one of my favourites.

  17. Please be careful....hydrangeas are very poisonous to animals. My sister's lab chewed on one very small leaf and spent the night in the hospital!

  18. gorgeous hydrangeas! found you via the bloghop xo

  19. Your whole yard is gorgeous. I want to do cartwheels on that grass. Please.

  20. Yard looks great! Your grass especially. I tried to grow a vegetable garden last year... Let's just say that this year, I'll just hit up the farmers market

  21. Sweet green! Love hydrangeas... it should be a law that everyone should have some.

  22. Haha, poor Ike looks blue. I'm dying over outdoorsy stuff at the moment, but D tells me we must finish building the house before we start worrying about the dirt surrounding it. Men.

  23. You have such a beautiful home!

  24. Your yard and home are both so beautiful! I really like the color of your house. Hydrangeas are so neat! Do you know that you can change the colors of them by messing with the pH of the soil?

  25. Poor Ike! He's looks so sad and very confused ...

    Oh, and my thumb is seriously black. As in plants quiver in their roots when the see me enter the nursery at Home Depot ...



  26. My dog loves looking out the window, too. We call him a cat when he perches up on top of the couch. :-)

    I'm a sucker for hydrangeas, too, although I didn't put any in my bridal bouquet because they weren't in season. I make up for it now by lusting over every hydrangea bush I see.

    Erin @ The Great Indoors


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