Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flag Bunting

Nate, Ike and I spent our long week-end helping my little brother paint his kitchen cabinets.  Well, Ike didn’t paint.  He was on guard dog duty.

Even though we weren’t home, I was pretty excited to display our new flag bunting for Memorial Day.


I’m not really a fan of the word “bunting” but this flag bunting is just too charming.  I can’t stop drooling over it.  I almost put my car in the ditch each time I drive by.  I’m a good driver.


I purchased it from Amazon (here).  I love Amazon’s two day shipping. I decide I want a flag bunting three days before we are to leave for a long week-end.  Two days later I have my pretty little flag bunting to hang.  Nate was pretty excited about hanging it.  He was.  Seriously.


The view from the inside is fun too.  Ike noticed it from the upstairs landing at 5:30 the morning after we hung it.  He proceeded to bark at it.  He doesn’t mess around with guard dog duty.  Or messing the rug up duty.  (Yes, I still have a berry Christmas wreath up.  Classy.)


Did you display the ol’ stars and stripes this week-end?  Is your dog as observant as the Ike man?  Any lingering winter decorations around your parts?


  1. i was totally shocked when i saw the word "bunting" in your title.... it looks good. maybe you will come over to the dark side....

  2. Well aren't you guys festive? I dig the bunting. The red, white, and blue of Memorial Day tends to get over-shadowed around here with black and white checkered flags and bunting.

    A few Halloween's ago we put a light-up Dracula on the front porch to scare off trick-or-treaters. When Jack noticed it he attempted to attack it (the Dracula, not a small child).

  3. That actually looks really cute. I'm not normally a fan of bunting (the word or the item!) but it's like that spot was MADE for the flag bunting to be there :)

    We have a flag pole hook outside our house, but we don't have a flag yet - we think an old one was left in the basement before we moved in, but I'm convinced it's inhabited by spiders and bugs. So I'm not touching that thing. yuck.

  4. I love bunting. I told Joe that when we get our own house, we're going to throw bunting up from Memorial Day to the 4th of July. It's going to be awesome!

  5. Love it! It's the perfect spot for a little bunting. :-)

  6. My daughter helped me put up some flags in the front this past weekend, and yes, my dogs did noticed them, funny the things that get them. Ike looks adorable, love his cut, which reminds me, mine need one as well. Hope we get to see pictures of your brother's home improvement soon.

  7. My parents have a wrap around porch and they hang bunting just like this all the way around it. Gorgeous.

    PS - I have a friend who's last name is Bunting. Odd, no?

  8. Love the bunting!

    I still have a red berry wreath hanging in my house too...first my reasoning was that it was a "wintery decoration" then I kinda ignored it all spring and now red is a summer color right? :) I keep showing my hubby pinterest wreaths and he vetoes them all so until then it is a 4th of July berry wreath!

  9. I love the bunting and it seems that your house was made for it!

  10. I have a red berry wreath up too!! I think I kinda stopped seeing it. :-) I LOVE your bunting! It looks awesome on your house!

  11. It looks like it was MADE for your house - and reminder your brother - you are the best sister ever.

  12. I have a Pomeranian named Ginger who is VERY observant. I moved a black pillow from my front living room to my back family room. She didn't see me move it, but when she noticed it in the family room she went Crazy barking and charging at it. So funny to watch! The littlest changes drive her bezerk!

    The front of your home looks very nice with the bunting. I just may have to get some for my front porch.

  13. The flag looks nice, very patriotic. Ike is as always adorable!

  14. The flag looks great! It's patriotic without being tacky. I definitely have out of season stuff around the house. I have seriously been slacking in the home department.

  15. That's the kind of bunting I like! That word makes me a little nervous, but I approve.

  16. That is the perfect spot for that bunting! It looks great! How patriotic of you :)

  17. I bought the discount bunting after Memorial Day.....for the Fourth of July. I think our founding fathers would have been proud!


  18. I actually have bunting in our basement which will be perfection on our porch railing. However, I need to paint said porch railing before I can put up the bunting. This little alien creature named Henry put a cramp in my plans. A great cramp, of course. ;)


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