Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ike Goes Shopping at Mr. Chewy

I promise this isn’t one of those posts where we pretend like Ike writes the entire blog post.  I don’t want to offend anyone that writes an entire blog based off of what they think their pet is saying.  But I’m here to help.  It’s weird.

Having said that…

Awhile back, the fine folks over at Mr. Chewy wanted to know if Ike wanted a promotion code to shop around their site and review it.  Ike made me hit reply faster than he can pounce on a fly. 

Ike and I got on-line and started searching around the Mr. Chewy site.  Nate and I usually purchase Ike’s food/treats at a local big box pet store.  Shopping on-line for dog food was a first for us! Luckily I had help from my furry assistant.


We were both impressed with their selection of dog products.


Ike was a little overwhelmed at first.  How would he ever decide what to purchase?


We decided to search for Ike’s favorites. We easily found them!  We found his Royal Canin dog food.  This is the food the breeder had him eating and we never switched.  Royal Canin is pricey but it is about $4 cheaper on Mr. Chewy than it is at our usual big box pet store.  Bonus!  Ike also wanted some of his favorite treats (Newman's Own Organic PB and Milk-Bones).  The dog loves treats!

We were over the $49 price point so we qualified for free shipping. 

The packaged arrived a couple of days later.  Ike was quite excited about the package’s arrival.


“Chelle, my Mr. Chewy order arrived.  Chelle, chelle. Mr. Chewy order.  Can we open it?”



“Hey guys, it’s treat time!!”


High five for Mr. Chewy!


Ike and I will definitely be shopping at Mr. Chewy again!  Their selection is wonderful.  The website is easy to use.  The pricing is great! Free shipping never hurts! 


Mr. Chewy also has a great referral program.  Use my referral code – SCHE7931 - and you will receive 10% off of your first order.  For each code used, Mr. Chewy will donate $10 to one of their three partner charities (North Shore Animal League, Best Friends Animal Society, and Bideawee).  I am only compensated with the knowledge that Ike and I are helping out other animals with this little blog of ours….which is much more rewarding than any kind of referral cash!

Head on over to Mr. Chewy and see what Ike and I are raving about.  You can also follow Mr. Chewy on facebook and twitter!

Do you shop for your pets on-line? Who’s impressed with that awesome referral program?  What’s your favorite dog trick?  We need to teach Ike some new ones!

***Ike and I were compensated with a promotion code for product but no additional payment.  All opinions are 100% our own.  The dog’s face doesn’t lie.  We love promoting great companies that love pets!***


  1. So cute! Love the dog commentary, especially when he calls you Chell - haha.

    My cat doesn't like treats - she's really weird and I don't have a dog yet, so I most likely won't be checking out Mr.Chewy. :(

  2. What a fun post! I love the pictures of Ike. I didn't realize he was so big!

  3. I love that Ike! And FYI I am very much for Ike writting some blog posts!

  4. I love that they're going to donate to some charities! What a great company :)

  5. Can he get any cuter? I love at how you and Ike were concentrating so hard on your laptop.

  6. Oh my word, you captured some great Ike personality with those shots!! I'm going to have to check out Mr. Chewy! I'd love to have dog food show up on my doorstep instead of actually driving to the store.

    Favorite dog trick...."move." Perfect for when your hands are full of stuff and your dog(s) are sitting right where you need to be. They're both really good at scooting their fuzzy butts out of the way as soon as we say "move." Lamest dog trick ever, but very functional!

  7. Well crap, this is the cutest blog post of all time. Yay Ike!

  8. I am so happy you spell "Chelle" too. I used to do that a lot when people called me that (circa 1994).

  9. BAHAHAH! this post made me LOL. love all the photos to go along with the commentary...esp the "overwhelmed with choices" photo.

  10. Haha but sometimes we DO know what our pets are saying! Ike looks super happy to be getting such a good deal on treats and goodies. Maybe Scouty and me will do some shopping this weekend!

  11. Oh man, nothing better than a good doggie post. :)

  12. I'm serious, Ike and Jack should do lunch one day. I think they'd really hit off. Then they can go to the dog park and be each other's wing man. Done.

    That's awesome that Mr. Chewy is donating to animal charities when people use the code. We buy Jack's toys online. He needs special toys because he destroys normal toys that you can buy in a store in less than 5 minutes.

  13. I'm dying over that pic of Ike saying "it's treat time!" ADORBZ.

  14. Your dog is too cute! We buy expensive food for our pup as well and its much pricier at the big box store then this little groom and daycare place near us.

  15. Love that dog! My breeder told me about Mr. Chewy but I haven't tried it yet. Sounds much easier than lugging that big dog food bag home from the store though! Have a great weekend!

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