Thursday, April 19, 2012

Guest Bathroom Update

I’m in decorating limbo now.  I want to start a project but the timing isn’t right.  There’s always time for decorating day dreaming though, right?  Right!


I was debating another shower curtain from West Elm. I ultimately decided it wasn’t the right choice.  And then I decided to forget the bathroom for awhile until I could find some inspiration.  Or time enough for Nate to forget how many shower curtains I have purchased and hated.  Oopsie daisy.

I started pondering the bathroom again this week-end.  I haven’t purchased anything just yet because I want to be sure this time.  You know, like REALLY sure.  Like my marriage depends on it sure.

I figured I’d get your opinions as well.  I like opinions.  Usually.  Most of the time.  Sort of.

Here are my thoughts…
Sources: rug (Crate and Barrel), double shower curtain (Hazardous Design), fabric (black chevron, yellow chevron, polka dots)

I would like to do a double curtain like Carrie's.  I think the use of the double curtain will help break up the long room.  (I’ll also take Carrie’s awesome floor too.  But that’s not currently in the plans.)

I like the idea of a runner in place of two bath rugs.  I also like the price of the Olin Rug from Crate and Barrel.  This bathroom isn’t a high traffic bathroom so I have zero concerns about using a runner in here.

I think I am going to make my own shower curtains.  That doesn’t sound like a disaster waiting to happen. Nope. Not. At. All.  I can’t find a shower curtain that I like though.  I do, however, like all of the fabrics above.  I just can’t decide. What are your thoughts?  I should be over chevron.  But I’m not.  It speaks to me.

How high would you hang the shower curtains?  Any ideas on art?

We plan to add some form of molding on the long wall.  We are also going to frame out the mirror.  I’d like to replace the he-giant mirror with two smaller ones but I don’t think I can talk my carpenter into that one.  Darn carpenter.

What are your thoughts?  Do share.


  1. I really like the yellow fabric. So cheery.

  2. i like the polka dot and hang from the ceilings.ang

  3. my initial reaction was the yellow, but that's because it has color. then i thought it might be fun to do the black chevron and add color seasonally- like fall could be orange accents, spring pink or lime green or yellow.... that might be fun to change the accents around.

  4. I love the idea of a double curtain. I'd like to do that in my guest bathroom. The rug will look awesome. Can you frame out the mirror? Like Mirrormate or make your own? If you go black and white, then you could use a bold color on the frame as an accent.

  5. I'm such a sucker for yellow anything... it's always so happy! I don't think you can go wrong with any option, though.

  6. I would (personally) go with something that set itself apart from the grey walls & beige\tan floor just so that it stands out a little (rather than kind of blending in with the background)--but from there it's a delicate balance to find something that stands out, yet compliments..

    As for art, no canvas because of the humidity from the shower as it will damage the material beyond repair (we're talking no tightener in the world that could save it)--if it was a half bath, then it would be no issue but I digress.

  7. I'm actually partial to the polkadots! I like Cassie's idea of doing black and then adding color seasonally - LOVE that!!

  8. I also love the idea of sticking with black and white so you could swap accent colors out. Be it seasonally, or just when the mood strikes ;)

  9. polkadots!! And the double-curtain idea is genius.

  10. What about painting the vanity bottom a fun color and tying that into the shower curtains and art? I also think a fun light fixture would add a little something extra to the room. If you went with yellow, your art could be anything from turquoise, brown, red, orange, whatever and you can keep it bright. I don't know if this is your style but this is fun:

  11. Oh, the yellow chevron would look AWESOME with the gray walls! As for the length, just high enough to block the shower head. And then maybe little pops of yellow in your art? Good luck, can't wait to see what you choose.

  12. I think the black polka dot would look good with the rug. Then you could add pops of bright color with your accents and artwork.

    Personally... the chevron mixed with the striped rug seems a bit busy to me.

  13. I think that if you really like chevron, you should do the chevron. If you get tired of it you can always switch it out again, hehe :-p
    Perhaps you'll just be one of those people who switch shower curtains as often as some change throw's just fabric that can be easily changed. No big deal.

    One suggestion I have is...maybe hang the shower curtain last? Pick your color scheme for towels, artwork, rug, etc. first. You seem to get stuck on picking the shower curtain and don't get to finishing the rest of the bathroom.

    I like the idea about the molding around the mirror. I've been wanting to do that to mine forever, but have been too chicken too. I think you should do it, and give a detailed tutorial how you did it :-)

  14. I love Cassie's idea of black and white chevron and changing the accent colors! As for art, definitely something bright and fun! Maybe some DIYed paint chip ombre??

  15. First of all, I love seeing my bathroom up on your blog. That's awesome :)
    Secondly, I think you could totally pull off sewing a shower curtain or two. I've seen your mad sewing skillz.
    Thirdly, I vote for the yellow or black chevron or the stripes, but definitely not the polka dots. They remind me of Minnie Mouse.
    Excited you see what you end up doing in here.

  16. i love the chevron too...and i'm with carrie, the polka dots are too much (for me). i don't know about the chevron with the striped rug though, but i love the runner idea. maybe a solid color?

  17. Im just not a polka dot fan. I say get some color in there girl! I love the trend of two curtains now it looks so lush!

  18. If you hang the shower curtain too high, won't you have an issue with lighting? (Provided any guest wishes to utilize your shower...)

    I would tend toward materials that would lighten up that end of the bathroom, since there is no natural light. (That's probably because I'm so blind that I have a hard time seeing very well in dimly lit rooms.)

  19. Oh, limbo. I know it so well.

    You could definitely make your own shower curtain! It's no harder than sewing regular curtains. I'd just watch out for the scale of the fabric print--shower curtain prints generally have a pretty large scale (I think? Or maybe just the ones I'm drawn to?) and anything too small might seem busy.

    You'll make the right choice! :)

  20. Oh man, don't pull me into your decision making process. I'm terrible at decisions. But I'd say to go with the yellow chevron to add a pop of color in there. Your other bathroom is black and white, so I think it would be nice to have some color in this bathroom. But I don't live in your house so this is entirely up to you.

    Art ideas? Framed Glamour Shot-esque portraits of me. Duh.

  21. 1. Paint wall white - gray makes bath too dingy-looking, dark
    2. Paint vanity
    3. Replace toilet seat cover w/same color as vanity
    4. Trim up mirror
    5. Funky light fixture
    6. Replace shower curtain - similar to Carrie's
    7. Sisal rug on floor
    8. Incorporate color w/minimal accessories

    I know that whatever you accomplish, it will look have great taste! And I love the minimalist look.

  22. I am a big fan of yellow and grey. I say get some color in yo' baño! Go with the yellow chevron! Have you seen this bathroom?

    It is LOVELY, and it has the yellow curtain and grey walls. Also, I'm not sure how a runner would look...but you seem to have an eye for things like that, so trust your gut! I'm sure it will look beautiful just like the rest of your house. Which has me drooling, by the way.

  23. I love the yellow chevron. I could see that with some board and batten or molding on the wall.

  24. Do the double curtain! And hang that baby HIGH. And then tell me how you did it. And then make me some. :)


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