Friday, March 16, 2012

Find the Time

I’m beginning to think that I might live. 10 days of being awfully sick is draining on the soul.

The other night I was tired of reading. Tired of staring at the tv. Tired of being sick so I decided to work on a piece of word art.  I do good work when I'm sick.


This piece was inspired by this pin.  A nice little reminder about what’s important in life.

I also picked up this cute little print for $3 at the antique mall this week-end. 


My mom pointed it out while I was hacking up a lung.  She thought it would be cute in our mudroom.  The ivory looked funny in there so I decided to try it out in the powder room.  Winner!


We are still on the hunt for the perfect mirror for this space but I like my little art additions.  I like the nice little reminder to take time to enjoy the simple things that make us happy….every time we wash our hands.


I love the comments we get from our friends and family on this room. They range from “awesome” to “groovy” to “seizure inducing” to “whoa”.  Sometimes it’s good to decorate out of your comfort zone.


My nurse totally approves.  Look how happy the prints make him.


Or was he happy because Nate was home early and he got to enjoy a walk in the 80 degree weather? Jury is still out. Let’s go with the prints.

What things do you need to remind yourself to take the time for?  Who else is enjoying some crazy/amazing warm weather?  Big week-end plans?


  1. Glad you're feeling better, Michelle. I truly enjoy your blog and your monistat "primer" tip has changed my life!

    Heather, Boston

  2. Yay, you're feeling better! :)
    & that's the first time I've seen that bathroom & it's gorgeous.

  3. I love that little silhouette in there! Glad you are on the mend. My favorite thing to whine while ill is "I'm sick of being sick!!!!"

  4. I love that bathroom! And those prints. Glad you're feeling better.

  5. I love that bathroom. I especially love that you managed to finish all that stenciling without blood being shed.

    Also? Thanks for not kicking my butt in Crossfit so we can still be friends and all without me crying in the corner.

  6. That print is adorable. I bet Ike is loving this weather. I know Scout is, we let him stay at grandpas farm one day this week and he was pooped after!
    Adams Bday is Saturday so we have plans to drink lots of summery beers and sit outside and wear flip flops!! Happy weekend!

  7. Both of those prints are super cute and I love where you placed them! So glad you are feeling better! We are going out this weekend to celebrate St. Patty's day and to watch some March Madness.

  8. Nice. Both of those prints are really nice.

    I'm planning on trying out the make-your-own photo canvas project I keep seeing around. I found a three pack of canvases for 4.99 and then found a deal where I got two free 8x10 prints, making it a super cheap project to try out.

  9. Those look fantastic in your mudroom! The one print reminds me of the Coppertone baby and her dog - super cute!

  10. The prints look great in the powder room! I would love to make some word art. Maybe I'll get around to it one of these days.

  11. So glad that you are coming around in the health department... I've been battling the same "hack up a lung" cold so I'm expecting to lay quite low this weekend. But, its so incredibly warm around here that I've been home on the couch with the windows open so that's been amazingly nice!

  12. Well you do great work while convalesced. They fit perfectly in that bathroom! Hope you're feeling better so you can enjoy the beautiful weekend! It's supposed to be in the 80's here too. Glory be!

  13. I'm so glad it looks like you might survive this! Maybe by tomorrow you'll be feeling skippy and happy like the girl in the pic? You actually do jump rope like that with Ike don't you? Is that actually a picture of you?

  14. Cute prints! It looks the jump rope is about to swing around and slap that poor dog on the face. Glad you're feeling better. This weather is crazy. Makes me wonder what the temps are going to be in July and August.

  15. I had a big smile on my face through your post until I got to the part that you have 80 deg weather. Now I'm crying. I love the print you made and the one you bought.

  16. Hopefully a few more days of 80 degree weather will cure you! How nice! We had a couple days in the 70s but I think we are only hitting the high 60s this weekend in NJ. The print looks great in there - love that powder room! Make sure that "nurse" takes good care of you! Feel better!

  17. Aww they look great! I was in Lowes the other day and they have fabulous Allen+Roth bathroom mirrors with brushed nickel accents. I hope your funk is almost gone, you need to be out enjoying this crazy weather! 80 degrees in Nashvegas!

  18. That room could never be seizure-inducing. No. NO. It's too pretty. (Do you offer some meds when that comment is made?) ;) Glad you're almost feeling better!

  19. Realizing that the wall is a stencil makes it like 6 times more impressive, plus I think it looks great!
    While everyone else enjoys amazing weather, my big weekend plan is to run a marathon in 50 degree weather and rain.

  20. I like the advice. We should all find the time to do more of these things. Feel better!!! Just stare at Ike all day. That should help. :)

  21. Those are absolutely adorable! I am the same way when I get sick. I want to be doing something, not just sitting there being sick! :)


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