Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Festive Mudroom

Yesterday I showed you our mantel.  Today you will get to see our mudroom’s holiday getup.

I got creative with the chalkboard.  And by creative, I mean I borrowed another idea from Pinterest.


The bench area received a few holiday touches as well…


I love my vintage egg basket for storing gloves/hats/scarves.  Ike likes the easy access to them when he’s bored and wants to cause trouble. Not that he ever gets in trouble.


I purchased the two nutcrackers from Hobby Lobby last year.  I originally spray painted them cream but decided they were a better fit for our mudroom this year.  Nothing a little red spray paint can’t fix.  I have a problem. 

I have seen similar nutcrackers from West Elm costing at least $20 a piece.  These were $3 each.  Spray paint is $3.  Win.

I replaced two of the frames with some snow art that I whipped up in Photoshop and Word.  Fancy.



Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.  Is it snowing where you’re at?  I really want it to snow.  Just for December.  Then I want it to be 80.  The end.


  1. So nice to come home to!!!! I want snow until Dec 26 too!!!!! Then it can go away until next Christmas!!!

  2. I'd love some snow! Very unlikely, though, given that it's summer here (or at least it's supposed to be, it doesn't feel like summer).

  3. Cute! I love the red nutcrackers. No snow here. It'd be nice though. Doesn't feel quite like Christmastime until we get a decent snow.

  4. Mudrooms are not supposed to be this fun and happy, for real. And it's like 60 degrees here - no hope for snow, ever.

  5. So cute! I'm extremely jealous of your mudroom. We only have one closet on our entire first floor and it houses the cleaning stuff.

    And yes! Snow! It's supposed to snow tonight and we already had something like 8 inches over Halloween weekend. Weird.

  6. Oh and I also totally stole that chalkboard idea from Pinterest.

  7. Dude. Love the red.

    We got our first real, lasting snow over the weekend, and then flurries the last couple days. I'm pretty "eh" about snow, but I can deal with it for December. Come January I'm pretty done with it. Which works out well, since it starts to melt IN MAY.

  8. Your house is adorable. I love your mudroom...totally jealous! Stewie would chew everything in that cute little basket and I would have to buy new gloves, lol. ;)

  9. No snow here although I did go skiing this past weekend so I got my share of the fluffy stuff. The mudroom is such a cheery little place!!

  10. its raining and 50 degrees :(. not even any cold weather yet. I just want a snowy december and then it can go back to 75 for Jan/Feb/March :)

  11. Cute and festive! I love your egg basket. :)

    I'm with ya on the snow for December and then 80 degrees. If I didn't ever have to GO anywhere during snow season, I'd love it...but as it stands, I have to leave the house occasionally. Darn that need for a paycheck and, well, just a life in general.

  12. I didn't miss the snow last winter but this year I miss it so much. I wish we'd get a foot of snow for the few days leading up to Christmas. & of course it could go back to being 80 after that like you said.

    Your mudroom looks cute! You definitely win with the nut crackers.

  13. hmmm we could never store our hats and gloves at dog level in our house! Love the red!

  14. Love the red touches. The nutcrackers are cute too.

  15. It snowed last week then it became 35 degrees snowed and now there is no more snow just cold...I only like it to be cold if it is going to snow. But then come March when it is still snowing I'll change my mind on how much I really like snow and cold weather.

  16. what the heck? Are you serious? I've barely decorated my house and you've already decorated your mud room! Boy do I feel like a slacker! A-mazing as always Michelle!

  17. Usually nut crackers creep me out but I like these ones!

  18. I blame you for the snow today. That is all.


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