Friday, December 30, 2011

Baby Model

Our third niece was welcomed to the world a few weeks ago!  Nate’s sister wanted a few newborn pictures but didn’t want to fork over the dough that those fancy photographers are charging.  Nate to the rescue!

During a whirlwind trip of central Iowa, we made a quick stop to capture these precious newborn moments.  Nate is picky about his photos but I think they are fantastic and feel like sharing them.  I’m sure he’s glad I decided to start blogging…

Welcome to the world, Claire Elise!

Tekippe Family-4

Tekippe Family-7

Tekippe Family-9

Tekippe Family-8

We were hoping to make it their house during the day so Nate could have some natural light.  That didn’t work out as planned.  We improvised.

A child’s lazy boy (covered in a pink blanket) on the dining room table under the bright chandelier…and an aunt who is an awesome babysitter….

Tekippe Family-47pn

I have a way with the children.

The newborn photo shoot was fun.  It doesn’t hurt when you have an extra cute model. 

Nate kept whining the entire time that he needed a better lens.  Little did he know that it was under the tree at home.  I think he did just fine with his available resources.  Good life lesson.

Anyone have experience with newborn photography?  Anyone have experience with newborns?  They terrify us.  Who wants me to babysit their kids?

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  1. aw, so sweet!
    and look at you- you are "the toddler whisperer".

  2. Oh, these are the cutest pictures ever. Nate did a terrific job!

  3. I think I mear that same face every time I babysit. Children are terrifying - except when they're in my math class, of course ;)

  4. Awww, good job Nate! She is lovely! I really want to get better at photography. Maybe Nate could guest post a tutorial!!

  5. The pics turned out great, even without the natural light. But now that you have that new lens, you can send Nate right on over here to take some newborn shots for us when the time comes. BTW, it is scientifically proven that newborns are terrifying until you have your own. And then all other newborns who are not yours will continue to be terrifying.

  6. Aww, what a sweetheart she is! Not all newborns are cute, but that one sure is adorable. I just got a new nephew this morning--babies must love coming at Christmas!

  7. So cute! I love babies with their squished up faces. Tell Nate he did a great job. I love the colors and the pic with the tree in the background. Congrats on your new niece.

  8. The pictures are do great. Is it wierd that they make my ovaries hurt? Yes? Okay, then. ;)

  9. Beautiful girl, beautiful name, beautiful pics!

  10. Children are scary, I know this. I'm not sure I buy the part about them being cute when they are yours. I remain skeptical. The pics are great though!

  11. Awww, cute pictures. Nate did a great job even with the odd circumstances.

  12. Don't let Michelle fool you...she was great with Claire and even fed her a bottle and burped her :o)

  13. What beautiful photos!!!!!! Perfect!!

  14. Michelle, I am pretty sure I was terrified of my newborn until she was, like, 18 months old. And then I realized that she had been walking all over me for quite some time...Hmmmm...;)

  15. She is gorgeous. Nate did an amazing job with the photos.

  16. Your niece is precious! Nate did an awesome job photographing her! I am always amazed at how tiny everything is on a newborn. Their little fingers and nails are just adorable. Did I just say nails were adorable?

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