Sunday, January 1, 2012

Finding Silver Linings Boutique Winner

Happy 2012! 

Who stayed up until midnight? Staying up is always a challenge for me.  I successfully made it to midnight though (without a nap..thank you very much!) thanks to the company of some great friends. 

We hosted a small gathering.  We made homemade pizza, sangria, and fondue.  We, obviously, ate too much.  The boys insisted that the Discovery channel be on all night so I learned about moonshining in Virginia and medicinal marijuana sales in California.  It was a rocking New Year’s Eve.

But on to more important things!! Who’s the lucky winner of the giveaway from Finding Silver Linings Boutique?


Drum roll please……



Congrats Kristen!  E-mail me to claim your set!

Remember you can use the code “IKE15” to save 15% off your order at Finding Silver Linings Boutique!


  1. I stayed up until midnight, and I am paying the price right now!!!! Happy New Year!!

  2. We stayed up until midnight! Staying up with friends definitely helped!

    I was reading your About Me page. My husband is an CPA too! Your pup is adorable! We have two and they are a handful!

  3. Ah! How exciting!! I just sent you an email :)

    We stayed up until midnight but then I slept until noon today (I have been sick for the past week so I think that had something to do with it).

  4. I think my BIL knows one of the moonshiners on that show (he's from the mountains of VA). Good times on NYE! lol


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