Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dare to Entertain

It’s Dare to DIY time over at NewlyWoodwards


This week’s challenge was to set the table for the holidays. 

I would normally cop out on this kind of party.  I usually make fun of bloggers who set their tables for imaginary parties.  But Kim and I had our first date on Wednesday.  Now that we are real life friends, I didn’t think I could drop the ball on this one. 

So I did it.  I set a table for my imaginary dinner party.  Nate made a private call after this one.  I’m assuming he’s setting up my stay at nice mental health establishment.  I hope they serve ice cream…


I decided to go with a Christmas theme beings that we have our house almost all decked out for the holidays.  We really wanted to get the decorating done so we can enjoy all of the festivities.  Like real dinner parties….


The stemware is from a wedding gift.  The dinnerware is Pottery Barn.  I love these feisty reindeer.  Oh, Vixen.


The center piece consists of 3 candles that live on this table all year long.  A glass jar filled with ornaments.  And a silver deer I found at the Salvation Army.

There are no napkins.  I can grab you a square of Bounty if you’d like.

I’m too lazy to bust out the silverware.  Imaginary party, imaginary silverware.

Did you notice the lack of name cards?  I set the table for 4.  If you are one of the four and can’t decide where to sit, I’m not sure we should be dining together.

As much as I joke, it was a little fun.  A little.

Anyone else having an imaginary dinner party tonight?  Who would you invite if you were to host a fancy shin dig like mine?  Be sure to head over to NewlyWoodwards.  Kim will teach you how to set a table like a grown-up….


  1. I great big puffy heart love those plates!

  2. it looks SOOO good! and i am so with you- i never participate in any of the tablescaping craziness, because i never set my table for imaginary events!

  3. I am so happy you pulled through for me. Especially since we are actually real life friends, now. Strangely enough, I've never thought about this being for an imaginary party, but I'm insane. I leave my table set out a lot so I can avoid it becoming a drop zone.

    I really dig the dishes, too. I've coveted those before but since I already have two sets of holiday dishes, I resisted.

    And is that a full tree you have set up? YOU WIN AT LIFE! it looks like a catalog photo. Just lovely.

    Thanks, buddy, for joining in. You rule.

  4. My significant other would totally Flip if I had an Imaginary dinner party. Glad you pulled it off and what a beautiful set up. I love the Plates!

  5. Ha, too funny! I felt kinda silly set up for my imaginary party also ;) Your table looks great, and your plates are so cute.

  6. Love your tablescape especially the centerpiece. I've been wanting to do one myself, but haven't had anyone over for dinner lately. I like the idea of putting one together for my imaginary friends. I can invite my son's new imaginary friend Jack. He seems pretty cool.

  7. I was having a really bad day until I read, "I hope they serve ice cream..." It's kinda hard to stay mad when I'm laughing so hard I have tears rolling down my cheeks. So thanks for ruining my bad mood. (Love your blog!)

  8. Imaginary party is a great idea.. so much easier than a real one! Or is it?

  9. LOL that dinner plate cracked me up. I'm embarrassed to say that I would probably have fun planning an imaginary dinner party.

  10. Love it! Those candle sticks are fab but I have to agree with you about the napkins. In my house there is the supermarket brand of Bounty. Do't like it? Well you have a sleeve so use it!
    Your table and room looks pretty damn funky and I love the colour scheme on the tree :)

  11. I'm a set your table for nobody - convert this year too. It's hard to turn down that Kim, right? Me and her totally became real life friends this summer and it was the best. Isn't she amazing? Anyway, I'm liking your whole imaginary set-up here, pretty darn festive.

  12. Oh don't you just love those plates? My hubs got them for me for my birthday a few years back and I get so excited to haul them out every Christmas!

    Your lovely dinner party doesn't have to be imaginary if you'll just invite me over already. Pretty!

  13. Beautiful table. Thank you for posting. Though for imaginary friends, it serves as inspiration and it is in a way helpful to many.
    I think bloggers who post such tables are in a way expressing art just as any others. I love setting tables for my family, however sometimes I set them just so that it can serve as inspiration to others.
    I hope you keep posting such tables.

    Than you again.


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