Monday, October 10, 2011

Mudroom Art

Remember our mudroom that I talked non-stop about for an entire week?  It’s baaaack!

We last left the mudroom looking like this…

Prettier but still needing some life.  Bring on the picture frames…

Fall 202

Ike is digging the dog shrine.  (He also loves that he can easily slam his dog food dish against the bench.  It’s one of his favorite past times.  Don’t let that pretty face fool you.)




I decided to stick with some classic black and white photos of the family Ike, a pencil sketch of our house (edited in Picnik), and a couple of prints that I had pinned on Pinterest that I whipped up in Photoshop.  The frames are either from Target or our basement.

Fall 195

The room is definitely starting to feel like home instead of a dirty room that we had to walk through to get to the rest of the house. 

I have one more project planned for this room.  Guess you’ll just have to wait in suspense.  Or stop back later this week.

Anyone else have more photos of their dog in their home than most people do of their children?  Don’t you just love when rooms start to feel like home?  Even if your beautiful dog likes to take mouthfuls of food and spit them all over you newly finished room’s floor.  I guess that’s how you know you’re home, right?


  1. Love it! It certainly makes it more homey. You have more pics of Ike than I have of my kids. Yikes!

  2. It is looking good Michelle!
    I have this bad tendency to forget about a room once we finish the renovation. It means we have a beautiful new room with little or no decoration. No art, plants, or other "stuff" that would make it more personal. Working on that :)

  3. yay for it feeling more like home! We actually only have one photo up in the whole house, and it's of me and Rick...better put some pet pictures up ASAP. :)

  4. It looks so cute. I love how posed Ike looks in the first picture.

    I totally hvae TONS of dog photos, too, but I just swapped most of them out for photographs of places we've visited. It was getting to be a bit of a pug overload. ;)

  5. Isn't it amazing what a few finishing touches can do. And Ike is just too cute! Love the space.

  6. I definitely have doxie pictures all over my house. My doxie even has her own closet space for all her clothes, leashes, etc. My daughter tells people our dog has more clothes than her.

  7. A great mudroom. Typically any decorating/artwork in such a space is an afterthought but I like that you have meaningful pics that you will enjoy more often because it is in a prominent place. Such a great idea and you can change it around whenever you wish.

  8. The photos (and Ike) give LIFE to the room

  9. Ike just love posing for photo shoots!! I can tell!! :)) Mudroom looks lovely, love the red pops of color!

  10. Looking so good! I love the red against those walls, and the corner shelf look. Your mudroom is gettin way too fancy.

  11. Lookin' good! I have one of those IKEA leash holders and I love it.

    Speaking of spitting out food, Bear is combating flea allergy dermatitis, so I've been giving him Benadryl in his dog food every morning. Every now and then he'll actually take the time to chew his food (instead of swallowing it whole) and bite a Benadryl capsule and spit medicine and soggy dog food all over the carpet. Yum.

  12. I love it, it looks great! Can I have your dog?

  13. Ike gets more air time than any other blog dog out there. Love him! Your space is so fantastic now. What a beautiful transformation.

  14. Lookin' good! You're such a nice dog-mom, allowing Ike to have his own room. Jack was a bad dog and rolled in something today so he's not deserving of his own mudroom at the moment. Love that pencil sketch of your house!

  15. Oh how I love your style!!
    Your Ike is just adorable!!
    I'm loving the quote you printed & I love the sketch! What an awesome idea. I love using Picnik, but yet I'd never thought of using the sketch! Yay! You've been my inspiration for the day!
    You rock!

  16. Ted would roll over for a mudroom dedicated to him like that! We just have his picture all over our fridge and in a few frames around the house. What can I say? He's our doggie-child =)

  17. I think Ike makes awesome "dog art!" I need some art for our house... where can I get one! ;)

    Seriously though, loving the art and the pinterest inspiration!


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