Monday, August 29, 2011

Mudroom Madness

We spent our third week-end working on our mudroom.  It’s now looking close to done.  Is it sad that it’s not done? Probably.  We had important things to do like go to a beer tasting, go see The Help, nap, eat ice cream.  You know, important things.

When we originally started talking about our mudroom, we knew we wanted a bench/shelf system and some kind of molding.  It’s been fun seeing our vision come to life!

Here’s where we ended the week-end…


Isn’t the dog bum hook the cutest?

You may be wondering why we didn’t extend the bench further.  One, the pictures are slightly distorted with the wide angle lens (there is only about 3 feet from the end of the bench to the wall). Two, it’s called the dog.  We designed the room to leave enough space for his litter box.  He won’t use it unless it’s in the wide open.  We also designed the bench to allow space for his food and water dish.  How’s that for decorating with a dog?

I still have plans to paint the door to the garage.  I’m thinking red but I am open to suggestions.  We need to add quarter round to the space where the board and batten meets the top of the bench.  We also want to add crown molding sometime down the road and put things on the shelf. And we might switch out the bi-fold doors in the very far away future.

A big thanks to Apartment Guide for helping sponsor the project as part of their A New Place for Your Pet blogger challenge!  We’ve come a long ways…

Picnik collagebeforeandafter

This week I’ll explain how we installed the board and batten, the bench, and the shelf/hooks.

Did you tackle any projects this week-end?  Have you designed a room around your pet? Did your pet instantly spit out food all over the floor as soon as you took you “after” pictures?  Not that Ike did…

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  1. Looks great. I really like the dog butt leash holder lol!

  2. it looks amazing! i had those same dog leash holders from ikea! :)

  3. It looks AMAZING, so fresh and gorgeous.

  4. Your mud room is amazing, and your dog looks alot like my charlie.

  5. Holy smokes, what a transformation! Looks good :D

  6. I love it! It looks so good and USEFUL. Ike looks like he likes it, too!

  7. Love the board & batten look!! And so jealous of your huge mudroom!! I think mine is about 4 ft X 4ft! :p

  8. It's coming along so well!! The dog tail is absolutely adorable!

  9. Obsessed with the white paneling! Rocco put that doggie hook on his Christmas list! Great work!


  10. This looks awesome! I've been pinning mudroom pics on pinterest and I'm jealous b/c I don't have an area to put one :/
    LOVE that doggie hook, too funny!

  11. It is coming along beautifully! I adore that little dog bum hook - who wouldn't?! I must say, Ike looks very handsome in this shot (but he always manages to). :)

  12. It's really coming along. Enjoy the summer while it lasts- there will be plenty of rainy and cold days soon enough to finish up the house projects!

  13. Wow. That looks great!!! You have such good taste and your husband is so handy (can I borrow him?)

  14. Looks great! We have a rental we need to put on the market - I am thinking this project would really help our resale value!

  15. Loved it! I liked the red dog tail, very nice and cute.

  16. Looks great! I agree with the Olympic paint. Bought 5 gallons two years ago and it was like water, took 3 coats to look ok. Was painting neglected walls to match, figured their formula would've improved by now, WRONG. It still was like water. Blue store paint guy tried to get me to try the new One, but he said he wouldn't come paint my walls over if it didn't work. He also said it was brand new and no complaints, uh yeah, cause nobody has bought it yet. I am now a Valspar fan.

  17. What a beautiful and spacious mudroom! I love the hook for your dog. :) It is coming right along. Thank you for sharing this with Roomspiration. Have a great day! :D

  18. Now that is what you call decorating for the dog! I love the transformation you have made to the mudroom, and how took into consideration Ike's needs. The dog bum hook is so cute and the board is batten gorgeous. I love that you built the tall board and batten.

    Love your mudroom! Thanks for linking up to Roomspiration.


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