Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Taller and Shorter

The true title of this post is:  I was I was a little bit taller and I wish my shower curtain was a little bit shorter….

Why do I wish I was taller? (and a baller…you’re welcome for the annoying song stuck in your head)…


I started painting the guest bathroom last Thursday.  I sent this cell phone picture to Nate to see if he had any suggestions on how I could reach the corner above the shower.  The ladder was too wide to fit in the tub and the toilet was in the way outside of the tub.  My only solution was him helping me when he got home.  The rule with my painting craziness is that I have to do it alone and not drag him into it. 

His response: “That is going to look really weird not painted.”

Jerk.  But he did help me…after some whining, of course.  Is there any other way?

Next guest bathroom issue, the shower curtain I ordered.  I was really into the spa-like feel so I went with a white waffle curtain. I also wanted it extra long (96”) because I had read on a few blogs on how the extra height looks so lovely. I was wrong on the white and the height…


This picture actually makes it look better than what Nate and I think it looks like in person. 

The height was just really weird….like we were trying to hide something…other than the shower. I think this height looks better in bathrooms where the shower is off to the side, not straight on when you walk through the door. We also have 9 foot ceilings so the curtain didn’t reach the ceilings like the examples I had seen.

The white was just too much white.  The curtain made the rest of the white in the bathroom look sort of ivory…and as you can see, the curtain is very see-through.

On a happier note, the walls are now a pretty grey…much better than the previous Macadamia…

Summer To Do (65)2038

The shower curtain can be returned in-store and I have a new one on order…I’ll leave you in suspense on that one…

What are your thoughts on shower curtain height?  Is there such a thing as too much white?


  1. Hmmm. It is see through and a cool shade of white (which makes the creamier whites look almond). Back to the store it goes. A pop of color would be perfect on the curtain. Plus it would be an unexpected suprise when you first walk into the room since it's the first thing you'd notice. (Plus, if the curtain has color in it, you can snag that grey zebra rug that I can't stop thinking about!!)
    Good luck!

    As for the height, I bought a tension rod and raised it as high as I could which seemed to fix that for us. Our curtain falls about a centimeter before the floor.

  2. i can't wait to see the new one you picked! and i love the soft gray on the walls- so pretty!!!
    our shower curtain is all white, and has some ruffles, and i love its simplicity. but i also love bold patterns, too!

  3. Looking forward to seeing the new shower curtain!

    As far as height, I love floor to ceiling shower curtains but with our guest bathroom, the window is in the shower so we have [average] height so some of the light can come through above the curtain.

    As far as to much white? I love white. It's such a classic color and looks great paired with pops of color.

  4. hahaha Michelle what do you have hiding behind there other than a shower?! ;)

    I agree about the height. We have tall ceilings, too, and I think there's a point where it is just TOO high.

    I'll join your "I'm too short to do anything in the upper 2 ft of a room" club, measuring in at a whopping 5'2". :)

  5. I can totally rap that entire song. And do it every one and while for entertainment value. Actually, I rapped that song once at an open mic night. Met with lots of surprised stares.

    As for the curtain, I'm just confused as to why it's so darn see-through. I think that's what gets me more than the height. However, I was thinking of doing a higher curtain at our new house, so now I'm wondering if that's the best idea. hmmm...

  6. PS - I really like the wall color. What a difference.

  7. I had the same problem in our guest bath....the white curtain was too much white. After much searching (really it is embarrassing how much time we spent looking for a single shower curtain) we went with a patterned brown and white and I love how it looks. Can't wait to see what you picked out!

  8. Oh, you are too funny . . . and Nate's response sounds just like what I can imagine my husband saying. So supportive. I love the new wall color--beautiful! You have such classy decorating taste.

  9. I'd never thought of hanging a curtain that high - I'd be worried about losing light (can you tell I grew up in a house with no window in the bathroom)

    I love that paint color - so relaxing.

  10. I like the color! You are's definitely too much white. Can't wait to see what you picked out!

  11. I personally love a fun shower curtain. Our spare bath is all white and we have a bold Marimekko shower curtain from C&B. I just feel like a bathroom can be fun and I'd rather save the neutrals for another room. Though I totally get wanting the spa like feel, I say go with a unique shower curtain for the spare bath and make your master a spa :)

  12. That color is awesome! I think the tall shower curtains work best when the go all the way to the ceilings, but I have no sympathy for you with your gorgeous tall ceilings. :)

    PS, Please have your husband talk to my husband about the painting thing. He doesn't support my painting craziness even when I do it all myself. (Maybe because it always, ALWAYS ends up involving him no matter what I promise? Hmm.)

  13. I'm 5'4" myself so I feel your pain. I love the color you chose for the wall. Not so keen on the curtain. I think you're right, it is a bit too high. I like the clear curtain you had before just because there isn't an abrupt stop to the back. However, I know that a clear shower curtain does not work for many reasons (naked bodies, soap scum....). Can't wait to see your new curtain.

  14. That looks great and I totally know the height restrictions, 5'4" too. I do agree, the high curtain makes it look like a bad cover up job for something very scary back there!

    What color is that? My gray is basically blue which is less than ideal for our little girls nursery!

  15. I personally would add a fun turquoise or yellow in there on the curtains or some where in there it is my current addiction.

  16. Does this mean I won't have a shower curtain at all when I come to visit this weekend?? Mom :)

  17. Sherri, you don't really need a shower curtain. They make rugs to catch the water.

    There is such a thing as too much white. I agree with a different color/pattern something for the shower curtain. And on a slightly different note, I don't get the high shower it supposed to make it look better? Like having long curtains around short windows? I'm a little slow with the decorating business.

  18. Ha! Love the hubs response. Sounds like something Nick would say. : )

    Totally loving the wall color. Such a transformation! Can't wait to see what you picked for the new shower curtain.


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