Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stripey Baby Quilt

My recent obsession with stripes continues. 

One of my employee’s daughters just had a little girl.  I decided to whip up a quilt for the wee one.  This is my 3rd attempt at “quilting”.  I use quotation marks because all I really do is sew some squares or strips of fabric together and attempt to “quilt” them at the end.  Key word, attempt.

Here’s attempt #1:

Attempt #2:

And now…attempt #3:





I had to kindly explain to Ike that this wasn’t his.  (And yes, he has a Wubba with him at all times.  Obsessed much?)  Luckily the home it is going to has multiple dogs so I don’t feel quite so bad about him stomping on it.  Don’t worry, I will recommend they wash it…


I used this tutorial for the striped top and this tutorial for the quilting.  I was going to do a how-to…but no one should be taking sewing advice from me.  It’s not pretty.  The quilt turned out cute enough.  I definitely need more practice but I know “it’s the thought that counts” will get me through on this one.

What’s your favorite beginner quilting pattern?  Have you attempted to quilt?  Do share!

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  1. that is adorable! love the colors and the stripes!

  2. Eek, I'm amazed you have time for three attempts but I really do love the third attempt the best. It's a modern quilt - very cool!

  3. I´m happy to know that I´m not the only one who wants beautiful things for dogs :)
    I would love to have one of this for my Pugs!


  4. I love your persistence, looks lovely. Maybe you should make one for your dog, too, he looks really sad on that picture (probably after you explained to him it wasn't his).

  5. Anything having to do with sewing is amazing me lately. Great work! Home made stuff is the best!!

  6. Too cute! I love the fun fabric you chose. I have never quilted anything, but I did attempt to crochet a baby blanket when I was in elementary school (don't ask me why that particular project struck me) aaaaaand let's just say that I instead wound up with some really great potholders. :P Clearly, nobody should take sewing advice from me, either. :)

  7. That third quilt is just lovely. All of the colors match so well. I am attempting my first quilt this summer and using a basic 9 square pattern.

  8. Love the fabric! I attempted some quilting when I was younger. Middle school, maybe?? I haven't touched it since. I'd rather play with power tools than a sewing machine. : )

  9. Personally, #1 is my favorite! :) I've gotten MANY compliments on it!

  10. Wow. You did such a great job! Love those bright colors which are perfect for a baby.
    You're friend's baby is very lucky. I sewed a quilt for my niece for her 1st birthday which is made from her baby clothes that her mother picked out.
    I went to http://www.uncommongoods.com/product/baby-clothes-quilt-kit
    to order the kit. My sis made one for my son and he loves it!

  11. Great job on all! I love the 1st one (looks perfect for newborn). And the bright stripes on the last one are so cheerful, love it!

    I recently attempted my 1st ever sewing project - Rag Quilts for my kids' beds.

  12. I'm sew impressed! Har Har.
    Seriously, kudos to you. They look awesome!

  13. I am very proud of you!! The striped one is gorgeous!!!! I am putting this tutorial in my to-do file for the day when I get a cottage or ski chalet. I think you should make one for Ike...look at that face:)

  14. ooo! the third attempt is awesome!! love the stripes and the different fabric swatches you chose!

  15. The stripey one is definitely the best! I'd say you're getting better with practice ;)

  16. That quilt is so cute! I love the stripes. My first couple quilts fell into "the thought that counts" category. Heck they still do and I have to remind myself this everytime I am wrapping one up. Love the fabrics and colors you chose!


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