Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Let’s Talk About You

I have writer’s block this week.  It’s weird.  I usually have no trouble running my mouth (ask my husband)…but it’s just not translating into writing well this week…

And I have a bunch of other life things that are piling up….like dishes…he’s not as helpful as he looks…


Luckily starting today at 1:00PM I will be off work until Monday morning.  Plenty of time to recharge…and work on fun projects!!

But today, it’s your turn.  I want this post to be about YOU.   

Tell me all about yourself and what you enjoy reading on this blog! 

Don’t you hate when people do this?  I always blank…it’s like “tell me about yourself” block.

Here are some suggestions to help you out (but definitely don’t limit yourself to these ideas)…

About You:

  • Where are you from?
  • How old are you?
  • How do you pay your bills? Or do you?  What’s your dream job?
  • Do you rent? Own?
  • Do you have babies?  Fur or human.
  • Favorite TV show? Movie?
  • Favorite Book?  (This is selfish because I’m looking for some vacation reads…)
  • Favorite Food?
  • What’s your favorite paint color?

Why do you read my ramblings?

  • DIY ideas
  • Furniture re-dos
  • Recipes
  • Craft ideas
  • Photography
  • Decorating ideas
  • Ike. Don’t answer this.  I don’t think his head can get any bigger.

Anything that you’re dying to know about us? Our house?  I’ll answer any random questions that you may have for us (well, almost any question…).  Ask away!! 

I want to hear from all of you.  That includes you non-commenting lurkers, mom’s co-workers, second cousins once removed, friends of friends, etc.  All of you!  I’m nosey….


  1. Hello!
    My name is Romina, and I´m from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    I´m 32 years old, and I´ve been married since 2007 with the love of my life, Andres :)
    I work in my family bussines since ever!
    We own a beautiful Tudor house in the most amazing neighbourhood, Villa Devoto (yes, I think I am not objetive ;)
    We have too Pugs, Atilio and Simona. And we love them so much... all our friend make fun of us because that!
    I love Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King! in fact, the mayor reason why I started to studyng english is because I really want to read them in english.
    Colors? mmmm. I love them all! but lately, I´m with the cold color (green, blue, teal...).

    I don´t remember how I get here, but I realy love your blog, your dog and your house!
    I´ts good for me read and (try to) write in english, because I think is the best way to learn it. So, people, be nice with my mistakes :)

    And if you think thar I write to long, you don´t have an idea how much I can write in spanish!


  2. first of all i love your blog because you and ike are both adorable. and i love the decor projects and your style.. ok now let's talk about me! :)
    i am about to turn 33...currently residing in severna park, md but grew up in new england. imarried since '03 with 2 kids, and 2 dogs. bills. ick. my husband pays those. with money i guess. ;) dream job- i wanted to be a star when i was a kid. now i have no interest in being famous, but am hoping to become a shopowner someday, maybe soon.
    we own our home. but we are putting it on the market tuesday and hope to own a better home. tv- love me some american idol, but i also love fringe and house. and of course househunters- i can't get enough of that show! my fave all time movie is love actually and my fave alltime book is the lovely bones, but i highly recommend anything by jodi picoult or kristin hannah. favorite food...right now it's chobani raspberry greek yogurt! and my fave paint color... i always am attracted to the sea glass colors and grays.

  3. I don't think I need to tell you about me. How about some embarrassing Nate stories instead? But you probably know all the good ones anyway :oP

    I will have a new front door picture for you within the next 2 days, plus I'm hoping to finish the last project for Natalie's room, so you can see how the table looks! So there is 2 days worth of blog posts for you.

  4. Hi! I'm Emily and I'm 25 (26 in a few weeks....) and I live in Columbus, Ohio. (Does anyone else feel like we're at some sort of addiction meeting? Maybe redecorating annonymous?!) I'm a teacher [currently waiting on a new contract for next year still]. I have two furbabies and they are TOTALLY spoiled! My husband and I have lived in our house for 6 years now and it still isn't even close to where I want it! My favorite paint colors are neutrals (shocker)...I love colors that are in between gray and tan. I also love blues. I love The Office. Favorite author right now is Harlan Coben. For vacay, I recommend The Help if you haven't read it yet!
    I love reading your blog to see photos of your house and DIY projects! Not to mention your cute pup, I'm a sucker for dogs :)
    Playground Duty

  5. I hear you loud and clear! It's been a rough writing week for me, too. I think it's vacation on the brain!

    I'm Cindy. I live in Minnesota but Seattle is my home. I'm 24, own our house (well, you know, 20% of it...) and I pay the bills with a project management job in the IT field. My dream job? Owning our own property management company and owning rental properties all over the country.

    I have three babies, all of the four-footed variety. Two English Springers and one lop-eared rabbit. I hardly ever watch TV, but if I'm home at 9pm on Mondays I definitely have Castle on! Favorite movie is Sweet Home Alabama.

    I'm a geek, so my favorite books are usually business or finance related. Some good reads - The Millionaire Next Door, Tipping Point, Linchpin and Smart Couples Finish Rich.

    I read your blog because I'm in love with your decorating style, you're a dog lover and I love seeing what you're doing with your gorgeous house. And your furniture redos because I'm currently lacking the courage to jump in and tackle a piece of furniture. : )

  6. I think I've only commented on your blog a handful of times, as you probably already know I'm a new-ish reader of yours and usually I don't comment on blogs since a lot of them are blocked at work. I just read them via google-rss feed. Either way, I decided to answer some of your questions! :)

    I'm from Canada - grew up in Newfoundland, moved to Ontario 5 years ago to move with my Boyfriend. We do pay our own bills, mostly online. I half-have my dream job: I'm a Graphic Designer and do Marketing for the company I work for. I'm really interested in Social Media lately though.

    We have a 1 year old Pomeranian who's got a little dog syndrome attitude which can be frustrating at times, lol. We rent our apartment. It's too small. The Boyf won't buy a house! He's talking about the bubble...

    Fav paint color - that's a good one. Right now it has to be very light grey. A true grey, nothing with blue in it.

    I read your blog because I love your style regarding decorating! I love blogs like that :)

  7. I'm Jen and I am from San Diego, CA. I am 35 and I pay most of the bills. I work as a scientific curator and I love it. It might be my dream job.
    We rent and are looking for a house of our own to share with our standard poodle.
    I enjoy watching 30 Rock and I have too many favorite movies to name only one. I am really enjoying Gail Collins book on the history of woman's rights. My favorite food is cheese.
    I read your blog for decorating and diy ideas. I also love the photos of your dog. So cute!

  8. Fun idea.

    I'm 30-something from Salt Lake City. I'm a consultant - I probably do have my dream job, even if I didn't know enough to dream of it while I was studying. I'a happy homeowner (soon to two houses - gulp!) I have a fur baby - but she lives mostly with my folks thanks to my travel schedule. My fav TV show (this is embarrassing) is The Vampire Diaries, such a guilty pleasure. My favorite vacation read is anything from the Janet Evonavitch Stephanie Plumb series - pure escapism. My favorite food is probably yogurt - how exciting.

    I love your blog - I always get great home ideas - and you make me think I could actually get into the DYI stuff!

    I'm currently contemplating some furniture painting - scary, but I can't wait to give it a try.

  9. Hello! My name is Emily-Claire and I am from Raleigh, North Carolina. I'm 24 and I am working to become a photo stylist. My husband is the love of my life (okay... he's tied with my dog).
    We rescued a wire fox terrier/jack russell terrier mix a few months ago and she has been such an entertaining addition to the family. I have chuckled many times while reading your blog because I notice similarities between our Yui and your Ike in personality.
    I just adore your blog and catching up on your lovely family. Your house is such an inspiration to me. We are in an apartment right now, but I have decorated it to the max! I cannot wait to be able to personalize everything like you have. Your taste is impeccable!
    I look forward to seeing your future posts and please know that you have many admirers out there! You rock! :)

  10. Oh my goodness! I always blank at the "tell me about yourself" posts! It's part of why I never did one! I rarely even fill out other people's unless there are specifc questions! But here goes!

    I'm Cait, from North Florida. I'm 24. I work at a sports merchandising company putting products on their website, but dream of working for myself doing something creative. (Maybe selling art, designing spaces for people, building things. Who knows.) My husband, Robert, and I own our house, and share it with our two furry (dog) kids.

    Current favorite tv shows include Criminal Minds, How I Met Your Mother, Parenthood and... I forget what else (d'oh). Favorite book... I haven't had much time to read recently, but I love the Time Traveler's Wife, The Lovely Bones and almost anything by Jodi Picoult.

    I LOVE pasta. Especially if it's covered in some sort of cheesy alfredo-y sauce. I'm currently craving a burger from 5 Guys, though. And cream cheese eggrolls.

    Favorite paint color... I'm still mourning the loss of Valspar's Seaside Retreat line (which is pretty much what my entire house was painted with). I'm on a light icy blue and tan kick recently. (Summer Sorbet, whyyyy did you have to leave me?!) I have some paint chips that are similar, one of which is called Sea Glass. I think.

    Why do I read your blog? All of the reasons mentioned :)

  11. I love your blog!! Because I think your home is gorgeous......I stumbled upon the world of decorating blogs after I banned myself from "The Real Houseladies, or whatever it is called..." franchises!!! I was wasting so much time on those tv shows, decorating blogs are so much more fun, I think anyway! I live in michigan and I just shipped my 3rd son off to college(boohoo) and I still have 2 little ones at home, 8 and 10. I love your DIY ideas and you are very inspiring!!!!

  12. My name is Erika! I'm from Eastern NC. I'm 20, newly engaged, and living with my fiancee and our many pets. We pay our bills mostly thanks to C being in the National Guard, but I also work in a local art shop while going to university [as an art student!]/ We rent our house, but instead of gifts at our wedding, we're asking for donations towards a down payment on a house. I don't want to have kids for another 5-10 years, but we do have fur bebbies - two cats, Missy and Luna, eight sugar gliders, Pixie & Dust, Appa & Momo, Yuki & Han-Han, and Thomas O'Malley and Duchess. And I have a betta fish, Oliver.
    I like watching House, Doctor Who, Glee, Pretty Little Liars, Grey's Anatomy, Naruto, the Vampire Diaries, and a few others. Loved Howl's Moving Castle and Moulin Rouge. If you can deal with graphic stories, you should totally look into the FLIGHT series - start with volume 1, but understand that it's not til volume 3 that it gets AMAZING. I love sushi and chicken/shrimp alfredo. And steak. Med Rare.

    I read your ramblings cause it's fun! And all the reasons listed [including Ike *pats puppy on head*]

  13. Hiii! I'm Vee, 27, Texan who transplanted to PA ~6 years ago. I'm in higher ed public relations. My husband and I live in a small town in a house we just bought with our two pit bulls, who are our whole furry world. As far as TV shows go, I love Big Bang Theory and In Plain Sight, but I try not to watch too much. I'm a voracious reader... proof:

    I love your blog - I need decorating ideas right now, since I'm a new homeowner! Oh, and the dog doesn't hurt. ;)

  14. Hi I'm Lisa.
    I just love your Blog and am very appreciative that you have commented on my new Blog. I must admit that I was initially intriqued by your blog because of the picture of Ike. Sounds silly I know, but you have a great marketing tool (is he getting paid with extra treats?)
    Your house is gorgeous and I'm having fun seeing what you come up with for it. I especially like that you built it yourself since my parents built our house when I was a kid and I can remember how exciting (and how much work)it was. I remember my parents saying that if your marriage can survive the house building process it can survive anything.
    I also like your Before and After and Projects tabs.
    In a nutshell I'm 42, married and have a 3 year old son. I've lived in the Seattle area since 1995, but I'm from the Sacramento area. I'm going to school to learn interior design, but I'm a mental health therapist by day. I've been having so much fun blogging and learning about all the great blogs our there about DIYing. Keep up the good work!!!!!

  15. Yeah for time off to work on projects!

    We're from Nebraska but live in Colorado. I'm 30-gulp - and it's great! We have two fur babies - 5 and 2 - both female boxers. I don't watch a ton of TV, but I'm in lovewith David Bromstad from ColorSplash. In the summer I could live on caprese salad - fresh mozarella, basil and tomato, yum!

    I read because your from Iowa (we midwesterners have to stick together!), you have a dog but no kids (yet - like us) and you do awesome stuff to your house (again, like us). and I think if we lived in the same city we'd be friends - so since we don't we can be blog friends instead!

    Enjoy the long weekend - I know I'll be working on some house stuff too!

  16. Hi, I'm Tonia from Heart and Haven. I live in Orange County, CA with my wonderful hubby and three kids (2 preschoolers & a teen). I also have 2 dogs (3 lb. yorkie & 5 lb. pomeranian) and 3 backyard chickens. Yes, I live in a suburb and have...backyard chickens! I will posting about this in an upcoming blog! (this might be "normal" in other parts of the country, but here in Orange County not so much...think RHOC...sad, but true)

    I'm 27 again, and I'm blessed to have my dream job of owning/managing rental properties (and LOVE it!). My hubby married me because I'm a financial genius ;-). He does all the cooking - it's a fair trade.

    I just finished reading "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years" by Donald Miller. Great book, I highly recommend!

    I read your blog because I appreciate your humorous writing style, great DIY projects, and yes...I'm a HUGE Ike fan! Seriously, have you thought of having him audition for doggy commercials? Or at least a tax write-off for his food as your blog's "mascot"? (see, my financial genius at work again, ha!)

    Where are you going on vacation? Take lots of pics! (I love to see them!)

  17. Grrr... I hate writer's block! I like everything about this blog, so I don't really have a favorite. You're always so funny! I am a sucker for before & after DIY project pics. I'll admit.

  18. Hi Michelle,
    I read your blog because I like all of your DIY projects and house tours (I'm a snoop like that ;)) But seriously, I love to see what other people do with their spaces and let that inspire my own. I like furniture re-dos and recipes as well. Also, Ike is completely adorable and makes me smile in seriously every picture. LOVE terriers!

    I'm April, I'm 24, and I live in Tempe, AZ (H-O-T!!) I'm a teacher by day (high school math at a private school), and a DIY-er and puppy belly scratcher by night. If I could do anything I think I'd be a freelance decorator, so popular that I could pick my own jobs. And maybe an event coordinator, I love details, and there's nothing so adorable as a perfectly planned wedding or party.

    My husband, Eric, and I own our home (almost outright, wahoo!), and b/c we live well within a mile of Arizona State University, as soon as it's paid off, it will become a rental property - hence the "no big time decorating splurges" rule we have. We don't have babies, and don't plan to, at least not for a long, Long, LONG while (if ever?? we're undecided). But we do have Ted, who is more than enough "baby" for the two of us!

    Favorite recent read was Tina Fey's "Bossypants." It. Was. Hilarious. Favorite all time book? I really like children's novels (Chronicles of Narnia, Little House on the Prairie series, Harry Potter, etc.), but my adult faves are Pride and Prejudice, and The Brothers Karamozov. Someone has to love Russian literature, right?

    I love all food equally. I LOVE to eat, and am learning to curb this passion as my metabolism slows -poo on adulthood! =( But I'm a carb-aholic, so give me some good chicken fingers, ranch, and sweet potato fries (with a giant side of bread & butter), and I'm a happy girl.

    And as for paint color.... for walls? tan or grey. BORING, I know! But it's easier to change a pillow than paint a wall, right? I love some pistachio green though. I have some on the wall in my kitchen and I'm glad I did such a bold color, since my cabinets are white. I also really like yellows, but not on entire walls. Maybe I'll get around to stenciling something yellow on the grey walls in our guest bathroom someday. =)

    Holy longest comment ever! I want YOU to answer all of these questions about you in a blog post! =) And add in some pictures of Ike, just because I can't stand it, he's so cute. And maybe you could also answer: What are your favorite parts about blogging? Why did you start one? What keeps you going? Etc. Fun post!!

  19. Hi, my name is Carrie and i'm experiencing writer's block trying to come up with a witty comment :(
    Seriously, I read your blog because I admire your style. Plus, you are really funny!
    I have 2 furbabies, a fabulous husband, and I pay the bills as a business analyst for a bank. I have too many favorite books to count, but the last book I read that I really enjoyed was Unbroken by Lauren Hillenbrand. This surprised me because it is about war and survival and I usually read books about love and rainbows.

  20. Hi! I'm Lyndsay...but you already know that :)
    I am 24, 25 in a couple weeks. We pay our bills with two full time jobs. I am a sales director for a luxury wedding venue, and my dear husband is a sales rep for a wine distributor. This is going to sound cliche, but my dream job would be to stay home with kids eventually...perhaps to do photography on the side. We have "owned" (in quotes because the bank really owns it haha) our house for 18 months now. i think we own maybe 2%? LOL.
    Just furbabies for now, 2 orange kitties.
    Fav TV shows include The Office, Bones, Law & Order, Top Chef, Modern Family, and House.
    I honestly can't choose a favorite food...maybe a tie between pasta, bread, and cheese?
    I can't get enough of grey paint at the moment!
    I read your blog because you are so relateable! (relatable?) and because i love your projects and your beautiful house :)

  21. Well, let's see, I'm a 30 year old mom to 4 ( two hairballs, and two of the human kind :). All keep me on my toes. My DH pays the bills. Moved from south Florida to Houston, Tx, and from there to our current home in Dallas. We own our home, but it's not our forever home, as I have an urge to move to New England some day. I absolutely love your pictures of Ike, he reminds me so much of my little mischievous miniature schnauzer Charlie. I found your blog by looking up for photoshop tutorials, and saw the picture you made of Ike for your dining room...loved it. I love all neutral colors, so much easier on the eyes. I love your home, especially your floors, which by the way, are they hardwood or laminate, and how do you keep them from being scratched? Whew..that's it from me ;)

  22. Well, I must be your oldest reader! I'm 53 and I found your blog linked to someone elses and was attracted because I LOVE dogs!

    I married my high school sweetheart 33 years ago and our son it getting married in a few weeks and our daughter is nearly through with her BofN for Nursing School. Our nest has been empty for a few years.

    But we LOVE dogs, and we have two doxies. And I enjoy reading decorating blogs. For most of the years I was raising our kids, I also ran a home daycare so I didn't pay much attention to how our home was decorated. I figured if it was clean, all was good!

    But now, I want it to be I'm always looking at blogs for ideas. I love seeing your beautiful pup! And your home is lovely..

  23. Hi! I'm Lindsay, nice to meet ya. Let's see - I live in Los Angeles, just turned 33, I'm married, and we have the cutest cat ever (and no kids). I'm an aerospace engineer and the husband is a video game programmer, but ideally of course we'd be independently wealthy and not work AT ALL! We bought our first house a couple years ago and I read your blog for more ideas for it. :)

    Plus, FINE, I'm mostly a cat person, but I love dogs too. hee!

    The only TV show I reliably remember to watch is Grey's Anatomy (I KNOW it's a bad show, I just can't help myself!). And as for books, I just finished the last book in the Millenium trilogy (it's the series that starts with the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). I'd highly recommend it if you haven't read it, though it takes a while to get into the first one due to some seriously confusing Swedish names.

  24. Hiya..I am Emma from Christchurch in New Zealand. I am 33 & live with my partner in a 100 year old workmans cottage (thats old for our country!)It has been a rental & we are just finishing off the bedrooms. I manage a Laura Ashley store so have lots of inspriation around me. I have Ruby the tabby cat who has to be part of everything we do...I have just discovered blogs & also Pinterest!
    Love reading & Lovely Bones would be my fave. Really like the style of your home...looks old but is new..esp love the kitchen!
    Thats about it!

  25. I read yesterday morning and meant to come back and comment, but the day got away from me.

    I'm originally from Rockville, MD, but in the past 6 years, I've lived in Castleton, VT, Providence, RI and now the eastern panhandle of West Virginia.

    I just turned 26 on Tuesday. I am employed as a full-time therapist and have a part-time gig as a foster care social worker. I have no idea what my dream job is...I keep getting more degrees trying to figure that out -- maybe one day I'll land on it :)

    My partner and I just bought our first house - a little rancher on almost 3 acres in the country, we love it!

    We have three fur babies, all cats. I'd love a dog, but the cats won't have it. I'll just keep dreaming.

    I don't get to watch much TV, but when I do, I love Modern Family and Glee. Things like Criminal Minds, Law & Order: SVU and NCIS also tend to hold my attention when they're on. My favorite movie is Crash (from a couple years ago).

    As far as books go, I don't get much time to read, but I love memoirs. One of my favorites is Electroboy by Andy Behrman.

    My favorite food is pasta and cheese - bonus if they're combined!

    I love green paint - all my rooms would be different shades of green if given the opportunity. Fortunately, my partner keeps me in check, so we have a good variety of colors in the house.

    I don't actually remember how I started following your blog, but I love your style and seeing your different decor projects.

  26. About Gloria:

    Where are you from?
    Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. It's right outside of Tulsa and might as well be Tulsa.

    How old are you?
    I'm 23. Sometimes I feel like I'm too young to own a house or be married or have my own 401k, like I'm pretending all of this or that its just one superfun, long sleepover. Then I pinch myself, this is your life! Awesome!

    How do you pay your bills? Or do you? What’s your dream job?
    I'm a graphic designer for a hearing aid manufacturer, I handle all of the print work and am currently learning more about the web so I can branch out to that. My dream job is to BE Martha Stewart or own an empire. I love EVERYTHING creative, its so hard to settle for JUST graphic design, or interiors, or painting, or photography, or cooking. I want it ALL.

    Do you rent? Own?
    I own 6.7% of my house! Hurrah!

    Do you have babies? Fur or human.
    I don't have any real babies, but I can't wait for the day until we are in a place to say okay let's do this shizz. I have two dogs, and after cleaning up that bathroom yesterday, can't decide if they are my babies or not.

    Favorite TV show? Movie?
    X-files, anything on Sci-fi. I'll seriously watch ANYTHING.

    Favorite Book?
    Well, I just finished reading Professional Idiot (steve-o's book) what does that say about me?

    Favorite Food?
    Chips and Salsa. No contest.

    What’s your favorite paint color?
    Greens and blues!

    Why do you read my ramblings?
    Because you're an actual person with a gorgeous home who takes pretty pictures and has a cute dog!

  27. I didn't have time to do this the other day, so I'll do it now!

    I'm from Western NY--rented for a while in Rochester, but now own a house that's across from a field and next to a lake. We love it.

    I just turned 25, and pay my bills by teaching 9th/10th graders about fun things like grammar and Romeo & Juliet. :)

    My dream job is the person who names paint colors. I'm not even lying. How much do they pay those people, anyway, to come up with stuff like "Timothy's Hay" and "Egg Yolk?" I want to be them.

    Two cat babies--but we do want kids as soon as Rick's student loans are paid off.

    We don't watch much TV, but we like Modern Family. I also have a soft spot for I Love Lucy. :)

    Ooh books....I'd recommend The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak! Or A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini (he also wrote The Kite Runner, which I liked, but not as much). Or 19 Minutes by Jodi Picoult! I couldn't put any of them down. :)

    I read your blog because you have a fun personality, your house is beautiful, and you talk about your dog like he's your baby. :)

  28. Ooh I'm late! And I've never done one of these, but I like yours so here goes nothing :)

    Where are you from? NJ.. raised directly across from Staten Island (which as a kid I thought was a distant land until I looked at a map..) now I live in the southern boonies

    How old are you? 27

    How do you pay your bills? I'm a data analyst

    What’s your dream job? To run my own business doing something creative, that's as far as I've gotten...

    Do you rent? Own? Own

    Do you have babies? 3 fur babies :)

    Favorite TV show? Movie? Dexter, HIMYM

    Favorite Book? A closed one? :)

    Favorite Food? Mexican anything.

    What’s your favorite paint color? I'm on a greige/white kick, and there's always the soothing blues

    Why do you read my ramblings? Because I like you and you have a nice house...

    ..and Ike. :)

  29. Hi Michelle! I'm Ashley, and my fiance and I are the non-commenting lurkers. I sat a few rows behind you for 3 years in pharm school :)

    We love your home (SO jealous of the amazing circular staircase) and checking out your new projects. We've been occupied with buying our first house (YAY!) and getting ready for our wedding in August so we haven't checked in for awhile (the reason for the late post).

    We bought our home 2 weeks ago, so we own about 3 pieces of siding and a couple shingles. I've been getting lots of inspiration which I hope will translate into doing at some point. Right now, we can't even decide on a paint color - but I lean towards cool colors and gray tones.

    I'm 27 years old and a pharmacist (duh) in the Twin Cities. Brandon is 29 and an engineer. He has a fur baby, Kali (chocolate lab), and I am the evil step-mother who is not used to having a fur baby.

    I've been doing books on tape while driving by Jane Green. Can't remember the titles but they are easy reads because I can drive and listen and still get the plot line. My all time favorite, however, is Gone with the Wind.

    We read your blog to get DIY inspiration and to admire your decorating and furniture rehab skills. And because your blog introduced me to west elm. And because house DIYing is much more fun than pushing pills.

  30. Hi! So, this post is old, but I felt like responding anyway! Hope you don't mind!

    My name is Whitney. My hubby and I live in New Hampshire (luckily right on the Mass border, not way up near Canada or anything).
    Just turned 26, woo! I pay all bills via the internet, love auto-pay. LOVE IT!
    We RENT and I hate it! I have actually planted the seed in my husbands head to buy, and now I just have to let it grow...and not strangle it with attention because I tend to get over-excited about things.
    We have one furry baby named Zoe. She's a Boxador and we looove her! :)
    We actually just got rid of our cable t.v. to motivate ourselves to get out of the house more... But I watch Top Gear obsessively still because it is on Netflix.
    Book...hmmm...Clan of the Cave Bear is probably my all time favorite.
    Artichokes! My husband doesn't understand this love, but I have always loved them. Now I want one.
    I do not have a favorite paint color yet because I refused to paint the house we are renting because I despise it.
    I read your blog because I love the creative ideas! You have actually inspired me to go out this weekend and find a thrift store chair to reupholster! So thank you! You are also just really amusing. This is a great blog!

  31. I'm an almost 37 year-old from a suburb of Atlanta, Ga. I married in April of this year and my husband and I share our home with six cats and a lizard. He bought the house before we married and like it or not, it's home now.

    Unfortunately, I mostly don't like it, especially the carpet. We are hoping the housing market in Atlanta will pick up soon so we can sell, but right now we're making small, inexpensive changes to make it more livable until we can sell. That's where your blog comes in, which I just found today.

    I'm a registered nurse and I work 12-hr night shifts in ICU. Luckily, that means I work three days each week, so that leaves plenty of time to plan and complete all our projects. Ha! If only it worked that way.

    I don't watch a lot of television, but I do enjoy Top Gear (both the original British and the new American versions) and lots of cooking shows. I like so many movies I don't think I could ever pick one. My favorite book is "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime" by Marcus Haddon. My favorite food is sushi! And my favorite color is most certainly green. I'm an avid cyclist. My big current project is planning our delayed honeymoon to Alaska, which will happen next summer.

    I'm also a hack amateur photographer, so I enjoy those posts as well. Whew! That's a lot of writing. I'm gonna go back to reading all the old posts now. :)


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