Monday, June 27, 2011

Front Entry/Stairwell

Happy Monday!  Is there such a thing?..unless you’re on vacation…

Today I am going to share with your our front entry.  I don’t think it has received a proper introduction on the ol’ blog…not that I can remember anyways…but I do have a short memory.  Wouldn’t you like me to be your pharmacist?

Let’s start the tour of our front entry…


This photo makes me laugh…it’s like an outtake from a Better Homes and Gardens magazine…one where the editors wouldn’t quite know what to do with my awkwardness.

Here’s the view from our front door once you step inside…


Straight ahead is our living room and staircase.  If you hang a right, you will be headed to our mudroom.  On the left is the dining room.  The floors were cleaned on Thursday night.  This photo was taken on Saturday.  Slobbery dog with dirty summer feet + wood floors = ewww.

Looking back, this is what you will see…


The rug is from Lowe’s.  The wreath is up from Christmas.  I haven’t felt the need to take it down…along with the snowflake on our living room shelves.  Christmas in July is coming right up….



An an aerial shot…from the walkway…


And here’s the view looking out the front door…Iowa missed the memo that it’s supposed to be hot and sunny during the end of June…


And look at the poor dog that was trapped in the office while I had the door open for photos…


There you have it!  Our front entry.  I’m linking up over at HOUSEography and Cottage and Vine…link up your front entry and I’ll be sure to check it out!!


  1. Your house is amazing!
    I love the stair, the wood floor... and all those windows!
    The blue color of the dinner room is spectacular!


  2. so grand and beautiful!!! i love it! maybe when i grow up i will have a grand entry, too!

  3. lol @ your comment about the BHG outtake photo of awkwardness. (Your outfit is adorable, though, by the way!) Have fun celebrating Christmas in July in your beautiful home :)

  4. fabulous home! love the layout :)

  5. Beautiful entry. I love that staircase and catwalk! Gorgeous!

  6. Your home is really amazing!!! The foyer welcomes you right in and then Pow, Wow, all your gorgeousness!!!! I love serenity of your colors, and that rug is perfect!!!!

  7. Just beautiful! Has the WOW factor. I heart your wood floors!

  8. Ha! A BHG outtake! Fabulous. I love your dress--that is so cute! You have such a beautiful home--I love the rug in the entryway, and I also like to leave Christmas items up year-round. I prefer to think of it as perpetual festivity rather than laziness.

  9. I loooove your house! I think you are just the cutest thing ever!

  10. Lovely! Those floors are seriously gorgeous, and I'm feeling much better about my Christmas stockings not having been packed away and still sitting on my washer. =) If I had an entry to link, I would, but my front door opens right into my family room. Oh 70's design, you rock.

  11. So pretty! I love the glass door that Ike is looking through. And your dress is super cute! Love the BH&G shot.

  12. Your house looks so cozy and inviting. I love all the architectual details. That floor is gorgeous (I couldn't tell that it was dirty).

  13. I love the 1st look like a modern 50's wife.
    And Ike looks like he just wants to run out the front door to play! (I know the kids look the same at times! lol)

    Beautiful house - it's nice seeing the spiral staircase post-construction.

  14. Looks fantastic Michelle!!! (PS- I don't see your link of HOUSEography. :( Just thought I'd let you know in case it's having a glitch.)

  15. Your house really is amazing! So beautiful! I forgot about the HOUSEography party today or else I would have linked mine up. If I want to now I have to "freshen" things up a bit and take a few pictures. My foyer has been looking a little boring lately but you have inspired me to do something with it! By the way, your comment on your first picture just cracked me up!

  16. love love love your grand entranceway! we have none :( our door opens into our living room/stairway. someday!

  17. Looks so bright and open. I'd love to have such a foyer in my house.
    Btw, we still have a wreath left up from Christmas too. It is hanging behind our front door. I'm pretending it is a year round decoration despite it being white and sparkly like snow.

  18. Where's Nate so you could have been Ward and June....LOL And, I believe last year I was harassed tremendously for having "Christmas in July" :) You, Nate and my Grand dog should be so proud of your beautiful home. Mom

  19. Your front door and home is exquisite! I really enjoy reading your blog.


  20. I love the ironwork in your home and the sidelights/window in the door are so fun!

    Visiting from HOUSEography :)

  21. So happy you shared your front entry with us, it is very grand! I love the staircase! Beautiful :)

  22. Your dog is adorable! Seriously what a cutie looking through the door. Thank you for sharing your beautiful entry with us!

  23. I love homes with such an open flow and yours has so much architectural interest, too. Love the curved staircase!

  24. Great entry! I especially love the shots that show the blue walls of your dining room!


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