Thursday, June 30, 2011

All About Us!

Thank you to everyone that shared a glimpse of their lives with us yesterday!  We loved hearing from those of you that don’t comment often…and those who do!  (Commenting wasn’t so bad. Was it?)  It’s nice to know who’s out there!  (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out yesterday’s post here.)

I had some requests that I answer these questions as well.  At first I was like, I write this thing.  You probably know everything about me. There’s an “About Us” tab at the top of the blog.  And then I realized I don’t share quite as much of our personal lives on here as I sometimes think I do.

So here it goes…more than you will ever want to know about us!  I’ll bullet them for scanning purposes…longest post EVER…

Where are you from?

  • We live in a small town about 10 minutes outside of Davenport, IA.  It’s the town Nate grew up in.  I’m originally from north central Iowa (near Fort Dodge). 

How old are you? Are you married, single, etc?

  • We’re both 29.  It stresses me out.  I’m afraid to turn 30.
  • We’re, obviously, married.  Since 2006.  The big 5 years this year!

How do you pay your bills? Or do you?  What’s your dream job?

  • I’m a pharmacist at a clinic for those in need.  Nate is an accountant at a small CPA firm.
  • My dream job is to own a book store where I will serve hot chocolate and smoothies….think Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail.  Nate asked me if I finished watching that movie.  For those of you who haven’t seen it (which you should…today), the book stores goes under.  He’s such a dream crusher.
  • I’m guessing Nate’s dream job is to be a professional golfer.  Just a guess.  I’ll have to ask him.  He’s at work while I’m enjoying the start to my mini-staycation….mwah ha ha

Do you rent? Own?

  • We obviously own.  Like most of you, we probably own about 5% of the house.  We are working on paying off my student loans first and then the mortgage payment.  We did just refinance and decreased our mortgage from a 30 year mortgage to a 15 year.  Crazy to think we could own our home outright by the time we are 45..or hopefully sooner.

Do you have babies?  Fur or human.

  • You all know about our child…he’s enjoying the staycation as well (note the goes EVERYWHERE with him)…


  • I’m not hiding any human children.  Nate and I are unsure about the children thing.  Some days we think it might not be so bad…other days not so much.   We’ve got some time.  I think we’d prefer to have kids around 45.  Darn biological clocks.

Favorite TV show? Movie?

  • Our favorite TV shows include How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock, The Big Bang Theory, The Amazing Race, The Middle.  We really enjoyed Traffic Light but it’s been cancelled.  Why do they always do this to me??
  • I have trouble picking movies.  Nate is obsessed with Super Troopers.  Dumb.  I like girly stuff…and Elf.  Elf is my all time favorite.  I try to watch it at least 8 times (magic number) during Christmas.

Favorite Book?

  • Thanks for your recommendations!
  • I like to read.  I got a Kindle for Christmas.  I just discovered my Kindle App on my phone at a baseball game last night.  Dangerous.  I can read at a baseball game and no one thinks I’m that old lady weirdo reading her book.  Bonus.
  • I like light reads.  I spent 8 years reading text books.  I’ve done that “challenge myself” thing.  I recently finished Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and Heaven is For Real.  Enjoyed them all.  My favorites include The Help, Marley and Me, and Charlotte’s Web. 

Favorite Food?

  • Sugar.

Favorite Paint Color?

  • I really like blues.  Blues can be hard.  I really want to paint our kitchen blue.  Nate thinks I’m out of control.

Answers to Other Questions You Asked:

  • Why did we decide to build?  Post coming soon!
  • Where are we going on vacation?  We are headed to Lake Michigan with Nate’s family for a week!
  • Are your floors hardwood or laminate, and how do you keep them from being scratched?  They are hardwood.  Brazilian Cherry.  How do we keep them from being scratched? We don’t.  Overall the cherry is a pretty hard wood but after 2 1/2 years of living here, we are accumulating some scratches…from the dog flying down the stairs 1 million mph or dropping things. We call it “giving the house character”.  That dent on the floor in the kitchen will always remind to hang my curtains high and wide because the dent occurred while Nate was re-hanging them.  Good husband.
  • Tell us about Ike.  Where to start.  I tell people I love him like he came from my uterus (too graphic?).  We got him from a breeder in northwest Iowa 4 1/2 years ago.  He’s full of energy.  He’s loves EVERYTHING…especially walks, Wubbas, bones, other dogs, and sleeping in the bed.  He’s our shadow.  Everyone we go, he is there.  Best. Dog. Ever.
  • What are your favorite parts about blogging? Why did you start one? What keeps you going?   
    • I think I started writing a blog because I wanted to share with others what we have learned along the way.  We are not experts.  Our house doesn’t have the most expensive finishes. We have no formal training in design. I don’t want to preach to you about how you should decorate your home in a specific way and the only way to do that is just like us.  Your home should be filled with colors and things that you love.  Period.
    • I also kept getting annoyed with blogs stating that they decorate on a budget.  Yes, that pillow you purchased was only $20 but I see 5 of them on your couch.  If my math is right, that’s $100 on pillows. Pillows.  You can make a cover for about $3.   
    • My favorite parts of blogging?  You all.  Seriously.  Most of my “real life” have friends have zero to no interest in decorating and design.  It consumes my thoughts and it’s nice to have people to share that with.  I’ve also enjoyed writing again.  I’ve always liked to write…and so I go into a professional field of math and science.  Smart girl.
    • What keeps me going?  You all….and the never-ending thoughts of projects floating in my brain.


  1. I think you are a lovely family. I feel like we are friends even though we have never met. Thank you for your charming blog!

  2. My dream job is to own a book store too! I just decided this recently while on vacation. We stopped by this small bookstore to pick up something for me to read and it was SO cute! He sold new books in the front and "gently borrowed" in the back. I think I want to serve coffee and smoothies at mine and definitely take my dog(s) to work every day, too. I will have a couch so I can read when there aren't any customers. Haha, obviously I haven't thought too far into this dream....

  3. Oh I didn't fill out the questions yesterday! I'll go do that after this comment.

    I'm so glad you did this post, it's nice to get to know the people behind my favorite homes! I laughed when you talked about painting the kitchen blue and him thinking you're out of control. No, out of control would be waking up at 2 in the morning and deciding to start painting the kitchen. That give me a stellar idea, 24 hour paint and hardware store! I'll make millions!

  4. This blog thing is realy strange... Sometimes talking with my husband I realized that I´m talking about people that I don´t know in person, but I read their blogs every day, so, is like if I know them.
    I can´t explain better in english, I hope you understand me! haha

    I loved to know more about you and your family! specialy Ike, because I´m a pet lover :)

    You are young, you don´t need to think about have or not childrens right know!
    But... another dog? maybe a female one? Ike is going to love her! but, is a little hard share the love with another female. Since Atilio has Simona at home, our relation have never been the same :)

  5. Thanks for sharing with us! Love me some Elf! I watch it all year long and a disgusting number of times at Christmas. And HIMYM is great - it's where Ted got his name. Now we can say to new people... "Haaaaaave you met Ted??" =)

  6. Elf is the best movie EVERRRR. I used to work at Family Video and would start playing it from like August until after christmas. customers would know when i was working because Elf was on when i was there.
    Something borrowed and Something Blue are both really good, quick reads, i loved them.
    I am addicted to books and reading. Do you have an account on Goodreads? If so we should be friends on there and compare books! :)
    Im a fur mommy too btw, no kids for me (yet anyway) your doggy is a cutie!! :)

  7. "I tell people I love him like he came from my uterus"

    I say the exact same thing about my dogs!! Like, almost to the word, though I think I usually say womb. Too funny. =)

    I'm almost positive that if I could reasonably (or if I thought I could reasonably) wait until I was 45 to have kids, I'd be more sure about it. Though that would put my darling husband at 51, and I think he'd say NO NO NO!

  8. What a fun and entertaining post. I enjoyed getting to know you better.

  9. I haven't read Marley and Me, but I watched that movie, and this is completely embarrassing so I don't know why I'm even saying this, but I bawled throughout the entire. thing. Like uncontrollably. More than I've EVER cried during a movie. We had to pause it about 18 times so I could blow my nose.

    And that is my proof that I ALSO love my pets as though they came from my uterus. :) (LOL, by the way.)

  10. I love this survey idea, I may have to "borrow" it. Okay I'd be stealing... :)

  11. It's great to find out a bit more about you. I am 36... believe me turning 30 is no big deal.

  12. I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about you! I must let you know that after seeing the poster child for Wubba addiction (Ike), we decided to get one for our Yui and she loves it! Thank you for the recommendation, Ike! :)

  13. It's nice to hear more about you. I enjoy reading your blog---especially the looking back at your house building posts. It gets me sooo excited for spring when we start our build!

    P.S. Ike is a cutie patootie! I have no doubt him and my furbb Scout would be bff!

  14. love this! so happy to have linked up after you over at the mustard ceiling - really loving your blog! ox

  15. Awww your dog is sooo cute and I love your home. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to try the dog art with my poodle.

  16. I just stumbled upon your site and somehow ended up on this post... from 2011. Either way it had me smiling and laughing out loud. We actually have a lot in common, if in common means my husband is a pharmacist. I mean it's okay if I live vicariously through him right? Then to add to that, my brother and sister-in-law live in Ankeny. I can also connect with you by the fact that they live in Iowa and I don't right? :) Your TV show choices are top notch, reading is one of my favorite things to do and I also just discovered the kindle on my phone. It's fantastic. So I won't continue on and on about every little detail that made me smile and feel "connected" to your blog but I'm really looking forward to reading more!

    P.S. I live in Michigan so where on Lake Michigan did you end up vacationing?


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