Monday, June 6, 2011

Dirt, Mulch, and Paint

Yesterday I spent the day covered in dirt, mulch, and paint.  Pretty.

Which would explain why you don’t see many posts like this on the ol’ blog.

We did some major clean-up in our yard.  It needed a good weeding, new annuals, and fresh mulch.

I planted red geraniums in pots from Crate and Barrel (2 seasons ago)….


Petunias line the walk-way to the front door.  We love petunias because as long as we water them, they grow.  Easy enough.  I’ve learned to plant them sparingly because they quickly take over.

005 004

All of the flower beds/island received a fresh coat of mulch…




Now we’re all set for summer…


We still need to purchase some plants for the back side of the house.  The area is morning sun/shade and we do have deer in our back yard that think our plants are a good midnight snack.  We get very indecisive every time we step into Lowe’s and end up walking away empty handed.

Does anyone have any favorite shade plants?  Suggest away!! 

What’s your favorite annual? Perennial? Petunias and hydrangeas are at the top of my list!!

As for the paint, I’ll hopefully share that with you tomorrow!

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  1. your home looks beautiful! i love the color!

  2. I'm a huge fan of hydrangeas...I was 100% positive I killed our brand new ones and they still came back! Super impressive.

  3. We are planting our hydrangeas this week! I am loving the new banner! Awesome!!

  4. I wish I had followed your example and did something similar in my yard this weekend - yours looks amazing.

  5. Nice work!! Our yard desperately needs some help...and fresh mulch. And plants. But my dogs eat them!! Seriously, Shalai will wait until a flower blooms and then she'll eat it right off the stem. They also love to keep my ornamental grasses to a measly 5". Darn dogs....

  6. Looks great! It's amazing how a fresh mulch job can make things look so clean and finished. Of course, I wouldn't know since we don't have a lick of landscaping. :) Hoping to change that soon though. I'm having a hard time being patient...

  7. I love flowers, but know nothing about how to take care of them, so I'm no help. I do think that begonias are sun/shade flowers, though, and I absolutely love them. We went shopping for hanging baskets a couple weekends ago and left empty-handed, too, because we were overwhelmed!

  8. Paint and mulch. Sounds like the way we spent our weekend :)
    Your yard is looking great!
    As for shade plants hostas and bleeding hearts are my favorites. I think they are pretty indestructible too.

  9. i love your curb appeal! i really don't know many shade loving plants...

    i love my hydrangeas and peonies. they are my favs :)

  10. That was a lotta mulch! You go girl!
    Hostas are a fav, impatience are great in shade. We have limited annuals as the perenials are finally taking over!

  11. Getting the yard in shape for summer is so time consuming, but so worth it. Yours looks beautiful. If you're like me you probably hesitate for a second every time you pull out of the driveway so you can admire your hard work.

    I'm big on using hostas in shady areas. They grow and spread quickly so you can separate them and have new plants to use in other areas of your yard.

  12. oh, the yard looks sooooo good! I have tons and tons of plant suggestions, so if you need a thorough list, let me know. BUT, some of my favorites (that can tolerate shade) are Coleus Saturn, Hosta, Sweet Pea Bush, Mexican Petunias, Day Lillies, Liriope... and many more!!! And ALL of those are perennials. I'm just not into the annual thing... maybe it's laziness, but I just don't want to have to replant every year.

    Good luck! Can't wait to see pics!

  13. Looks great!! Thanks for linking up to my house tour party!!


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