Monday, May 16, 2011

Chevron + Junk Chair = LOVE

Remember this chair that I bought over a month ago (if not, read about it here)…

April 2011 049

I finally worked up enough courage to reupholster it….




I whipped up a little polka dot pillow to be the chair’s friend.  Speaking of friends, my sewing machine and I are currently on good terms.  Let’s not go screwing that up Mr. Sewing Machine…


And here is the chair living happily in our guest bedroom (sans the polka dot pillow).  The chair is replacing the big hunking dresser that used to live in that corner.  Removing the dresser was a good decision (it’s going to live with my brother).  It opened up the room a lot.


Tomorrow I will show you how I reupholstered this chair. 

Stop by on Wednesday for a few more updates to this room!

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  1. Looks great! Love the fabric! Looking forward to the tutorial.

  2. Love. You know how I feel about grey & yelloe PB & J. Meant for each other, lol! Love the nail head detail. Can't wait for the tutorial! Looks amazing as always!

  3. Great job! So pretty! Cant wait for the tutorial.

  4. so awesome!!! i love the colors! and who doesn't love chevron? it looks amazing.

  5. I am in love with your new colours!

  6. This looks awesome! I can't wait to see the tutorial. I'm totally intimidated but I wanna try it. Love the pattern you chose.

  7. Beautiful chair!!! Can't wait to see how you did it!

    I am officially a new follower, can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve! We are in the process of decorating a new construction home too so I can't wait to share ideas!

    Have a great day!

  8. That looks amazing! Love the yellow chevron!!

  9. That looks amazing! Love the yellow chevron!!

  10. Holy cow, that looks amazing! I love the yellow chevron and I just ordered some of that to make pillows. So bright and cheerful. Great job!

  11. Love the redone chair and the bright pop of yellow the chair adds to the room!
    Dee Dee

  12. ooooooooooooooo! I Love, LOve, LoVE, LOVE IT!

  13. I am reupholstering a chair at the moment, too, and considering the same fabic!

    yours turned out awesome, good inspiration to lean towards that fabric among the 3 swatches i can't decide between.

  14. omg i love love love this fabric!! my hubby had to come look at the computer because i said "WOW!" out loud when i scrolled down!

    Amazing...i'm scared of reupholstering, i can't wait to read about how you did it.

  15. soooooo in LOVE! NICE JOB!!! Chevron needs to enter my life stat... LOL

  16. I am not a yellow fan but I LOVE that chair!! Nice work friend! Will I get a tour of the house when I return to the motherland in September?

  17. I am soooooo impressed! It looks fabulous!

  18. Cute! Looking at it just makes me happy :)

  19. I love this chair! I am using this chevron pattern in my craft room. Can I just have this chair J/K!


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