Friday, May 13, 2011

A Stroll Down Memory Lane-Foundation

Let’s take another stroll down memory lane and check out where we were on our house building process 3 years ago.  (Check out our 1st memory trip post here.)

3 Years Ago This Week: We had a foundation..finally.  It seemed like it rained for weeks which delayed the progress of the house by 3-4 weeks.  This was the theme for the entire building process.  Seeing the foundation poured was a VERY exciting step.

The two black pipes running outside of the foundation are for the drainage tile that is around the outside and inside of the walls.  The two black pipes sticking up out of the floor are for the geothermal that was installed under the foundation before the concrete was poured. 

I was really confused at this point of house building.  I did not understand how a family room, guest bedroom, guest bathroom, and storage room were all going to fit into this space.  It seemed way too small. I’m obviously lacking some spatial skills because it all fit.

We also had the start of the garage….super exciting…

Nate and I argued over a 3 car garage.  I thought it was a waste of space because we only had 2 cars.  He insisted that all houses being built in 2008 had 3 car garages.  I obviously lost this round but after seeing how much crap useful stuff we have in that 3rd spot….he may have been right.  Uggg.  The second time this week I’ve had to say that.  Painful.

There you have it.  Our house 3 years ago this week.

I’ll try to post an update each week.  It’s a good way for Nate and I to document the building process.  We’re having a little trouble remembering the details and it’s only been 3 years…can’t imagine how little we’ll remember by 10 years if we don’t write it down….we might be crazy enough to do it all again if I don’t get the entire painful rewarding process written down.

Do you have any questions about our house building process? What’s your opinion on the appropriate number of garage stalls?


  1. I would have argued for 2 - but having been in my house for a few years - I'd LOVE to have a 3 car garage - not for a car - but for the stuff!

  2. Can't wait to see more of these posts as we are in the very early stages of this MAYBEWEARECRAZY process!!

  3. One garage for storage sounds perfect to me, too. We are always struggling with where to put stuff.

  4. About how long does it take to build a house from scratch? I could barely stand the 4 week wait it took to close on our current house, I can only imagine how antsy you must have been to move into yours :)

  5. My husband and I built our house. We have lived in it for 1 1/2 years now. We built 3 car garage and I have never regretted it. We have a daughter getting ready to drive. Plus a friend of ours went to sell his home to relocate and the realtor explained how having only a 2 car garage was going to hurt his number of prospective buyers because the norm in todays society is 3+ garages. Loved seeing th pictures I have picture documenting the building of our home as well. It was very long year for us!

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