Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wanted: A Chef

It's tax season.  That means Nate is slaving away at the office and I am without a chef. Sad.

I hate cooking.  I get bored. 

I try to improvise when I can't. (Ex: You can't substitute water for milk in Kraft mac&cheese.)

I undercook/overcook things. (Ex: A panful of brownies that can be picked up by a fork stuck in the middle.)

So what do I eat during tax season?  Usually grilled cheese or waffles or Dora spaghettios.

This week it was apples and Banana Chocolate Chip loaf.  I'm sure all of the food groups are in there somewhere....

This bread is fantastic.  It's all I wanted to eat.  It's about all I did eat.
Do notice how it is sunk in the middle though because I failed to cook it long enough.
I told you.

I stole borrowed the recipe from here.  I originally found it at

Who has some quick and easy recipes that might be a little better for me? And when I say quick and easy...I mean under 20 minutes...that's my attention span...shorter than a gerbil's....


  1. Quesadillas! Buy chicken meat in the deli section by the lunchmeat (I think it's Oscar Mayer...we get the grilled kind - it's pretty much just like the chicken used to make my mom's enchiladas except not frozen), put a tortilla in a pan (I don't even butter/spray it, but you can), add shredded cheese to half, add chicken, add a little more cheese (we like cheese...), fold tortilla in half, cook until browned, then flip. Easy peasy and tasty!

  2. I've been on my own during the week and find it hard not to cook for two and have tons of food left over. I get a couple chicken breast. marinate them over night in a plastic bag( I make a olive oil, greek seasoning, lemon juice, garlic salt marinade measuring how over I choose) I will cook one on the foreman grill (make fun of me all you want, but it's amazing to have the thing when there is only one person and you are in a time crunch) and then I get the uncle ben's rice that cooks in bag for 90 sec in microwave, and they have steamed flavored vegetables for one in the freezer section that go in the microwave too. and ta-daaa, dinner is done in less than 10 min., no joke. if you don't have a foreman grill this doesn't help much. I'm not much of a microwave/freezer section person but those two items I have found to be life savers when I'm super lazy!


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