Sunday, February 6, 2011

Curtain Dilemma

Why are there not more grey curtain options in the world?  Why do I always like expensive things?

Here are my current options but they will probably change by tomorrow night...

A. West Elm's Luxe Window Panel in Zinc
                                 Pros: least expensive
                                 Cons: unsure what color zinc actually looks like

B. West Elm's Opaque Linen Pole-Pocket Panel in Platinum
                               Pros: still in my comfort price range
                               Cons: thicker than I want and maybe too brown-grey

C. West Elm's Silk Dupioni Panel in Pewter
                               Pros: Beautiful and I'm in love
                               Cons: Would take 1/2 of my monthly decorating "allowance"

What are your thoughts? I want a blue-grey and not brown-grey. 

I need an intervention...


  1. Well, it's hard to say lady. You may end up having order all of them and see. I think I like A and C most but A seems kind of purpley. I don't know. On a different note, I may have some recipes for you. Remind me....are you much of a chicken, turkey, red meat fun? I can't remember if you like one more than the other.

  2. I think A looks a little more sheer? Are these for your bedroom? Maybe it's just the light in that picture. I LOVE C. But, I also have extremely good taste :o) (aka. too expensive) But, if you love them, then get them. I have decided to stop buying things that I don't really love because it seems like I waste too much money buying one thing and then buying something new later.

  3. I'm loving C too! But A, also, offers the sheer looks that C does so if your house has a lot of natural light, you may possible get the same effect as C but save $$$ too!

    Ah! I love the Intervention episode!!! :D

  4. A ALL THE WAY! I bought something similar from West Elm last season, put them in my bedroom which has floor to ceiling windows. I love it, just the right amount of light and privacy. How are you planning on hanging yours? Do you have hardware picked out? I got what I needed online at, has anyone else shopped there? It beats wandering aimlessly in Home Depot...that's all I have to say. Good luck, let us know which one you go with :)

  5. I finally made a decision...I'll post about it next week!! :)


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