Friday, February 25, 2011

House Tour- Guest Bedroom

The house tour now begins with the not-so-pretty in our house.

The guest room started like this….

June 003
and it stayed liked that for about a year and half. Oops!

We’ve slowly added stuff to the room and it currently looks like this…


It just doesn’t look like I want it to…luckily we haven’t had to spend a lot of money in here.
(I had to post the before picture so you can at least see that we're making progress.)

What don't I like?
  • I think the flowers are going to find a new home (after I made Nate put a screw in the wall to hold them…oops!)
  • The comforter looks messy…always.  It was the comforter we used in our master in our first house and I was happy to trade it in.  So, I think I’m on the look out for another one in here.  I’m thinking plain old white with a black bedskirt.
  • And that hunking tv……Nate and I are still battling over that tv.  Our compromise may be moving a smaller one from my sewing room in here. 
  • And I’m not digging the wall color in this room.  I like it in our living room but not here.
  • And….
After all of that babbling, the tour continues…

February11 156

I plan on adding a “gallery wall” of frames on the left wall.

Room info:
Wall color: Sherwin Williams Macademia
Headboard: Made it! (read about it here)
End tables: Salvation Army (read about them here )
Dresser: Hand me down (read about it here)
Mirrors: Salvation Army (read about them here)
Lamps: Target
Bedding: Fieldcrest something (Target) (We received it as a wedding gift.)
Wall Flowers: Pier 1 (gift)
Anything else: Ask!

What are your thoughts? 
  • on it? hate it? suggestions?
  • If you have been my guest/plan to be a guest….do you think the tv is important or is it just a giant eye sore?  Don’t worry, you won’t hurt my feelings...maybe Nate's..but not mine.
Have a great week-end and comment away!!!


  1. I actually really like the bedding on its own (I love red anything), but I'm not sure that I like it among everything else in the room. Not sure if that makes sense? I think that the headboard is really cool and white bedding would bring it out instead of competing against it.

    If it were my room (which it's totally not), I'd get white bedding (which I think is totally welcoming for guests anyhow) and paint the walls a pale blue-grey (Shocker! I paint everything a blue grey). I think that would make the room a show stopper.

    As for the television, if you have it, I say it should stay. I don't watch television much at all, and we don't have one in the bedroom. But, I know a lot of people who do and it's a nice little touch for guests. We're actually planning to add a television in the guest room of the new house for this very reason.

    Just my two (or five) cents. It's such a great transformation already.

  2. The macademia color is now dead to me. :P

    Thanks for the suggestions!


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