Saturday, December 1, 2012

Our Wish Lists 2012

Happy December!  I woke up super early this morning because a certain someone was snoring loudly.  I won’t name names but it wasn’t Ike or myself. Ahem.  I decided to work on my blog schedule.  I quickly realized that I have a lot to post about in the ol’ month of December.

Today starts 21 straight days of blog posts on Decor and the Dog. Maybe more. Whoa. Intense.  Be sure to check back daily to see what we’re up to.  A couple of days I will even post twice.  What can I say, the holidays bring out the best in ol’ Decor and the Dog!

Today we will be sharing our 2012 wish lists with you.  Our families are big on lists.  I don’t mind.  Maybe it’s just me but I really like looking at other people’s wish lists.  I’m always intrigued by what people want.  I also usually find some things to add to my own list.  These are just a few of the items on our lists that I thought you all might be interested in as well.  (You can view my full wish list here and Nate’s here!)


Kate Spade Earrings, Galaxy S3 Phone Cover, Kettlebell,
Donut Pan, Down Comforter, Hive Vase, Farmers Market Basket, Grey Dot TOMS

nate-2 copy

ASUS Monitor, Pneumatic Nailer, Camera Sling, Breaking Bad, Spyder4 Express, Portable Worklight

What’s on your wish list this season?  Do you like using lists or do you prefer a surprise?  Anyone else humored by the kettlebell by the donut pan?  Oh man, I need sleep.


  1. Oooh that sounds great! Looking forward to all your posts. I have a truck load of posts planned as well. Isn't December awesome!!

  2. You have to have the kettlebell to help with all the calories that come from the donuts. I make a list for my mom but I usually wonder why I bother since she rarely actually gets me anything from the list, Oh well.

  3. Oh man I am LOVING those earrings! We don't do lists so I always get candles and body lotions. (Scroogy pout.)

  4. What was up with husbands last night? I ended up creating a new blog header AND scheduling all my posts for December (for the first time, ever) last night since I wasn't able to sleep during such a sustained aural assault!

  5. I love wishlists. We always make them in our family. It makes it easier when shopping, plus the recipient doesn't get anything they don't like.

  6. my family is big on wish lists too but this year we are just picking a few things out for the house YAY!

    ps i think you have a thing for owls?

  7. You're killing me with the kettlebell as I sit on my couch eating an enormous amount of caramel popcorn.

  8. I am so jeal your family is big on lists. I'm big on lists, but family is so not. They need to listen! Haha.

  9. Great list! Love the hive vase!

    I wish my family was organized enough to do lists, I still don't know what the people whose names we drew want and they are pretty much all I have left to buy for.

  10. I enjoy your blog...It keeps me thinking young...haha...Maybe I can find something for my D.I.L.s on your list for Christmas.

  11. Good lists - I have that little market basket from Anthropologie. And that camera sling looks pretty slick.


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