Friday, November 23, 2012

Dare to DIY: Entertain

It’s time for the second challenge for the Dare to DIY

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The “dare” for Monday is to entertain.  DIY something for your table. This could be something from Thanksgiving table or a new Christmas look. Get creative and use things in new ways. Or go true DIY and make something totally new. Ideas include place mats, table runners, place cards or centerpieces.

I decided to set my table for a fake Christmas dinner party.  I love fake dinner parties.  You don’t have to cook, clean up, or make small talk.  Bonus.


So, my dinner party is a little lame.  Let’s just say I misjudged my time before I left for the holidays.  But use your imagination and expand on what I have here.  I think the world needs more imagination and less Pinterest.  (That’s a lie but I’m going with it.)

I busted out the Pottery Barn reindeer plates that I received for Christmas a few years ago.  They make me smile.  I realized very late in the game that I needed to actually DIY something for my table and not just set it with fun plates and china.  Oops.

I have been meaning to stencil some napkins for awhile now.  What a better time than for the Dare to DIY?  That’s what this challenge is all about, right?  Getting. Stuff. Done.

I decided to stencil the reindeer names to go with the plates.  How cute are they?



Stenciling napkins is super easy.  I bought inexpensive white napkins, a Martha Stewart stencil set, and some black fabric paint.  The two napkins I did took me about 10 minutes.  I think I will actually finish the set…when I find time…after the holidays.



I also decided to make some fun napkin “rings”. 



I found a set of 25 vintage Christmas bulbs at the Salvation Army for $1.00.  I thought they’d look cute in a table setting. I was correct.  You could also tie a name card in the ribbon.  Let’s imagine I did that.  I’d Photoshop them in if I wasn’t falling asleep while writing thing.  Mmm, tryptophan and rhubarb pie.



Our dining room table centerpiece is simple.  Three candles.  Two little Crate and Barrel elves holding candle sticks. One metal reindeer.  Easy peasy.


There you have it. I took the dare.  I pretended to entertain.


Need some additional inspiration to get you headed in the right direction for Monday’s party? 

Check out the Dare to Entertain projects from my partners in crime: NewlyWoodwards, Maybe Matilda, and Two Twenty One!

We’ll see you back here Monday morning at 8am for the big ol’ par-tay.

What do you think of the ol’ table?  Are you good at using your imagination?  How was your turkey day?  I made my first pie.  Yeah, fake dinner parties and pie.  I’m totally old and domestic.

Also linking up to: Bliss at home


  1. Oh, those lightbulbs are adorable. I need to find them too!

    I started another blog - hope you'll take a look.


  2. I love the stenciled napkins! And the little light bulb napkin tie thingies are adorable. The thrift stores in Utah are lame. L-A-M-E lame. You'd never find something like that here.

    And not only did I imagine little name cards, I also imagined an amazing meal on those plates and a huge pile of presents under the tree. Bonus points for me!

  3. This turned out really cute. And I love how you used the Christmas bulbs. I always love them, but never know what I could do with them. Leave it to you to come up with something cool and fun. They really go well with your dishes.

    Also, awesome job on the napkins. You are pretty darn cool.

  4. it looks super sophisticated! so you- er, sorta. ;)

  5. We have the same crystal! Mine isn't the platinum rim, but it's Stephanie by Mikasa (a friend bought it for me because we share a name and I bought the rest of the service).

    I was just commenting last night that I still love my crystal so I must love yours, too. :)

  6. I really like the bulbs as napkin holders! Hope you are over your turkey coma....we are headed off for round 3 this afternoon. :)

  7. I love the plates! The light bulb napkin holders were a great idea.

  8. How cute and creative! I always forget the power of fabric paint.
    Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving, Michelle!

  9. i love this! so fun! i love too how simple it all is, with the black and silver. fake dinner parties are the best.

  10. I love the stenciled napkins and the bulbs are so cute. What a deal on those bulbs!

  11. Love those bulbs on there. What a great table setting. LOVE the stenciled napkin. Oh and a fake dinner party too LOL. I just set the table myself for a fake dinner party.

  12. Oh, so cute! Love the stenciled napkins. I can see myself doing this for a ton of different holidays!

  13. Love it all! Especially the napkin rings--looks like reindeer noses :)

  14. The plates are so cute, but the lightbulbs are my favorite!
    The table looks so adult and yet still kid friendly!
    Beautifully done.
    Stopping by from Newlywoodwards!

  15. I love the Christmas lightbulbs! They look great with your plates! Don't worry about putting a name card on them just make people go by their reindeer all night.

  16. I love the super clean look of your table! simple, elegant but still personal. Love the napkins and the xmas bulb the best! I tend to go overboard sometimes with my dinner decor, I should try to tone it down a bit, and this is the perfect example. :-)

  17. I love your table put together while not overwhelming! Cute lightbulbs too!

  18. Cute, cute, cute! And $1 for 25 of those awesome lightbulbs?! I thought I had good thrifting karma but you just blew mine out of the water!

  19. I found an entire box full of strands and strands of these at work today while we were decorating. We aren't allowed to use them anymore (fire hazard) I might just "borrow" them! LOL

  20. I kind of hate you for getting that strand of lights for $1. But yay for fake dinner parties and cute stenciled napkins.

  21. Love it! I saw an almost complete set of the reindeer side plates at Goodwill a while back, but I had my husband with me and he vetoed the purchase on the premise that we already owned Christmas plates. LAME. Anyways, back to you and your adorable stenciled napkins - LOVE THEM! I'm also very jealous of your light bulb find - they make such cute napkin rings.

  22. Hi - I came across your blog after visiting mt friend Dee's blog. I love it - I will have to think up some DIY entertaining things to link up. I did put placecards in pinecones this year - does that count (I made the placecards!!).

    I didn't bake any pies this year but I will have to try out your piecrust recipe. I always swore by the NY Times cookbook picrust recipe - it never failed for me. I'll have to check it with yours to see if it's similar!

    Hopefully you will come visit my blog.


    PS - How are you finding doing the link party. I would love to do one - but afraid I won't get anyone to enter!!! Since I mostly am know for beautiful wall finishes, perhaps I could do a "wall only" link party.

  23. I love the napkins and the lightbulb napkin rings! I've never used fabric paint, but I think I'm going to give it a shot!

  24. Beautiful tabletop! If I were a dinner guest, I'd call dibs to sit at the Blitzen plate! Lushes gotta stick together. :^) Much Dare to DIY Love!

  25. I just love the Christmas bulb idea! Thanks for linking up to the party! xo Kristin

  26. How cute are those napkin rings??? So creative! Love that idea and may have to borrow it this year ;-)


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