Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pass It Along Project

Do you all remember when I mentioned the Pass It Along Project? Of course you do.  But in case you need a refresher…

The Pass It On Project is all about spreading joy through handmade items.  The principle is simple.  You receive two handmade items.  One if yours to keep, the other is to pass on to someone who could also use some joy.  Who couldn’t?  You then make two items and then send them along to a blog friend.  Your blog friend then repeats.  It’s one vicious joy cycle.

I finally got around to finishing my gifts and sending them off to Mindy and Maury.  So what did I end up making?  Something simple?  Something that didn’t require me to rip my hair out?  Nope.  I never pick the easy route when it comes to crafting. I knew that both Mindy and Maury liked to whip things up in the kitchen so I went with…


Aprons packaged in mason jars with recipes attached.  The recipe cards are a bit large but that just means extra joy, right?



The aprons look like this….


I’m quite the natural apron model.  Probably because I’m such a pro in the kitchen.  Apron wearing comes naturally for me.

I loved the baking fabric paired with the tiny red polka dots. I’m a sucker for polka dot fabric.


I’ll share the apron tutorial later this week.  Along with that DIY console table tutorial.  Tutorials require too much concentration during the Olympics.  Focus.

Thanks to Amy for passing the project on to me. I can’t wait to see what Mindy and Maury pass on!

Have you participated in the Pass It Along Project?  Feel free to share your link below.  Are you an apron fan?  How about polka dots?

Speaking of crafty things, Erin posted more info about the Random Acts of Craftiness.  Click the button below to get the scoop!  We have cheerleaders, husband choice awards, and goodies.  Are you a business/Etsy shop owner that would like to contribute to the goodies?  If so, e-mail me at decorandthedog (at) gmail.  You really don’t want to miss out on this. 

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  1. aw, that is adorable! what a great idea!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! In fact, I wore mine while baking over the weekend. So now, I have to actually Pass it On! Who will I choose????

  3. So cute! I am working on passing it on. It's taking me a while to get going.

  4. It's darling, but your clever packaging takes the cake! HA! :)

  5. Super cute idea! I love anything in a mason jar.

  6. NICE! This is such a wonderful, thoughtful gift!

  7. Great idea! I like the notion of sending the second thing along to someone that could use a little extra love :)

  8. I love aprons, where did you get that fabric?

  9. Love the apron so cute. I think I recognize your t-shirt, Old Navy special? Those are my all time favorite lounging shirts.

  10. Those are so ridiculously cute! What a great gift! :)

  11. Well, aren't you cute? That really is an adorable idea. I'm sure anything you put in a jar and give to another blogger would be appreciated. Bloggers love jars.

  12. Apron packed in a mason jar? It's just too much greatness at once. Pinning it!

  13. I passed something along but I think I missed how the passing was to go exactly. And I haven't blogged about it at all. I flunk. Eh. Well, it's the thought that counts, right?

  14. What a cute idea! I love how you put it in the jar with the recipe...great idea for a gift =)

  15. I LOVE this idea. The apron is adorable on it's own but in a jar it's perfection!

  16. These are adorable. I love the aprons and the packaging is perfect.

  17. I looooove this! I have an odd obsession with aprons lol! I can barely sew a straight line, so needless to say I'm most impressed.

    I made the "addictive Crunch" recipe a couple of days ago. The baby in my belly forced me to eat like half of the batch. No lie. It is crackie. The recipe not my baby ;)

    Thank you so much!


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