Friday, July 13, 2012

Awesomely Random Friday

I have some tutorials to share.  They seem like a lot of work to put together right now.  And I’m lazy.  You all understand, right?  Good.

Instead you get a really random post about really random things in my life.

1. Ike got a hair cut.  He has Andy Rooney eye brows and fluffy mustache.  Poor thing.



2. I had a mole scraped from my scalp yesterday.  The anesthetic didn’t work.  The rest of the day it felt like someone was repeatedly jabbing my skull with a needle.  I need a cute hat.  You all are resourceful.  Any cute hats out there?

3. I shouldn’t be allowed in Target alone.  I bought this rug.  It’s a little wild.  I’m debating.  Don’t mind my dishes in the sink.  I don’t.



4. I purchased this onesie for Kim's (NewlyWoodwards) baby Henry.  It makes me laugh.  Kim and I had a lunch date turn business date yesterday.  We plan to take over the world.  We’re not sure when or how.  But look for it.

My Mom is Blogging This Baby Bodysuit (You Choose Size)
via Etsy

5.  I had only purchased one thing via Etsy up until a couple of weeks ago.  I’m on a roll.  I ordered these bangles as a “Yay, I paid off my student loans” gift to myself.  I can’t wait for them to arrive.

White Vintage Set Stone Bangle
via Sweet Auburn Studio

6.  I like a weed.  Queen Anne’s Lace to be specific.  Did you know you can eat it or use it as contraception?  (I am not promoting either one.)  It also looks a lot like Poison Hemlock.  (You know, the stuff that killed Socrates.  Why do I remember that but not what I had for supper last night?)  So, be careful.



7.  Both of are families are in town this week-end.  Should be a fun time. It’s always weird when the families co-exist.  It’s unnatural.  Our families are different.  Holidays at my parents’ house include eating meals off of paper plates in front of the television.  Nate’s family has meals in the formal dining room on China.  You know.  I love the variety.

Tell me something awesomely random?  Cute hat suggestions?  Big week-end plans?  Awesome Etsy finds?


  1. hahaha Queen Anne's Lace as a contraceptive. Did they teach you that in pharmacy school? Rick has never mentioned it. :P My post today is actually about 5 Etsy things for less than $20-what nice timing.

    Have fun eating off china around the tv! ;)

  2. that onesie is hilarious!
    and i love queen anne's lace. i see it on my walks and i was actually thinking i wished i had chosen it as my wedding flower- pretty, simple, elegant, and wild. it would have been perfect!

  3. I am in LOVE with that onsie! So cute.

    For completely random... I was just thinking today that I would love to go home and watch the old TGIF tv line up. I could totally go for some Boy Meets World and Sabrina the Teenage Witch right now... No idea where it came from, just got the urge to watch it.

  4. Ike's hair cut is super cute- and I like your new rug!! I've seen a couple of cute-ish hats at Tarjay...hmmm. I'm not really a hat person so I couldn't say where else to look. That mole sounds painful!

  5. 1. I kinda like Ike's tribute to Andy Rooney. May he rest in peace.
    2. Ouch.
    3. I like it.
    4. Adorable! Can't wait to hear about the Michelle & Kim world domination.
    5. Congrats on paying off the student loans! I don't think we'll ever get Brad's undergrad and grad school loans paid off. We'll probably still be paying them when our first born goes to college.
    6. I'll keep that in mind for the Apocalypse and regular contraceptives aren't readily available. Weeds survive Apocalypses, right?
    7. Your family = Brad's family. Nate's family = my family. Our families never get together. It makes me too anxious and uncomfortable.

  6. #1. Our dog got a hair cut too! #2. Love the rug, live a little and keep it! #3. Love following Kim and Baby H, they are too cute!

    The biggest one of all, CONGRATS on paying of your loans! My fiance is in medical school and I can't wait until the day that my graduate loans and his medical loans are paid off! We may be old and wrinkly by then, but it should be a good day!

  7. That onesie is hilarious and Ike looks handsome with his fur all groomed! So awesome that you paid your student loans off! I still have $14,000 to go, boo!

  8. Love the bangles and the super cute onesie. Paying off your loans is huge!! Celebration is definitely in order. Won't that be nice next month? Ike looks adorable.

  9. Are your parents helping out with the race? I still think you could knock out the 4 miles with me Saturday. And I would like to clarify that our family is not that fancy. The only reason we use china at Thanksgiving is because I don't ever use them otherwise :oP

  10. My family is the china family, my husbands is the paper plates. I love them both for different reasons. It's nice to have both. You'll have to serve food at your house on like, chinet or something, whatever is in between.

    I have cysts that I have to have removed every once in a while from my head so I totally feel you, it stinks. Always feel like I have a severely sunburned scalp once it's done

  11. Ike is adorable; I like the rug (not too wild); and I am really jealous that you paid off your student loans. I have about 23 years left (and I am being serious).

  12. I have the same rug but in the blue. I love the design but even with a non-slip pad underneath, it moves and doesn't stay clean. I'm constantly washing it. Congrats on paying off those loans.

  13. I love the rug! Keep it! Also, Ike's haircut looks pretty awesome.

    And CONGRATS on paying off your student loans! I am so jealous right now. Have fun with the families! ;)

  14. Ike looks dashing with his new hairscut!

  15. You are seriously hilarious. I'm cracking up. World domination is right aroun the corner. We love love love the onesie but it doesn't fit yet. Yes, I tried.

    I like the rug but it seems a little small to me? Maybe it's just the angle of the picture.

    Have fun this weekend. Good luck keeping those counters clear.

  16. Whoohoo! Congrats on paying off your student loans!
    Congrats to me too b/c my husband finally finished the side tables. Come on over and see for yourself :)

  17. You know, sometimes I like the random posts better! Love the rug (& Target), love the gift, love the doggie hair cut and that the loans are paid! Woot-woot!

    And best of luck with the fams!

  18. That onesie is too perfect! So cute! And congrats on the student loans!

  19. I melt every time I see Ike's face!

    My mum is OBSESSED with Queen Anne's Lace. We see clusters of it every once in a while on the side of the road here in NC. When we gathered some for an arrangement last summer, we nearly flipped my Mum's van over after we drove into a ditch (our eyes were focused intently on the Queen Anne's Lace). Luckily, we survived... the car too. WORTH IT! :)

  20. Ooo, I really like the rug. Don't return it! Also, those flowers are lovely.

  21. Sounds like you had a good week! Love the onsie. Sometimes you just have to have babies to get the cute stuff

  22. i LOVE that rug for the kitchen. It's so awesome to have a bold pattern in there. The onesie...precious. I LOVE it. I think I may need to buy one for my baby that might one day exist 5 years from now ;).

  23. Congrats on the loan payoff! That's amazing! Cute hats and headbands can be found at - I've never actually purchased anything there because I lack follow through. I think they're cute. Not really sure what your style is but I gave it a shot :) Happy Weekend!

  24. You're hilarious! Love that you say that rug is a little "wild" when it's totally neutral! I say keep it for on the wild side! ;)

  25. You are so funny - sorry about your head! Ike is adorable, love the rug...ok - something random: At dinner tonight, my 6 year old explained how he led Simon Says at camp today. He reached up in the sky and said, "Simon says reach up and grab a cloud. Now throw it to New York City." Sorry, that's all I got...Have a nice weekend!

  26. I will own that onesie. I don't want to sound whiney, but I want to take over the world too! Don't forget about the little bloggers across the country!

  27. What I want to know is why aren't there MORE dishes in your sink or some on the counter? Where is your dish-rack?! LOL

  28. Can I join in your plans to take over the blog world? I love Ike's haircut. Weston got a hair cut too. Andy gave him a buzzcut in the backyard several days ago and it still surprises me every time I see it. And CONGRATULATIONS on being finished with student loans!

  29. I am loving the talk about world domination! *happy dance* for paying off the school loans thats a big deal. oh I love hats! Especially knitted hats! Im partial to those because I am a knitter! Slouchy hats are fun as are berets. Would you like me to knit you one?


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