Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Next Iron Chef

I'm usually the sous chef...but tonight....totally the Iron Chef.

I made myself supper. For the 2nd time in 1 month.  And it was edible. Yeah, that's blogworthy.

I hate cooking.  It takes time. And patience.  And I'm messy.  But I did it.

Mmmm, chicken gravy and biscuits. Mmmm, comfort food. 
Keeps me all warm when it's 7 degrees out.

I love this recipe.  It's quick, easy, and you get to use a whisk.  I love whisks.

I don't remember where I found this...but trust's good.

And obviously good for you....

Nate edited the recipe and I follow his directions. 
Cook the chicken.  Make the gravy while the biscuits are cooking.  Dump chicken into gravy and dump mixture over biscuits.  Eat.
We found that baking it all together made the biscuits mushier than we liked.

What's your favorite comfort food recipe?

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