Monday, February 7, 2011

Craigslist Curio Cabinet

Look what $5 is getting me...

Yeah, $5.  Crazy, right?  Someone in town has this lighted curio cabinet hanging out in their basement and they want rid of it.  And I want to make it all pretty and stick in in my hallway.

I can't pick it up until this week-end because the husband is working long hours so hopefully the lady is true to her word. 
I'm too afraid to go alone. 
I've never purchased anything from Craig's list before. 
I'm hoping this works out (you know, without me getting cut up into tiny pieces)
because it's BEAUTIFUL....
and maybe even worth the murder risk.

Have you purchased anything from Craigslist?  Was the experience pleasant? Please share!


  1. I would wait for your hubby too :). We purchased a lawn mower from CL, and the experience was great. They delivered it, but i would have never done that when i was home alone :).

    We also have sold a lot of things over CL, but i always make sure they come when my hubby is home too.

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