Friday, August 2, 2013

Vacationing in Green Lake, WI

You know what’s cooler than blogger vacation photos?  Blogger family vacation photos!

Last week Nate and I spent the week with his family in Green Lake, WI.  A week in one house with the in-laws. A form of torture in some countries.  I kid. I kid.  We actually had a great time.

Green Lake Family

I did learn a few things.

  • I’m glad I wasn’t born into the Duggar family. 12 people in one house was plenty.
  • Children are loud.  Very, very loud.
  • Children are cute.  Very, very cute.
  • Pack warm clothes any time you go to a lake.  Even in July.
  • We are lucky to be a part of such a great family.

The week was pretty low key.  Nate’s parents rented this house for all us.  (They are very generous.)  The house had 6 bedrooms.  3 1/2 baths.  The decor was interesting.  I should have snapped more photos.  But the house was pretty much always a constant state of chaos.  And loud.  Did I mention children are loud?

Green Lake 2013-68

Green Lake 2013-1050

Green Lake 2013-1056

Green Lake 2013-1055

Nate and I’s room had a double set of bunk beds and a map wall.  It was a romantic getaway.


Lake life is pretty sweet.  We spent time catching tiny fish.

Green Lake 2013-168

Well, some fished.  The rest of us played with worms.  Way cooler.

Green Lake 2013-656

We spent a good chunk of one day on a pontoon boat.  We froze our hineys off but it was still a good time.

Green Lake 2013-764


Yes, I wore that hello shirt for an entire week.  I may or may not have washed it.

We also used these inflatable kayaks a lot.  Nate and I went daily.  I’m thinking about joining an Olympic rowing team.  I don’t really think Nate was paddling much so I’m sure I’ll qualify.

Green Lake 2013-309

Ike went with us too.  He had a little bit of a rough vacation.  He’s sort of an only dog.  He doesn’t understand why vacation has to have so many rules and why children are so loud and poke him.  He did enjoy daily long walks and lots of time outside.  He also got to share the bottom bunk with me every night which he loved.  Unlike my back.

Green Lake 2013-1041

Nate and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary while in Green Lake.  We attempted to get a decent photo of us together.  It went well.

Green Lake 2013-930

We’re pretty much incapable of taking a normal picture.  That’s why the fine gem below is a keeper.  I wish we would have had the Ike man with us but we took it right before dinner one evening.

Green Lake 2013-925

And I’m still baffled that I’m wearing a jean jacket.  It feels like I’m in high school again.  Except I don’t have braces and my hair isn’t bleached.  Wait.  Should I be wearing a jean jacket? Eh. It was cold.

Do you take family vacations?  Do you love lake life?  Why are children so loud?


  1. Claire came in while I was reading this and saw the family picture. The first thing she said was "Nate! Nate! Nate!" LOL! That picture turned out surprisingly well for how uncooperative the children were being :o)

  2. I actually enjoy other people's vacation photos. Is that weird? Creepy? Sorry. I think you should start a thing with that ski head board. It will explode on pinterest.

    Happy 7 years! I support the jean jacket over the dress thing. Kendi Everyday does it, so it has to be ok. (Side note, never take fashion advice from Cindy)

  3. Happy 7th anniversary! And I'm glad you had a good/loud time in the land of pea green walls. Denim jackets are totally valid--it looks cute with your stripes and necklace!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! I never knew they made inflatable kayaks. Now I might actually look into D's permanent and ongoing request for a boat. That counts, right?

  5. How weird does it make me that I actually like seeing other people's vacation and family photos? Glad it was good!

  6. It's like a modern day version of On Golden Pond ... I LOVE it!!! I'm glad you had a great time. However, the most important part of the trip ... did Ike have a good time? LOL

    Love your blog!
    Lakeside, CA

  7. Beautiful pictures! I love ones of you and Nate. So cute. Happy Anniversary!

  8. I am still KICKING myself that I didn't buy one of those hello shirts when they were on sale. GRRRR. So awesome that you guys love your family!!!

  9. Love the pictures! Looks like you guys had a blast!

    Happy Anniversary!

  10. lol i love your bunk bed room, how romantic! scout doesnt do well in other homes besides his own and his grammy and i understand ike was prob a little least he got to bunk with you guys!

  11. I seriously love those last two pictures of the two of you. You are perfect for each other and I love it.

    Also, this looks like a blast in my book. Mostly the bunk beds. I'm thinking of adding them to my master bedroom.

  12. Looks like you had a great time. I'm ALWAYS glad I wasn't a Dugger. Mainly because I hate sharing. I hope you ate a lot of cheese in wisconsin!

  13. What a great family and home. I love lake vacations but I do have to admit it would be total torture for me to vacation with my in-laws. Ugh! ;)

  14. My inlaws are the Duggars. Brawn has 11 sibs. No more family vaca's for me, I resigned. I fully believe kids are loud from watching their parents after they have had a few beers at night. The parents not the kids.

  15. Looks like a blast. You are so right. Kids are loud. And, that Hello sweatshirt is one of my faves. I live in mine when it's cold, too. Washing it is overrated. Oh, and one more thing, if jean jackets are wrong, I don't want to be right.


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