Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Decor and the Dog Gets Around

Nate, Ike and I are currently vacationing in Wisconsin with the family.  It’s quite lovely.  Even with the family.  ;)

While we are getting around the Midwest, Decor and the Dog is getting around the blogosphere.  Thanks to all that have shared our projects!  Let me return the blog love today.  Stop by these lovely blogs to check out other fantastic projects!


The lovely folks at Pfister Faucets recently interviewed me. You can read the interview here! I answer fun stuff like why I started blogging and my love for Ike and DIY projects.

pfister interview

NewlyWoodwards shared our vertical garden.  Kim’s You-Must series is always full of fun ideas! (Follow up on the vertical garden on Friday!)


Michelle over at Ten June has a new series called Tuesdays at Ten June.  She shared our vintage washboard collection.  Check out her post for more info on how to enter your projects!

Ten June

Amanda at Serenity Now shared our Instagram crib frame display.  Her post is full of lots of Instagram inspiration!

Serenity Now


Don’t forget to enter the fun giveaway from Hello! Enter here!

Did you find any new blogs or great projects?  Did you learn anything from my Pfister interview?


  1. whoa baby! you are all up in this blog bid'ness!

  2. Yay! I will have to check some of these out.
    That's awesome that Ike is on vacation with you guys!!

  3. Have fun on your vacation! Congrats on all the well deserved pub!

  4. ike continues to rule the blogging world!

  5. You are ruling the internets! Off to read your pfizer interview!

  6. Dear Ike (and Michelle, too),
    I want to thank you for the wonderful "doggy" back-pack filled with all those goodies!! My Nana went right to the store and picked up some dee-licious "frosty paws" for me too...Oh, man I really feel special! Thanks....thanks.. thanks! Opal and her Nana, Diane W.

  7. You are TAKING OVER THE WORLD. It's about time.


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