Friday, March 22, 2013

Work Your Wardrobe

Today I have a public service announcement for you. 

Use caution when meeting people from the internet. 

Terrifying things could happen.  You could be mugged.  You could be murdered.  You could also be suckered into modeling for this internet person’s new fashion blog.

Like the time Kim (NewlyWoodwards) started Work Your Wardrobe.  Work Your Wardrobe is a fashion blog for the working woman.


Today she frightened yours truly into posing for said blog.


All joking aside, Work Your Wardrobe is a great resource for affordable outfit inspiration.  Kim started this website for:

  • The woman who wants to look put together every day at work but refuses to pay $180 for a blouse.
  • The woman who prefers classic pieces to overly-trendy.
  • The woman who wants to look young, but is a bit out of the realm of the juniors section.
  • The woman who works to live. Not the other way around.

Work Your Wardrobe has many contributors (aka other bloggers she frightened into modeling).  It’s a fun way to see a different side of many of your favorite DIY bloggers! The blog is new but I am really enjoying the different styles represented on the blog.

Head on over to Work Your Wardrobe and leave sweet comments make fun of my modeling skills.

Off to practice fashion blogger poses for my next outfit feature.  Look out Iowa Fashion Week!

What are your wardrobe staples?  Which fashion blogger pose should I use for the next outfit?  Did you check out Iowa Fashion Week? I’m still laughing weeks later.

I’m trying to get more active on Google+.  Let’s be circle buddies! Circle me here!

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  1. LOL, I like your pose!
    I'll head on over now.

  2. Aww this sounds like a great blog! It can be hard finding classic and good quality work clothes on a budget. Consignment shops are my best friend for that kind of stuff. Going to check it out your necklace!

  3. You're cute and super funny! I will check it out ;) xo Kristin

  4. a) you are adorable in your WYW outfit. Don't be such a doubter. :)
    b) I just read that Iowa Fashion Week article and was trying desperately to not laugh out loud at work and also trying to figure out if it was real. Tell me it wasn't?!
    c) I'm jealous of your weekend company. :)

  5. Just added it to my blogroll! I was sold when you said its for women who don't like to pay $180 for a blouse (I don't think I own a single piece of clothing that cost that much) and who don't shop in the juniors section. Also, you look great in your stripes and leopard print!

  6. You truly amuse me. Thank you.

    And you're so cute! I love your outfit!! :)

  7. You did great :) I think you'll probably get a casting call from Tyra pretty dang soon. My work fashion is pretty much all blazers and cardigans. I'm pretty sure I've forgetting how to dress myself for anything else. It's rather embarrassing.

  8. Off to check out your feature! You're getting so famous- first co-hosting the Pinterest Challenge and now fashion blogging features! You're my hero! haha

  9. Bahahaha. Use caution when meeting people from the Internet. Making my day.

    Thanks for supporting my new money-making endeavor. Oh wait, I'm not making any money.

    Thanks for supporting my new hobby.

  10. My friends and I at school died when the Onion posted Iowa Fashion Week. Hilarious! And sadly, just a little true.
    But not for you! Love the black white combo!

  11. HOLD THE PHONE. Is that Iowa Fashion Week article for real? It must be a HAHAHAHAHA. I just peed my pants a little at work. This might be my favorite quote of all time:

    “Launching at Iowa Fashion Week is a dream come true for me,” said up-and-coming designer Debra Schmidt, 34, of Council Bluffs, IA, who will be debuting her line of relaxed-fit carpenter jeans. “I’m branching out this season from my usual camouflage cargo pants and really pushing the boundaries of Iowa fashion. I can’t wait to see the reaction from fans and the press.”

  12. LOL fashionista you are! lol no you look cute. going to check out iowa fashion week right meow!

  13. You look super cute! Maybe some jazz hands next time? ;)

  14. My fashion staples are ballet flats, cardigans, and big statement earrings and necklaces. I had to start a shopping budget per month because it was getting out of control, but then I got pregnant and haven't purchased any clothing in 3 months. :P Will need to soon as my skirts aren't fitting. I love your striped shirt and the necklace!

  15. You look Faaaabulous,dahling. Actually, you have a model's figure and poise, fer sure. Hope to see MUCH more of your elegant toggings.

    I'm lucky: work requires jeans and clean t-shirt, sensible shoes. But I've NEVER been able to shop junior dept.!


  16. Iowa fashion week is CRACKING ME UP. -- “The big themes this season are ‘roomy,’ ‘loose,’ and ‘comfortable.'" -- hahaha! Okay, enough! Off to check out your fancy poses!

  17. Thanks to your shout out, I'm now the newest reader of the WYW blog. What an awesome idea! I'm excited to see it evolve.

    Erin @ The Great Indoors


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