Monday, March 18, 2013

5 Tips For A Dog Friendly Mudroom

I think a lot of home bloggers dream of their homes being featured in a magazine.  I know that was a dream of mine.  And now it’s a reality.

Ike and his High Desert Dog Feature

Decor and the Dog in High Desert Dog

Decor and the Dog Feature in High Desert Dog

Okay, so my dream didn’t involve our home in a dog magazine.  High Desert Dog to be exact.  None the less, it’s still pretty cool.  I would be lying if I thought my blog would be as successful without the Ike man.  The editor at High Desert Dog was great to work with.  The current issue of the magazine has some great articles like “Is Your Dog a Good Roommate” and “Blindness in Dogs”. It’s a great resource for dog owners in the Southwest.  There are many articles about local dog parks, events, and shelter information.  Makes me wish there was something available locally for Ike and I.

The article isn’t available on-line so I thought I’d share it with you all today!  (I’d like to thank my friends Danielle and Kim for proofreading/giving suggestions during the writing process!  This biology major appreciated their English skills that I ain’t got.)

Tips for a Dog Friendly Mudroom

Five Tips for a Dog Friendly Mudroom

Dogs are a lot of things- energetic, fun-loving, and loyal. When I walk in the back door door, I know my Wire Fox Terrier, Ike, will greet me with a wagging tail and sloppy kiss. Ike’s love for me is unmatched by anyone else-besides my husband. Maybe.

Ike and I share many interests . Long walks, cuddling in blankets and peanut butter. One interest we do not share is home decorating. Ike, like many dogs, has little concern for design or style. He doesn’t care if he runs with messy paws on hardwood or linoleum. He thinks mud looks great on any wall color.

As you probably already know, decorating with dogs can be a challenge. Dogs are messy and have little regard for high-end design. Most dogs are, however, valued members of the family. It is important for a homeowner to be able to show their sense of style while still considering the needs of their pets.

A good place to begin- the mudroom. The mudroom is an excellent space for homeowners to begin decorating with their dog in mind. Mudrooms are typically informal spaces located near a back entry- a perfect place for a dog to eat dinner or have dirty paws wiped clean.

There are five important factors to consider when creating a stylish dog-friendly mudroom: walls, flooring, safety, storage, and style.


Choose satin paint for your mudroom walls. Dogs drool. Dogs shake water on walls on rainy days. Walls painted with satin paint are much easier to clean than walls painted with flat paint. To truly design the
mudroom with your dog in mind, consider painting the walls yellow, blue or grey. These are the only colors that dogs are able to see. Currently, greys are a popular color in home decor.


Choose a durable, scratch-resistant floor for a mudroom. Ceramic tile is an excellent choice because it is easy to clean, difficult to scratch and resistant to most animal stains. There are many great tile options available to fit almost any decor. Hardwood flooring would be your next best option. Hardwood floors are easy to clean but are easily scratched by larger dogs. If hardwood floors are your choice, choose a light to medium finish. Low gloss or distressed woods are less likely to show pet scratches. Regular grooming of your pet’s nails will also aid in keeping wood floors looking their best. Carpet is not recommended as it is difficult to clean and absorbs pet odors. If you choose carpet, consider carpet tiles which are easy to replace.


Organize your dog-friendly mudroom to make it free of clutter. Often, the mudroom ends up being a catch-all space for towels, shoes, plastic bags and purses. Dogs love to chew on things that they shouldn’t. Design your mudroom so as to minimize the amount of opportunities for a dog to ingest something they should not or injure themselves. An important part of a safe mudroom is plenty of storage.


A mudroom is a great place to store your dog’s belongings. Keep in mind that you will need a place to store a dog’s leash, food, treats, towels, bones, medications and paperwork. A closet is a great place to
store items like medications that should be kept out of the pet’s reach. Baskets on shelves are an inexpensive solution for storing dog toys and treats. Vintage egg crates are a great looking storage option for dog toys. Keep food sealed in a cool and dry location. Store towels in a place where they are easy to access after a trip outside. I also recommend storing leashes within easy reach. A special hook next to your coat is an easy and stylish solution for leash storage. Store food and water dishes underneath
a mudroom bench to keep them out of the way of the humans while remaining easily accessible for your dog.

Decor and the Dog Mudroom

Decor and the Dog Mudroom Bench

Decor and the Dog Mudroom Leash Hook


Can you have a beautiful pet and a beautiful house? Absolutely. It is important to keep your personal style in mind while decorating your home and mudroom. Your mudroom doesn’t have to be plastered with dogs bones and “woof” signs. You can paint the walls a color to please your dog and choose your favorite color as an accent color. Or vice versa. If you are opposed to tile in your home, choose hardwood instead. Storage baskets or containers are available in a wide range of colors and materials to match any style. Have a custom portrait of your pet made to use as wall art. A less expensive option would be framing favorite family photos or photos of your dog as a puppy.

Dogs may not care about home decor trends but that doesn’t mean that dog owners can’t. Keeping these simple tips in mind, you can take a purely functional and boring mudroom and turn it into a room everyone can be proud of. And this is something on which man and man’s best friend can agree.

What tips do you have for a pet friendly mudroom? Do you dream of your house showing up in a magazine?  Is your blog popular because of your dog/kid/etc?

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  1. I don't have any pets, but I think it's so thoughtful of you guys to design the mudroom with Ike in mind! And I had no idea those were the only colors dogs could see. You learn something new everyday!

    1. P.S. Congrats on being featured in a magazine! That's awesome :)

  2. Awww congrats on your feature!!! I too dream of our home being featured in a magazine (or heck, on a blog somewhere) so looks like you are one step ahead! These are some great tips and the mudroom looks great!

  3. That's really cool, Michelle :)Love the red tail wall hook! xo Kristin

  4. that is awesome! so exciting!!!! maybe the only thing that could improve it would be a fire hydrant in the corner. ;)

  5. This is so cool. Congrats!
    I'm a huge fan of Ike ;) so cute

  6. Cute article! Lol, my dog is probably where 1/2 my blog traffic comes from (all 12 of them :-) ). Such a great idea to include Ike - makes me think I should try a post about how we dog-proofed our apartment when we got Abe. Check us out!

    - Sally

  7. Yay Ike! I think it is impossible to design your home WITHOUT thinking of pets. And you and I both know that the husband is nice but the dogs are better... Great hints!

  8. Michelle - this is awesome!!! Congratulations! :) Love it!

  9. This is so much fun, Michelle! Congratulations!! Ike is too cute. I love your baskets under the bench!

  10. Our whole house is designed around our pets-- particularly, we have had to keep it rug free because of the cats. I love how neat, clean, and stylish your mudroom looks!

  11. Congrats on the feature, that's great!

    We're moving into a house that actually has a mudroom/laundry room, and your tips are likely to come in handy :)

  12. That is very cool! Congrats on the feature!

  13. So, you're taking over the world eh? AWESOME! Congrats! That's amazing! I love that it's a dog-related article too! So fitting. I'll never forget whe my recipe was in a magazine with a quarter sized photo of me lol! My mom bought 10 copies. Literally. She bought every single one on the stand.

    Congrats on the fame woman! I know there are so many more great things coming for you and this wonderful blog.

  14. You're so cool. Published! In print!!! That really is awesome!

  15. I'm so happy for you about the magazine piece! It's an awesome mudroom.

  16. How exciting! I'm sure that Ike is very proud of you (as are your readers)!

  17. Congrats on being featured!!! Super exciting :) I love that little mudroom - perfect size, and as always, Ike is the star of the show :)

  18. So much fun - usually a dog is more of a deterrent to being featured (because the house would be covered in paw prints and dog hair ;-) than an incentive! But your mud room is definitely great =)

  19. This is SO awesome. I love that Ike finally got some of the attention he desreves. And, you, too, of course.

    I love this mudroom space and am pretty jealous because I badly want a mudroom of my own.

    Congrats, friend! You deserve more magazine features!

  20. This is so very awesome! totally deserve it!! :)

    Being in a magazine is definitely an amazing feeling, and one I never, ever thought I'd experience!

  21. omg, congratulations!!!! You're even more famous now!

  22. Yay! Congrats on your feature! You and Ike totally deserve it!

    I love your mudroom- the pops of red are great. I so wish I had one of my own...

  23. Congrats! Now you can say you're a published author. You should definitely frame this and hang it up in your mudroom. I hope Ike hasn't gotten too big of head from all the notoriety.

  24. Ike is a star!!! Congrats on the feature! I never knew that about the paint colors...hmmm now I think I need to repaint!


  26. Congrats!!! This is exciting :) I can't wait to have a space like this...mudroom/laundry room/household storage. These kind of spaces just make me giddy :)

  27. Congratulations!
    I'm a fairly new reader to your blog (I found you from the Petersik-Bower Pinterest Challenge), but I have to say you are fantastic! As a pharmacy student occasionally trudging through courses and living on a budget in a poorly decorated apartment with my dogs, I love your blog because it shows me the light at the end of the tunnel. :) Thank you so much for that, and congratulations again on this wonderful honor!

  28. I love it! Ike has always been a star in my eyes.

  29. Peculiar article, totally whаt I wantеd tо find.

    My web-site; premature ejaculation pills

  30. Congrats on the article and thanks for the tips! I just adopted a shelter doggie and, after being a cats-only pet owner, there's so much I have to learn.

  31. Congrats! Ike is such a star. And your mudroom really is fabulous. I agree with Chelsea; frame that article for the mudroom!

  32. That's very cool! Congrats to you and Ike. :)

  33. Congrats! How exciting! Great tips! Unfortunately, our mudroom belongs to the cat and is a no-doggie zone.

  34. Ike's a star can I have his paw print?

    1. I have no tips, but my mudroom houses dogs, I do doggie care for pampered hounds!
    2. I do not dream of my house in a magazine. I would have to clean it, find something to wear, and then my friends would find out about my blog and life would never be the same.
    3. You could of ended question three just by saying is your blog popular? I don't even have that answer!


  35. LOL. How cute! Your mudroom is beautiful; I wish we had one. Ike is SO famous; Stewie is jealous and would like his paw-dograph.

  36. Oh my gosh, so cute! Has the attention gone to Ike's head? lol

  37. Congrats! Ike is super cute. Hope he still listens to you & doesn't throw his magazine feature in your face. :)

  38. Love this idea! And congrats on the magazine feature.

  39. Wow, congrats on getting published!! That is awesome stuff! I feel like every week you just casually mention some giant feature you just got. You are killin' it. Ike's not so bad either.

  40. I know I am a few days late on this but CONGRATS!! This is so so so exciting! Ike was just waiting for his magazine modeling debut. Great job on the article!


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