Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Outdoor Christmas Lights

This is a true story of a blogger that posts pictures of her home on the interwebs.

My Chiro:  “Ms. Michelle. I love your Christmas lights.  Now tell me about your secret internet life.”

Me:  “Uhh.”  *stutters*  *embarrassed because a real life person has discovered my blog*

So, my “secret” blog is getting out.  My chiro was talking to another person that lives in town about our lights and that person mentioned my blog (Hi, fellow small town person).  I guess strangers in our little town are reading and the word is getting out.  Weird. So very weird.  And cool.  Unless you are Nate spotted in a Mexican restaurant.  Oh boy, does he love me and this lil’ ol’ blog I’ve created.

Want to see the lights that are the talk of our little town?


We are no where near as cool as the house that is set to music.  We’re pretty jealous of that one.  I can only imagine how much time something like that takes.

Nate is most definitely in charge of the outside lights. I won’t even watch him put them on the peaks.  His dad helps him (thanks, FIL!). I’m just on stand by in the house waiting to call 911.  You only think I’m joking.  The following photo is the short ladder.  I’m still cringing.


Nate tells me that the secret to great outside lights is lighting the vertical areas and corners of your home.


We keep slowly adding lights each year.  This year we added the addition of light balls.  I’ll post more info on them tomorrow.  It was hard to get a good close up of them as it was pretty windy outside last night.  But trust me. They look cool in person.  Ask Kim.




We would like to add more to the entire tree area.  Someday Clark.

Nate’s recommendations for taking photos outdoor Christmas lights are to have your aperture set at f14 and ISO at 100. He recommends a tripod with remote or a self timer.  Each of these photos took about 30 seconds to take.

Do you hang outdoor Christmas lights?  Are your lights set to music?  Any weird blog encounters?

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  1. Too funny and creepy at same time. IN my tiny village if I mention the word blog they look at me like what? So I think I'm safe but then again our xmas lights don't look like that! Awesome job and thanks for the setting advice I have never captured our lights yet! Happy Wednesday!

  2. the lights look great... I love the blue

  3. Are you surprised that the blog is getting famous?
    C'me On my friend, didn't you know you have southamerican fans too? I mean this blog is serious deal!
    Nate... Awesome Job on the Christmas lights and pics, I am truly impressed!

  4. beautiful!!! i did our outside lights and we had two strands go out this week- UGH!

  5. Beautiful lights! We only put them in our window since we're renting but one day we will dress up a house with lights (the first year will probably be an overload).

    I haven't told many people of my blog yet so it's still secretive. I dread the day my family finds out (it will be awkward).

  6. People wouldn't catch on to you guys if you weren't so flashy.

    I'm digging all your outdoor lights. I wish we could decorate ours on this level, but we don't have a tall enough ladder. Brad is probably thankful because he's not a big fan of heights.

  7. I always joke to my family that I'm huge on the internet, just wait until word gets out....and I would totally enthusiastically and fan-like come up to you in a restaurant if I saw you out.

  8. I haaaaaate when real-life people discover my blog. It's so awkward. I had one acquaintance who would pick out lines she thought were funny and quote them back to me. What the heck do you say to that?!

    But I love the lights! We haven't done ANY outdoor lights on our house for Christmas, and don't plan to. It's my first year in a house, I must have to work up to that. But yours look so beautiful! I love a house lit up for Christmas. So pretty!

  9. I always admire when people put lights on their second storage. Because I'm picturing exactly what you described: The husband on a dangerous ladder and the wife by the phone, ready to dial 911. But, dang it looks so awesome when it's done.

  10. LOVE IT! It looks awesome! We've been talking about more lights outside, but right now all we have is two little tress next to our front door.

  11. I have one acquaintance who, whenever I see her, frequently uses the phrase "and on your blog ..." So awkward. But she's my only real creeper, so that's pretty good.

  12. your lights are gorgeous! For some reason I don't tell "real life" people about my's kind of a weird feeling!!! I don't know what I would do if I was "spotted" anywhere. Dan would probably run and hide LOL.

  13. OOOh! Looks good! Classy. We have below the bare minimum here. I'd like to add more, but Lisa puts the kabosh on that idea.

    Also, I don't do heights like Nate does heights.

  14. Gorgeous! I love the icy blue lights you chose! Or are they those super bright white ones that look blue like those headlights on fancy cars that blind you while you're driving? Anyway, they're pretty :)

  15. Your lights are so fancy! None for us this year. I am already excited to have lights next year though!

  16. Your house looks so magical! I cannot wait until we own a house some day so we can set up lights too. Nate did a great job! :)

  17. It's always awkward when real life people find out about your blog. All my family knows now and a few friends but when people from high school or college message me to say they were reading my blog... it's awkward. haha.

    Your lights are amazing!! Great job! I love them around your windows.

  18. You're famous! I can see how that would be awkward though! About as uncomfortable as climbing that ladder. Your house looks great!

  19. The lights look great! And thanks for the photo tip! :)

  20. I love your house so much, especially at Christmas time. That's why I stalk your house at nighttime. We just drive by a few times a night. no biggie.

    Does your chiro actually call you Ms. Michelle?

  21. Dude, you are famous!

    And your house rocks. I'm super obsessed with your lighting!!

  22. Does everyone in your town call you Ms. Michelle?

    People know about my blog if they are friends with my mom...and many people at our church also know. I didn't directly tell anyone, so go figure that one out.

    Your lights look great! I get nervous whenever Rick is on one of those ladders, too.

  23. I know a famous person via the internet! Neat! The lights look great. Did Nate make you stand there and give a drum roll before he turned them all on?!

    Save the neck for me, Clark.

  24. Your secret internet life - ha ha!! Love it! You are pretty much famous - tell me, how does it feel?! (ps I love the lights!)

  25. I'm totally serious when I say that your house is prime size and layout for one of the overkill totally choreographed and set to music light shows we've all seen and loved on the Internet.

    The whole real life people we know figuring out we have a blog has started lately. It is truly weird. On more than one occasion I'm almost just lied and said "Nope, not us."

  26. I love your lights! They look amazing!

    I talked about my blog a lot when I first started it, but I haven't told any one but my friends. My husband brags on me all the time though.

  27. It's beautiful! We have exactly zero decorations outside right now, because I'm easily intimidated by light shows like yours and also terrified of Andy being on ladders. (I seriously, seriously do stand by waiting to call 911 every time he goes on one.)

  28. Hey, but don't I get props for not actually saying anything to Nate in the Mexican restaurant? I could have really embarrassed him!

    Your house looks beautiful. Christmas perfection!

  29. When I was little, Nate's family had the best Christmas lights in town. I think they won a prize.


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