Sunday, December 2, 2012

Glittery Gold Whispy Ornament Wreath

A blogger having the same wreath each season is like a celebrity wearing the same dress to two different movie premieres.  Shameful.

I usually use a berry wreath for our holiday decorating.  The berries usually shed all over the floor and it just didn’t seem to go with my glittery gold motif I have going on this year.  So I took matters into my own hands and created my 20 minute Glittery Gold Whispy Ornament Wreath.  Patent pending on the name.

Glittery Gold Whispy Wreath

This wreath is super easy.

Head to Hobby Lobby.  Find whispy wreath for $14.99.  Find gold spray paint for $3.  Find gold Glitter Blast spray paint for $7.99.  Holy rip off but my mind was set on glitter.  Logic goes on the window when your mind is on glitter.  Luckily I had a coupon. This will probably take you 5 minutes if you are an expert Hobby Lobby shopper like myself.  Wait in line for at least 8 minutes…because it’s Hobby Lobby.

Once you are home, scrounge around for some ornaments that you aren’t using.  My were pink and purple left over from my college days. I’m sad I didn’t photograph them.


Spray the wreath and ornaments with the gold spray paint.  1 minute.

Let dry.  1 minute.  (Because you are impatient and want to spray everything with glittery spray paint.)

Repeat on opposite side of wreath and ornaments. 1 minute.

Let dry. 2 minutes. (Because you are impatient and want to spray everything with glittery spray paint.)

Spray the wreath and ornaments with the Glitter Blast spray paint.  1 minute.  Let dry.  Words of wisdom:  When they say “blast”, they mean blast.  Be prepared.  It was pretty awesome actually.  Glitter explosion.

Attach ornaments to wreath using ornament hooks.  Just wrap the hook around.


Give the wreath one more good round of glitter blast.  1 minute.

Hang and enjoy your beautiful Glittery Gold Whispy Ornament Wreath.



What’s your holiday wreath look like?  Or are you anti-wreath?  I was kind of impartial to wreaths before this gold beauty came into my life.

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  1. I like it! Quick and easy projects work for me right now.

  2. This looks really pretty! I like the idea of painting and existing wreath. And I may have 10 or 12 of them in the basement asking for a coat of spraypaint.

  3. I love it! I just bought myself that same wreath last week and haven't been sure if I'm all that crazy about it. I like yours better. Simple but still glitzy and fun.

  4. Awesome. I see somebody's hopped right onto the gold bandwagon huh? Love it!

  5. It looks beautiful!! Can't get enough of gold!

  6. Love the wreath. Loving me some gold and also hobby lobby. Although I don't love waiting in their lines to check out. Way to rock the gold wreath!

  7. Your wreath is gorgeous! I like anything gold for the holidays.

  8. Oooh, I love it!! It makes me want to use glittery spray paint!

  9. This looks great! I love the glittery gold!

  10. Looks great! How is the glitter paint holding up? Is it on the wreath or on the floor. I've always been curious ...

  11. Whoa, that is glorious. I am loving shimmery gold this year! Funny that you mentioned bloggers can't use the same wreath each year. I lovingly gazed at my coffee filter wreath this year, but didn't pull it out for that exact reason. Poor neglected wreath.q

  12. That's really and truly very pretty! This is my first big year for wreaths. I have one in every window in the living area and on each exterior light... so 10. Yeah. But mine aren't gloriously gold and glittery. Sad...

  13. I love how it turned out! I like admiring wreaths, but I haven't put any up at my house.

  14. Yet another reason why I need to spray paint more often.

  15. Wispy + gold= good mix for this time of year!

    How about a blogger who has never made a wreath? Does that win the #1 shameful award? I speak of others, of course...not myself... :P

  16. Had to laugh at your Hobby Lobby comment - love that store, absolutely hate the slow check out! Love your fun wreath.

  17. Love this! Gold is totally my favorite this season. And glitter-- yep, I'll do about anything for it (including paying prices that are probably ridiculous :)) Thanks for linking up with us today!

  18. I am super obsessed with this. You are my hero.

  19. Really pretty, it looks so good hanging in your hallway.


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