Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Winning, Cheating, & Mummies

How’s that for a post title?

Today we are having a meeting.

First order of business:  Winning.

The winner of the Soggy Doggy Super Shammy Giveaway is entry #45…Lisa!  Congrats and I’ll be in contact with you!

Second order of business: Cheating.

Today is the Random Acts of Craftiness challenge reveal.  This month’s challenge was “Odds and Ends from the Hardware Store.”  I am cheating.  Erin said it’s okay.  I am linking up our console table.  It’s only sort of cheating.  We did originally go wandering through the hardware store trying to figure out what we could cheaply/uniquely use for legs for our distressed top. Copper pipe for the win. Be sure to check out the other unique ideas from people that put forth effort this month.  (You can do so here!)  I’m just ahead of my time.  I totally like bands before they exist.

DIYConsoleTable 098pm

Third and last order of business:  Mummies (and ghosts)

Today is a big day at work.  Almost the entire medical clinic dresses up for Halloween.  It’s always a good time. There are prizes for group and individual costumes.  The pharmacy always goes the group route.  This year we are going as the Peanuts (Charlie Brown and company). I’m Pig Pen.  Check out my Instagram feed on the right side of the blog for photos.  Halloween is also cause for a potluck (as is Columbus day, Flag day, etc.).  I whipped up these cupcake mummies and Nutterbutter ghosts.  I don’t mess around on potluck day.



Both are super easy to make.  The cupcakes are from a box with a powdered sugar + butter + vanilla + water frosting.  My frosting was a tad too runny but I was kind of over baking by this time so I went with it.  The ghosts are Nutter Butters coated in white chocolate with mini chocolate chips for eyes.  Easy peasy Mcsqueazy.

Are you dressing up for Halloween?  The kids?  The dog?  What are you/they going as?  What’s your favorite Halloween treat?  Did you participate in the Random Acts of Craftiness challenge?

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  1. That console is awesome. I love copper plumbing pipe. So versatile in various decor projects.

  2. i love the console, too, cheater. i mean, michelle.
    and love the yummy mummies!

  3. I totally would have cheated too if I had an awesome console table to use! ;)

    Can't wait to see your Pig Pen costume!

  4. Love your baking! Good luck with your costume competition! I saw yours - super cute!

  5. Love your costume and treats for work so fun! Happy Halloween!

  6. Your table is the perfect entry for this challenge.
    (The only one wearing a costume today at our house will be Auggie in his biker hoodie...)

  7. I completely failed on the RAOC today, so your table beats my nothing. I can't wait for Weston to go trick or treating and bring me back some chocolate!

  8. Hahaha... Hipster Michelle likes obscure bands before you do.

  9. Love the table legs. I think it totally counts for the challenge.

    Your baking looks delicious and your Pig Pen costume is awesome. Happy Halloween!

  10. I really really want those nutter butter ghosts. Like right now!

    I went to a Halloween shindig this year and used an old (lame) costume...a cat. I'm a dog person so it's kind of silly but it was an easy $5 costume! My son is a dino this year and I'm going to attempt to put butterfly wings on my girl dog (I fail every year). My boy pup flat out refuses so he'll go as a dog. :)

  11. HAHAHA I totally need to convince Rick that next year he must force his staff to dress up like that. Pigpen suits a cheater like you. ;)

  12. Those ghosts are so cute, and I have to check out Pig Pen!

  13. Very cool table. The ends look rounded, did you do something to them to keep them from scratching the floor?

  14. How is that cheating? I think its awesome and ought to win.

  15. I'm serious when I say that you better have saved me a nutter butter ghost.

    I mean. Seriously.

  16. I loved your costumes (and the goodies!)


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