Monday, October 8, 2012

Our Kitchen and Blogging

Alternate title: Our Kitchen Tile Progress and Why I’ll Never Be a Big Blogger

You may want to sit down for this one.  Seriously.  We started a house project.  Our kitchen backsplash to be exact.  This may be our first major project in almost a year. 


We started yesterday and didn’t get as far as we would have liked.  Tile saw issues, measuring issues.  Most of you know how that goes.  But so far.  We are loving it. We hope to have it done by next week. If you tell me you hate it, I’ll sucker punch you.

Which brings me to my next topic…..why I’ll never be a big blogger.

1. I want to apologize to those that we offended with the YouTube video link that we posted last week.  I’m not sorry that we posted it but I am sorry that I didn’t put a warning.  I honestly forget the number of people that read this blog.  I don’t really care so much about pleasing others with this in, what kind of content I post but I don’t want to offend others…unless it’s with paint colors or fabric swatches.  I’ve been offended by some paint colors out there.  I get it.  We don’t think suicide is funny. I lost two classmates in high school from suicide.  I didn’t watch the video all of the way through and Nate isn’t easily offended.  We just thought the original principle was funny.  We will warn you about potential poor choices in the sense of humor department in the future.  The end.

2.  I haven’t completed a larger house project in almost a year.  The shame.  And lack of motivation.

3. I posted an in-progress photo of my kitchen.  The horror.  I did add a fun filter.  I get hipster blogger points for that though, right?

4. I threatened to sucker punch my readers.

5.  There are no bottles of Pellegrino on my kitchen…even in the progress shot.  What kind of blogger am I?

Have you been suffering from project lulls?  What’s holding your back from big blogger fame?  You always have Pellegrino out on your counters, right?


  1. I didn't watch the video so I don't know what it's about. But I wanted to say, I love the subway tiling so far! We have it in our kitchen too, so I have a real love for it. Overall your kitchen looks awesome.

  2. I am in love with your kitchen! Subway tile...I die. It looks like such a great space that must be nice to cook in. Color me jealous!

  3. i am so with you! while i have done projects, i can't apologize for putting things on my blog that i like even if no one else does. and i never have bought pellegrino, let alone would i ever have it on my counter.

  4. I mean, sure, we blog for the ego-swelling 'omg your project looks great!' comments.... but there's usually a reason that started things BEFORE the ego-swelling comments come along. Keep bloggin' for you - and Ike. And Nate when he isn't rolling his eyes at you. ;)I LOVE your blog for the sarcastic tone and REALITY you keep in here. Screw angry comments.

    But really, subway tile? *swoon* That's the biggest downer of apartment living. I want SO MUCH to tile a backsplash that its sometimes comical when I find myself in the tile isle of Home Depot. Good choice! Can't wait to see it finished! (SANS pelligrino.)

  5. Love the way the tile looks, and I can't wait to see it when it's done... even if you don't include any bottles of San Pelligrino :)

  6. Oooh pretty tile. I forgive you for not having any Pellegrino. I don't even really know what that is. (That's why I will never be a big blogger. That, and blogging has taken the back burner to life lately. It's kind of sad.)

  7. Great post! I too post sad little progress pictures and have so many projects that are incomplete that all of my pictures look like crap. Oh, and they're taken with a crappy camera - which makes the whole thing look even sadder. I do have a new camera on my Christmas list for this year, though. So hopefully things are looking up.

  8. Honestly, living in West Europe, we don't usually have such big kitchens in our flats to start with so I am kind of meh...

    But about the video, I don't care, really. As long as there are no spiders & crawlings things in it I won't be so easily offended, full stop. (Just give a warning so we arachnophobiacs won't click it)

    OYFG! That's it, it must be the lack of Pellegrino that keeps me from blogging fame, & not my lazyness to post at least every other day!

  9. You are so funny...I love your kitchen and always enjoy reading your blog! I haven't done any major projects in awhile. I have trouble convincing my husband to do anything big around the house. I just end up doing small things like a table setting here and there to keep my blog from getting too boring...Maybe I should just buy some Pellegrino and call it a day!

  10. i LOVE it so far! plus I love in progress shots...makes me feel better about my whole house that i could stamp a giant "in progress" stamp on. But seriously, the tile is going to look amazing and it DOES take forever. But its totally worth it once you grout and step back and take it all in :).

  11. Meh, I say it's your blog. Post what you want. There will always be someone who gets offended by something.

    Take me, for example. I find subway tile highly offensive. I'll take that sucker punch!

    Just kidding. I don't want punched. And I also happen to think the tile looks really pretty.

  12. I will forgive you for the partial project post as long as you promise a completed project post filled with tile tips and tricks, m' kay? My kitchen backsplash is on my winter "to do" list. I will never be a big time blogger, I've made peace with that fact. I am considering cleverly placing a pellegrino bottle in my next photo, I didn't know that got you cool blog points! The video? Funny, just blame any slack you get from it on Nate, it was his pick!

  13. That looks great so far! We need to get moving on our backsplash, too. I've had one stupid sample piece propped up on the counter for like 3 months now, all by its lonesome. It needs friends, permanently installed, that can't go anywhere. The poor thing. Do you have any pointers for tile installation, or videos/tutorials/articles/etc you found helpful? I'm scared.

  14. Looks awesome so far. I think you're purposely being offensive to get ratings, aka readers. It's like releasing a home sex tape, only you shared a funny video with a dark and twisty end. There. I said it.

  15. Love the subway tile! It is absolutely gorgeous! Definitely worth the wait!

    Looks like I'll never be a big time blogger either, I hate Pellegrino! And we are slow movers on the big project front... Oh well! ;)

  16. The subway tile is going to look amazing.

    I'll never be a big time blogger because I dont want the stress of regular posts. I post when i want to and if I dont have something to talk about then I'm not going to come up with nonsense. So my numbers are erratic to say the least.

  17. Love your new tile, can't wait to see the final results, would you like me to send you some pellegrino? I don't even know what that stuff is ;). As for the video, yeah, I was not too happy with the end! I mean really, was that necessary? I would have loved to have shared it with some people, but I thought the ending was a bit disturbing. No hard feelings towards you though....maybe Nate...;)

  18. I love that tile. You know what is keeping us from big house projects? Money. I hate it. If only money grew on trees....!

  19. The tile looks amazeballs! And who cares about major projects or perfect photographs. Heck, in my "after" shots of my kitchen I didn't stage anything. I even have the back-side of a greeting card, that is half falling off the bar counter in my photo. And that photo landed itself in a national magazine, for all to see my lack of staging and photo skills. Oh well! I guess that's why I'll never be a big blogger either. :)

    1. And maybe my use of the word amazeballs keeps my blogger status from going anywhere. Hmmmmm....

  20. The tile is amaaaazing. And I wouldn't tell if you if it wasn't. But fortunately, it is. Finish it, quick!

  21. Whenever it gets done it is going to look great!
    And what are you talking about, you are a Big Blogger =)

  22. You are hilarious. And I'm totally cool with you sucker punching your readers. I spy a future reality tv show.

  23. I'm so with you. I'm like, uh, I dusted today and cleaned the bathroom for the 5th time this week. That sh*t is blog worthy. But it's not. And there's no San Pellegrino in my bathroom.

  24. I haven't watched the video too, but I do love your subway tiles – they look absolutely perfect there! I’m happy knowing that the renovations are done as of now, and that you are enjoying the fruits of your labor. Hmm, just continue blogging because you are also entitled to your personal views. Great job! :)

    Alana Geikie


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