Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hiking in Sedona

Alternate title:  I shouldn’t post some of these photos on the interweb.

On Tuesday I mentioned that most of our time in Sedona was spent hiking.  We’re wild and crazy kids.

Our first stop was the Boynton Canyon trail.  We were greeted with a bear warning.  My brother and I were fully prepared to take on any wild animals that we might encounter.

Arizona 004

No, we didn’t encounter any wild animals.  Yes, I wore lots of sunscreen.  Yes, my nickname was bear meat. No Mom, we will never grow up.

This hike was a 6 mile round trip hike through the canyon.  It was a fairly easy hike.  Most of it was shaded which was an added benefit.

Arizona 019

Arizona 165

This hike was pretty uneventful.  Some nice Austrian man took our photo at the end of the trail.  We gave my brother lessons in composition while on this trip.  Looks like we should have also offered them to our new friend.

Arizona 094

Nate took pretty photos.  My brother and I were obnoxious. The usual. The following pose is still in, right?

Arizona 107

My brother wants everyone to know that he took the following photo. Not Nate.  Just to clear that up.

Arizona 134

Our next trail was Devil’s Bridge. A 3 mile round trip trail. My brother and Nate enjoyed this trail.  I did not.  This is the time that I tell you all about my fear of heights.  I like to hike flat trails.  Not trails where I can fall to my death…like this trail.  Here is the bridge.  My brother and Nate walked out on that thing.  I did not.  No way.  No how.

Arizona 232

The views on the way up were quite awesome.

Arizona 245

The trail itself.  Eh.   This was a good part.

Arizona 250

The following photo sums up this hike.  Me baby stepping up the trail.  Nate taking photos of my rear (which I cropped out to save us all).  My brother resting and taunting me.  I hate my brother.  And my husband.

Arizona 261

We eventually made it to the top.  Where I sat firmly planted in a safe location. 

Arizona 263

My brother and Nate walked on out on that thing.  Dumb. Some doctor kept trying to get me to go out there.  I forgave him after he saved us a 1.5 mile hike back from the trailhead to our car.

Arizona 280

Our last hike was the West Fork Oak Creek trail.  This hike was 6 miles round trip.  This trail had 12 creek crossings which was kind of fun.

Arizona 324

Arizona 341

Arizona 451

Arizona 450

The only thing we disliked about this trail was that the end was pretty uneventful.  We were hoping for some big pool or awesome view. This was it.  Still pretty but eh.

Arizona 437

This concludes our hiking tour of Sedona.  Are you still awake?  Anyone?

Do you like to hike?  Anyone else with a major fear of heights?  (Just wait for the Grand Canyon post!)


  1. WOW. it looks SOOOOo beautiful! i love hiking- this looks dreamy!

  2. Nice rear. And Nate + brother in cutoffs and tank tops? HUBBA HUBBA! Looks like a gorgeous trip (landscape, not men, but they are very nice-looking too I guess). I'm also kind of scared of heights. We took a trip hiking to Arches National Park and I was way too scared to walk out near any of the arches that were on ledges. We also went to Zion National Park and there was this one horrifying trail that was the width of a sidewalk with sheer drop-offs on both sides and JEFF WAS TRYING TO TALK ME INTO GOING ON IT. He's insane. One of the park rangers told us people die on that trail every year. Needless to say . . . nope.

  3. Gorgeous pictures! I hope your frame a few of them. I love to hike but also have a bit of a fear of heights.

  4. If my rear was as tiny as yours, i think i would be okay with it ;). Okay, that sounds much more creepy typed than it did in my head haha.

    I love hiking and those trails sound amazing. although the one that was scary for you probably would have been my climbing things! I need to get on my vacay posts, you're inspiring me!

    PS- If i were a bear, i would have been scared after that first photo. i'm pretty sure that's why you didn't encounter any wildlife.

  5. I love hiking, especially in beautiful places like this.

  6. That looks like an amazing hike. So pretty and the river crossings were great for cooling down I bet. I love that you go on vacation with your brother. That's so awesome!

  7. I love to hike, but I haven't been on any trails in quite some time. I still can't get over the gorgeous views you guys had on vacation!! I definitely think a couple pictures should find themselves in frames around your casa!

  8. Nice pics! Your parents should use the bear pic on the family Christmas card this year. Are you using your index finger to support your climb up those rock steps? Interesting technique.

    We like to hike with the dog beast, but there's not a whole lot of good hiking trails here because Indiana is so flat. Lack of quality hiking trails is probably why Indiana is one of the fattest states.

  9. These pictures are great. Especially the one of your behind.

    In other news, I feel like I'm going crazy because I could have SWORN I already read this post. Maybe I'm mixing them up, but I specifically remember the hikes.


  10. Wow! These pictures are GORGEOUS!! It looks like a beautiful place to go!

  11. You go adventurer Michelle! I don't love hiking but those trails look amazing.

  12. Wow. It looks beautiful there! I did some hiking years ago when I lived in Maine. My friend and I ended up on some crazy trail where there was no turning back and the only way was up. It was a miracle we survived. Never again! Like you said "No way. No how." ;)

  13. Gorgeous, gorgeous. I whine a lot when forced into physical anything, so hiking is not something we do a lot of. Maaaaabye if we had somewhere pretty to go. And there was a snickers bar waiting for me at the end of it...

    PS - I had 5 comments waiting in my spam queue. All 5 were yours. Weird!

  14. Also, I'm not a country fan, but every time I hear (or see) Sedona, my brain immediately goes "THERE IS NO ARIZONAAAAAAA, NO PAINTED DESERT, NO SEDONAAAAA...." You too?

  15. Not faaaaaair! This makes me miss living in Colorado SO bad. Beautiful.

  16. The first two years of my teaching profession were spent in Sedona. Such a beautiful spot! My favorite place to shop (uhhhhhh -- window shop 'cause I was a poor teacher...) was Tlaquepaque. My favorite place to hike was just about anywhere along the water in Oak Creek Canyon.

  17. I'm about 3 million years behind on blog reading after last week. Um, SO PRETTY! Also, where did you get that grey tank top? I need one in my life.

  18. very beautiful!As I see those picture I can't help my self looking back on our picture way back 5 years ago.

  19. That looks like an great hikehiking food for dogs


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