Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fireworks Photos

While we recover from doing nothing on the 4th of July, I will share with you all some fireworks photos.  (If you would like tips for photographing fireworks, check out Friday’s post here!)

We enjoyed the show along the Mississippi river.  It was extremely hot and humid. I threw a cardigan in the car.  Nate laughed at me.  I most definitely did not need the cardigan beings it was still 85 degrees at 10:00PM.  You can never be too prepared when it comes to having a cardigan though.  I take cardigan carrying seriously.

I think next year we shall buy a boat and watch the fireworks on the river.  Wait, I get motion sick. Never mind.

I swear I’m only 30.

This is going downhill fast.  Enjoy the show!

Fireworks 2012 295
Fireworks 2012 301
Fireworks 2012 354
Fireworks 2012 373
Fireworks 2012 384

How’d you spend the 4th?  Did you get to catch a fireworks show or were they cancelled in your area?  Who else thinks I should only eat ice cream until this Extreme Heat Warning is lifted?


  1. I was driving home from work so I missed all fireworks. Boo! But I got to see pics of yours- and I definitely heard them out the car window!!

  2. very cool! We were completely boring and cooked out with some friends and skipped the fireworks (they didn't start until 9:45) yes we're really only 30 too

  3. Amazing pictures! I was going to use your tutorial for perfect pictures, but my phone died before I got to the fireworks. :(

  4. We missed most of the fireworks this year. How un American of us. I say yes, buy a boat. Who cares about motion sickness! They make pills for that!!

  5. We had my family and Rick's family over. It was nice and relaxing. The pool was helpful, too. Watching fireworks by the river sounds beyond cool...I say work on that motion sickness thing between now and next year so you can get that boat!

  6. You're turning into a real photographer! My blog has resorted to almost all iPhone pics lol! I'd totally frame those photos and hang them for the summer. They're so pretty.

  7. These photos are great! I love the reflection of the blue one in the water :)

    We watched from behind a tree (oops) at our local festival - it was a pretty good show - definitely longer than I was expecting!

  8. those are gorgeous, especially with the reflections in the water! I definitely am pro-eating-only-icecream until the heat wave goes away!

  9. Wow - your photos are stunning!!!

  10. Ooohhh aaaahhhh! Nice photos! We watched fireworks in Indy, Boston, and New York... all from the comfort of our air conditioned home. Our local fireworks were canceled, and the downtown Indy fireworks were only going to be 15 minutes long so we thought it would be a waste to battle the traffic. AKA, we're old.

  11. These pictures make me happy :)

    We didn't do fireworks last night (I fell asleep on the couch - that's what I get for being in the sun all day) but I'm not too bummed since they had fireworks last weekend for some festival near us.

  12. Your photos are amazing. So gorgeous. We didn't go to the fireworks. I was totally beat and it was so damn hot. Yes, I'm an old lady now.

    FYI - We need to lunch soon.

  13. I'm w you about the cardi thing. It's 103 today and I'm sitting in Starbucks w a cardi in my purse. Just in case.
    Also, a tip on the inner-ear delicacy (from one who gets vomitus {a word?} near babbling brooks and still lakes): non-drowsy dramamine.
    It just dawned on me that a pharmacist might well know about the goodness of such a drug. Brilliant comment, Faith.

  14. Gorgeous photos! I packed a sweatshirt for my trip to Michigan for the Fourth. When it was 105 degrees. Didn't end up needing that sweatshirt...

  15. WOW!!! Those truly are some amazing photos! I wish my fireworks pics would turn out like that! It was quite a toasty 4th of July, I think just about everyone was from the high 80's to the 100's. It's just craziness!

  16. Your firework photos are beautiful!


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