Friday, February 3, 2012

Monistat Chaffing Relief Powder Gel

By popular request, I will share with you the wonders of Monistat’s Chaffing Relief Powder Gel.  I never thought I’d be writing about a Monistat product on this blog.  But it’s happening.  Mom, be proud.


I first heard about this life changing product from my dear blog friend, Rachel.  You can read her little blurb about the product as a make-up primer by clicking right here.  I really like to be trusting of my blog friends but this just seemed crazy.  Crazy enough for the pharmacist in me to want to check it out further.

I headed on over to Amazon to read the reviews.  Great reviews as a make-up primer….and to prevent “chub rub” (note: not my term.  I took it directly from the reviews.)  This product contains dimethicone which is used in expensive make-up primers. The price was right at $5.99 for the tube.  I’ll try it.  Why not?  Please Amazon Prime two day ship that to me so I don’t have to purchase it in a store.  Thanks.  Store clerks do judge you.  I’m a pharmacist.  I know.

This stuff is incredible.  Seriously. 

Why do I love it so much?

  • It comes out of the tube as a gel and then dries to a super soft powder finish.  Not sticky at all.  It is also scent free.
  • It makes my face incredibly soft.  It’s crazy.  I like to pet my own face now.  Ike is jealous.
  • It minimizes pores. 
  • It works great as a primer.  I wear Bare Minerals make-up and this product helps my make-up go on smoother.  I also need to use less make-up.  Cost savings!
  • I have a super sensitive face.  Any time I try something new, my face usually breaks out.  (Unfortunately, I’m a sucker for products…and a slow learner.)  My skin has actually improved during the month that I’ve worn this. (Way to jinx myself.)
  • I normally have trouble with dry skin in the winter.  My face has stayed nice and moisturized since I began using it.  (I did, however, start using a new moisturizer around the same time.  It’s called Cerave…and I’m also in love with it.  I think the combo together has kept the face all nice and moist..but not too moist.  Isn’t moist a gross word?)
  • Speaking of gross…this product is fun to freak people out with.  I made my mom try it.  She thought I was messing with her.  Until she put it on her face, loved it, and didn’t care if it was a Monistat product or not.  I also think it makes Nate all nervous.  Even better.
  • You don’t need very to use very much of the gel.  I’ve been using mine 5-6 days per week and the tube looks like I’ve hardly touched it.

There you have it.  The day my blog went down the tube….when I wrote about a tube of Monistat.

Who’s going to try this interesting product or can you not get past the Monistat?  What’s your favorite beauty product? 

Guess who I’m hanging out with this week-end?  It may or may not be two awesome blog girls.  The suspense…

***I was in no way compensated for this post.  I just think the product is awesome and thought you might too!***


  1. I am going to buy this yesterday! I'm all for alternate uses of products to save beauty buck$. Also my sister just tuned me on to Cerave and I plan to replace my $47 moisturizer with it as soon as I run out, and to buy the night cream. Love your blog!

  2. hhmm.... my face has that "not so fresh" feeling, so i think i am going to try it. ;) seriously i need to try it.

  3. Wow! I thought I'd read it wrong when you said you put it on your face! lol
    Yes, I am going to buy some this weekend! I can't wait to try it. :)

  4. ummm I think i am going to start using this as a primer!! I have amazon reward points that need to be used anyways :)

  5. Wow I need to try this. I have a problem with a dry face during the winter. I haven't found a good lotion for before I apply make up, they always make me feel like my pores are clogged. I need to try this.

    I have heard recently on a blog that for dry hands and cuticles to use 'nipple cream'. I have looked for it but have not found or tried it yet!

    1. It's called Udder Cream, lol! I swear by it! My hands are always soft & never greasy!

  6. I will drive out of town and buy this today! I don't want my the store peeps to judge me!

  7. 1. You are seriously funny.
    2. You almost have me convinced with this stuff.
    3. I wear Bare Minerals too...and I'm out of I'll get some?
    4. I hope you have a really good weekend.
    5. Maybe someday we should have a "midwestern bloggers" get together.

  8. I have very sensitive skin, too. I used to use a department store brand's moisturizer and then one day they "relabeled" it (ie. jacked up the price and gave you less). Clearly I had to find a new option, and like you, my face breaks out when I try a new product. I'm using Neutrogena's oil free moisturizer (for sensitive skin) and I'm really liking it so far.

  9. Ohh...I'm going today and buying it! Could care less what the store clerks think, I'm sure they have seen worse. thanks for sharing.

  10. I've bought monistat products for other reasons, as well as condoms, a boat load of tampons over the years and... ahem... some warming stuff for "her pleasure" that set the nether regions on fire.

    I reckon I can buy some chub rub to use on my face without any embarrassment. LOL

  11. Ah chub rub. Love it. This isn't the only time I've heard of using a cream intended for "where the sun doesn't shine" for the face. I know this sounds weird, but Preparation H (hemerroid anti-inflamatory cream) used as an under eye cream to de-puff. Sounds gross, but it works. I'm just a chock full of useless random knowledge I tell ya.

  12. I needed that laugh. ah...*wipes tears*. good stuff.
    But you have me now convinced. I'll be loading this in my amazon cart soon.
    Btw thank God for amazon b/c I KNEW those cashiers took inventory. I just knew it! I imagine a cashier pow-wow at the end of each day comparing the baskets of customers.

  13. MOIST.

    I am trying this out today! But I draw the line at this.

  14. I don't see why this seems so strange to people-- I've been using Preparation H on my fine lines for years. Just kidding.

    I'll look for this when I go to Walmart later. I don't care if I'm judged there.

  15. So sad that I can relate to the work "chub rub". As soon as I saw the word Monistat the first time you brought it up I moved on quickly. Now that you've made it sound like the miracle cream I have to try it. I have really dry skin so I'm always looking for something to make me look young again. ;)

  16. This is really interesting... I may try it, maybe, it's weird....

  17. I heard a lot about this being a great (and inexpensive) make up primer in the wedding community back when I was planning, but never realized it acted as a moisturizer as well!

  18. That's what kind of make up I use too! Do you use a powder or liquid base? Either way, I'm sold. I have super dry skin too. I don't THINK I suffer from chub rub, but I'm not totally sure what that is either... ;)

  19. Totally just ordered it on Amazon. Why not?! We'll see how I like it. couldn't find the inactive ingredients so hopefully it's not made from corn or soy... :)

  20. I'm going to try it. Sounds way better than buying more BM Prime Time for$18 a pop. This will be a great way to round out my Target trip tomorrow - diapers, wipes, condoms, and now monistat!

  21. Ew moist IS a gross word. I always think of that scene in "A Cinderella Story" where the stepmom tells Sam that the cookies are "so moist" in that voice that only Jennifer Coolidge can create. Ewewew.

    I also have skin woes and am always willing to try new stuff...maybe this will be next! :)

  22. ok... Monistat on my face? I've probably done worse in my lifetime. You have my ears perked up and head slightly tilted, "huh?" Something good and cheap for my face? SOLD! Can we get it at a gross discount? Thanks for sharing - gotta go shopping (I don't care who judges me - I am off to the store!) Have a marvelous weekend.

  23. Meeeee! I'm going to march right into the store and get me some, and I'm not even gonna care what the cashier thinks! My co-worker, Army, likes to mess with nosy cashiers. When his dog tangled with a skunk, he remembered that someone told him that Massengil douche works better than anti-skunk shampoo. So this 6'6" tall mountain of a man scooped up every single bottle of Massengil on the store shelves and dumped it on the counter. The cashiers eyes widened, and she asked, "Skunk?" And Army, with a totally straight face, said, "Nope. I got a really big one. And it stinks." I would have given anything to have seen that poor woman's face!

  24. Yuck, I hate the word moist!
    I've been subscribing to birch box ===amazing so that is my only Beauty product secret. I might have to pick my up some of this though....on amazon prime!

  25. Wow. I actually think I might try this? But only because Amazon prime has me wrapped around its finger and because I'm hoping you're not planning some elaborate april fools day prank on all your readers.

  26. Hi Great review.....when something like this is discovered don't you want to know who the first person was who decided "hey I should try this on my face"??? I use Smashbox which costs a fortune so I will have to give this a shot and then keep it my little secret :)

    Thx for responding to all the comments!!

  27. I've always heard it is awesome but I suck at remembering to use a primer. Maybe I need to throw one in my Amazon cart this weekend. Prime is the best way to easy but so dangerous too.

  28. Dang, I just purchased bare minerals primer...cha-citing. I am, it's on my list

  29. Not only did I buy it in my rural Target store, but I also used a $3 off coupon lmbo! At $2.99 and with good reviews I couldn't pass it up. Besides, unfortunately, I also have chub AND pudge rub smh...

  30. I bought it and it's awesome! My husband inquired why I was putting yeast infection cream on my face though. THAT resulted in a long explanation that I'm not sure he understood but nonetheless accepted.

  31. oh my god... i was actually concerned where this post was going... I seriously thought... did some company offer Michelle free monistat cream to do a revue of their product... WOW!

    BUT, I'm happily surprised about the actual reason of the post. I'm trying this for sure since I too have super dry skin and use bare minerals! :)

  32. This is waaaaaay after you posted, but I saw it on Pinterest today, so I had to stop by. I started using this about 3-4 years ago (when they had the fresh scent, which was amazing btw), as a body gel for running, hot summer days, etc. At that time I was using Photofinish as a primer for my face. I give thanks to my wonderful sister for noticing that I had a tube of this in my purse and gave me the tip to use it on my face. She was a Mary Kay rep, and swore by this stuff! Been using it ever since, never looked back. Glad to read others do it, so I'm not crazy!

    And yes, I feel as though the cashiers are curious when I buy it. I wish Walgreens would sell it. I feel less judged there.

    Happy day!


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