Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dare to Give Homemade Gifts

If you are my brother, stop reading this.  Seriously.  Stop.  Come back tomorrow.  The rest of you may continue.

It’s Dare to DIY time at NewlyWoodwards!  This week’s challenge was to DIY a handmade gift.

I honestly don’t do a lot of handmade Christmas gifts.  I’m always worried about how they will be received.  Which is kind of silly beings I love them. It is what it is.

I do, however, know that my brother is making me something.  I have a feeling it’s a painting or a drawing.  I felt the need to reciprocate so I created this simple deer art…


My brother is an avid hunter.  Deer silhouettes are shockingly (to me) a design trend.  I went with it.

Here’s how you can make your very own deer art:

  • Find a piece of leftover wood in the garage. 
  • Make your significant other cut it down to size.
  • Paint the board a background color. (White for this deer.)  Let dry.
  • Google “deer silhouette”, pick your favorite, print and cut it out.
  • Spray back of silhouette with craft spray adhesive.
  • Apply silhouette to painted board.  Press down edges well.  (I failed at this so it’s not perfect…but made with love.)
  • Use spray paint to cover board and silhouette (black for this deer).
  • Let dry.
  • Remove deer silhouette paper.
  • Enjoy your pretty manly art for your brother/dad/boyfriend/deer loving best friend.

It even looks kind of cute in my kitchen..


Are you a handmade gift giver?  What’s the best handmade gift that you have received?  Be sure to stop by NewlyWoodwards and check out the amazing handmade goodness!


  1. This is a great gift. And it looks so cool when it's done. Great idea. Thanks for linking up this week(and all the other weeks). You are the best.

  2. This came out so well! I am not a huge deer silhouette person, but I would totally have this in our house. If your brother doesn't like it, send it my way!

  3. Nice! That would look great on a gallery wall with black & white photos.

  4. Looks awesome! I'm sure that your brother will love it!

  5. Love this!! Wishing I had one for our entry hall....

  6. How cute! You did a great job with the silhouette. Hopefully your brother stopped reading, lol. Visiting from Newly Woodwards...

  7. that is so cool- he will love it!
    and yes, i am doing almost all homemade gifts this year and it feels good - more meaningful and from the heart. :)

  8. That turned out great!! Love your how to, also. It could easily work for non-deer too :)

  9. Very cute!

    Where did you get your giant fork/knife/spon set? Love it!

  10. I got the set at Hobby Lobby!

    And don't worry, my brother never reads this...unless I tell him to. :P

  11. What a great idea! It turned out awesome and I'm sure your brother will love it.

  12. Nice idea. The only home made gifts I normally do are rice packs, basically, rice filled flannel bags of various sizes meant to be heated in the microwave and applied to sore muscles, ear aches, headaches, or put in a cold bed at night to warm it it. I enjoy making them, picking out the flannels to use, etc, but there are only so many you can make for one person, really.

  13. Such a great gift- I love it!!!

  14. he will love it, i'm sure!! so easy but you're right - very trendy right now! nice work.

  15. How fun! I really wanted to go this route this year, but with the move, I don't have enough time. Maybe next year - unless I'm moving into a house then (we're renting until we find the right house to buy). Good job!

  16. CUTE! I'm with you - I think deer art is a bit strange as art, but whatev - people gotta do their own things =)

  17. Totally agree that deer art is incredibly strange - but you did a great job!

  18. You did a terrific job with this! And, hey, it's very elegant deer art! :)

  19. What a great idea! Looks like it was a simple process too...and what a huge impact!

    ~visting from Newly Woodwards

  20. This deer silhouette rocks! I think I might make a moose one for brother! Thanks for stopping by to check out my sugar scrub - I'll be showing a few more scrubs before the holidays too if you want to check them out over the next few weeks!


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