Friday, November 11, 2011

South Dakota Lovin’

A few weeks ago while I was bargain hunting in Naperville, Nate was pheasant hunting in South Dakota.  Both of Nate’s parents are originally from South Dakota.  The boys make an annual trip there to go hunting.

Nate left the pheasants in South Dakota but brought back some lovely photos…

Hunting 143-2

Hunting 035-2

Hunting 200-2

Hunting 017

Hunting 182

Hunting 192

I want to kiss that fuzzy head.  Oh gosh.

These photos make me want a farm.  Ike and I will have cows, lambs, and elephants.  Nate is not on board with any of the above.

I guess I will settle for my farm house table.  Oh yes, it is being built…


  1. Gorgeous photos! The cow is too cute. You should definitely frame this one.

  2. How could Nate not want elephants in his backyard?

    Can't wait to see this farm table! Happy weekend! :)

  3. What beautiful photos!

    I grew up on a dairy farm and occasionally, I actually miss it, not that I'd ever tell my parents that. There's a small part of me that would love to go back, hard work and all.

    Also, I worked in the elephant department of a large zoo here in Ontario one summer while in university. Elephants are awesome. Their 50 pound poos notsomuch.

  4. Oh my gosh those pics are great! My husband hunts in SD each year as well, these photos actually make me understand why :) I'm with you on wanting a farmhouse out in the country someday....we can dream right?

  5. Seriously impressed with those photos. Gorgeous. Makes me want a farm too...minus the farm smells. That's possible right?

    btw I like the elephant idea.

  7. Man, Nate sure knows how to use a camera! I should probably learn how to use mine. I love love love that fuzzy little cow. Adorable.

  8. Holy moly there is your perfect cow shot you've been wanting!!! I love those two pics!! I also looove love love the horse one. On a scale of 1 to 10, how annoyed would you be if I blew up the horse photo and hung it on my wall? Puhlease?! Your hubby is a very gifted photographer.

  9. Cows smell so terrible. My dad used to raise them. I was always afraid they were going to bite me haha. They're curious animals.

  10. Dude. I totally want to live on a farm. You a Pioneer Woman fan? I live my life vicariously through her.

  11. So glad for you that your husband decided to leave the pheasants in SD! Unfortunately some of them are currently "living" in my freezer. Try explaining frozen bird to a three year old!

  12. Your hubs is talented! That last photo of that cow? I want it. Remind me why we can't have cows as pets?

  13. Holy cow, these are beautiful photos!
    Have you considered blowing these up and framing?


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